The experience in the Blue Bulls midfield and lack thereof among the Western Province centres is set to be a decisive factor in Saturday’s Currie Cup semi-final between the teams at Newlands.

JJ Harmse – Sport24

The Bulls’ centre pairing of Wynand Olivier and Jaco Pretorius have both played in the region of 150 first class games in their careers.

On the other side, Juan de Jongh is playing his first senior season and Paul Bosch has been unexpectedly picked after only a handful of games for WP.

Olivier played his 50th game for the Bulls in this year’s Super14 and already passed that milestone in last year’s Currie Cup, while Pretorius played in his first semifinal back in 2002.

Even so, Olivier does not believe that such experience counts for a lot in semi-finals.

“These games are a different animal because there is so much more pressure and things happen so quickly,” he said.

“It’s good to know you have been in these situations before, but we’ll have to pitch mentally and execute our task.”

Olivier, 26, is full of confidence about the Bulls’ chances.

“With all due respect to WP, we can only lose to ourselves. They would not have been in the top four had they not enjoyed a good season, but we will achieve success if we do things right,” he said.

“We just should not go and beat ourselves. But the manner in which we have prepared this week, makes me a calm person.”

Olivier conceded he had expected to see Frikkie Welsh in midfield.

“We’ll see what their midfield looks like when they run on the field. I expected Frikkie would play centre,” he said.


  1. In the very unlikely even of WP scoring a massive upset tomorrow, next week might prove to be the most interesting week in years in the media…

  2. First time in my life I can agree with something Old JJ is saying and Meisiekind for that matter.

  3. I just dont like the heading, it does not really match with the content.

    His comments were not arrogant, but rather uttered motivational.

  4. Morne, bedoel hy nie maar net iets soos “as ons nie suksesvol is nie, is dit ons eie skuld” nie? Hy se mos “all due respect”.

    Die titel laat dit so half arrogant klink.

  5. Nou toe julle klomp wiepie degenerates!

    (Haas, dit is as grap bedoel!)

    Laat ek julle regsien soos die BULE die wiepies (Haas, die CC Team of the Year )gaan regsien!

  6. Reply to Bunny @ 10:17 am: I most certainly do not, and hence object to the highest authority.

    JJ, you troll, despite the collective of ‘150 1st class games’ you did not keep in mind the gross imbalance in hairstyles! Meisiekind with the Timotei endorsed wavy locks and skinhead Pretorius – bodes unwell if you ask me, very unwell…
    See now, Pretorius’s brains will be fried to a crisp by the harsh CT sun and Meisiekind will not be able to see as his kuif will constantly be blown in his eyes by the Sedoos. Guan de Gong being of the darker hue will not have the same problem as Pretorius and Bosch kapsel is much shorter.

    Vasto katvis! :mrgreen:

  7. Reply to Aldo @ 12:15 pm:

    I have evidence that a certain member of Bugs’ immediate family (wife) was wearing a Bulls jersey to the screening of the Bulls S14 final and that said rodent wannabe was cheering for the Bulls?

    Jor weetness – Djou Onna

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