There has been plenty of talking on how the Currie Cup has lost its class over not the last couple of weeks but years.

In most respect the sentiment is 100% correct but we need to change our mindset on what the actual purpose is of the Currie Cup.

Long gone are the days were the Currie Cup is our premiere competition and the fact is it will never be.

As it stands now in the professional era of the sport it is all about Super Rugby and then International rugby.

The Currie Cup as it exist today is purely a development competition and as supporters we need to except it.

This year we saw SA Rugby changing up the format yet again, running a single round of group matches with semi finals and a final.

The jury is still out if this format is the solution going forward.

Although we did not always seen good quality rugby, the competition seemed to make more sense.

For one I dod believe this format will bring the best out of the teams as we get used to it.

Teams cannot make to many mistakes and it is almost a must win situation every single weekend which makes every game important.

The semi finals last weekend was also played at a much higher standard and it was great to see how much this competition still means to the players.

At the end it worked out that the four Super Rugby franchises contested the semi finals which is actually a good thing looking ahead at Super Rugby.

In a way it is how it suppose to be that the top franchises must have the depth to be able to be the top teams in a competition were you do not have all the Springboks available all the time.

This weekend sees the two top teams of the competition taking each other on in the final which is also good to see although I still feel sorry for the Blue Bulls who should have won the semi last weekend at Newlands.

Newlands will be a buzz on Saturday and Province will want to convert their, so far perfect season, into a win in the final.

The two teams have played each other last year in Durban in 8 times in finals with Province winning 5 of those and the Sharks 3.

For some reason the these two teams like to win finals at the opposition home ground.

In 2012 Province beat the Sharks in Durban 25-18 and the Sharks came back in 2013 to beat Province at Newlands 33-19. Last year off-course Province went again to Durban to beat the Sharks at home 33-21.

So we will see of Province can breaking the cycle this weekend at home or will the Sharks take another win at Newlands in the final?

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What every happens we are in for a hell of a final.

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  1. Sharks have great pack of forwards – mustve favourites on paper. Thankfully game is not played on paper! I believe it will be quite hot? Boks are in for a surprise temperature wise in the UK!!

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