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Jano already a Bull


The Blue Bulls Company Pty (Ltd) is pleased to announce that Jano Vermaak has signed a contract to play for the Vodacom Blue Bulls for the remainder of the Currie Cup season.

He already signed a two year contract to play for the Vodacom Bulls in 2012 and 2013.

Vermaak was under contract with the Golden Lions till the end of October, but has been released with immediate effect.

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  1. Call me old fashioned but I’m a strong believer that the way you exit at one place will determine your future in the next. Jano lied to Mitchell. He deceived those who were very loyal to him. Bulls can have him but must live with what he brings with him.

  2. A note to those rugby players/teams who are so outspoken about matters of faith: The world wants to see it, not hear/read it. Deception/lies to gain money and higher honours does not go unnoticed.

    I know what I write here will upset some, and it does sound bitter, I know, but someone need to get these messages across because it seems not to be taught/valued anymore. We Christians can’t “thank the Lord” on TV on Saturday but then cheat our bosses on Monday.

  3. Reply to Kat @ 3:20 pm:

    fine line here.

    The reason for Jano’s ‘deceit’ is also motivated. Something had to drive or motivate his actions (as has been reported, not confirmed).

    Like was mentioned on the Soweto thread, there are two sides to a story, be careful when picking any side prior to knowing both which in this case, we probably never will…

  4. Reply to Kat @ 3:10 pm:

    He brings one of the best all round half-back skills in the land…

    He’s been more than loyal to the Lions… 9 times out of 10 these sort of things are the product of managers…

  5. I bet JAno would have left a season earlier had there not been all the ra-ra about the new partner and stories of purchasing top player fancy…

  6. Reply to Morné @ 3:38 pm: Point taken. Two sides. Let Jano tell us his side here. I’m sure there will be a lot of bitterness etc. The GLRU unfortunately do have a bad record. Unfortunately for Jano, Mitch’s claim that he asked Jano four times whether he was talking to the Bulls, and Jano’s response that he did not does Jano’s reputation no good. It also goes against an ethic that served the Bulls well to date. The Bulls – since Meyer joined them – never got involved in deceiving deals, and this, if it happened as Mitch stated, would be a break from that clean record.

    When people claim to adhere to a higher standard they must live it, no matter what the boss or company does/did. Why not tell the GLRU what you’re doing? Why not follow the proper channels and procedures. The Lions’ reaction today shows that a complete break in trust occurred. Yes, Jano gave many years to the Lions … but so did the Lions to him. He broke away, not the Lions.

    This is not professional conduct.

  7. Maybe jano was afraid that the GRLU would sabotage his negotiations with the Bulls if they knew about it. Or maybe in some other way punsih him for negotiating hence he kept it quiet.

    Just :fishing: speculating but it does leave a sour taste the way this was handled.

    For Jano personally this is the best move he could have made and I guess he will be happy with the result bad taste and all.

  8. At least being a Lions player cannot be held against him anymore when it comes to Bok selection. For some reason a Lions player must be twice a good as a current Bok to be considered and even then excuses will be found. That Jano left is not my issue. I understand why he would do so. I’ve been critical of the GLRU here and elsewhere. Where is the new equity partner Mr De Klerk? Or was that nonsense too? We are forced to feed of scraps and make our own conclusions. I understand Jano’s decision. I just do not approve the way in which it was done. I would love to hear how Jano sees it. I’m sure he will confirm a lot of the fan’s concerns.

  9. Reply to Kat @ 5:51 pm:

    I have studied the Lions union intensively for a couple of months now, trying to make sense of a number of things – I will publish some thoughts soon, but the simple conclusion is that we cannot afford the Lions to be where they are now, and although the solution is pretty simple, it becomes complicated when you want to effect change because of the political (not racial or government) games involved.

    If the Lions get this right, they can well be the union in SA everyone else aspires to – it is ironic – being in so much shit they are actually better off or in a much easier position to make these changes – other unions are too entrenched in their ways (if that makes sense).

  10. Reply to Morné @ 6:02 pm: Can’t wait to read your analysis of the situation. I’ve been breaking my head for too long trying to figure it out. A lack of funds was a problem – a real and present danger – for a long time due to poor management and investment decisions. A truck-load of money lost in a failed Australian investment being one example. Boardroom politics as you rightly say is a huge problem and caused the GumaTAC ship to sail away.

    I am really surprised that the team can play so well despite all the background turmoil. Journos like Mark Keohane state that no-one should be surprised that the Lions leads the CC pack as they lost fewer Boks. That is a short-sigthed statement to make. The Lions lost their equity parner and the guy that was supposed to sign the cheques. Jano leaving did not help either but the team still managed to play well against the Bulls. The players and coaches deserve a lot of credit for sticking to their task despite all the noise. Special bunch of guys.

    Time the GLRU honour their longsuffering fans (those that are left) and dedicated to death players and coaches by clearing all the dead wood and obstructions in management (clubs included). It can be done but will demand a tough stance from Kevin (and we unfortunately know how presidents get elected in this amateur run effort at professionalism).

  11. Reply to Kat @ 6:34 pm:

    I feel for the fans I really do, know one thing though, I think you have the right people in decision making positions to change things. It is just a case now of making those decisions.

    Lions are still in a relatively healthy position compared to other unions in SA believe me – and I have studied their financials too…

  12. Morné, I hope you are right, I really do. Get that article out. Thousands of Lions fans will want to read your analysis.

    The 2012 SupeRugby series is the Lions’ last chance. Things need to happen soon.

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