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Jarryd Sage – The King set to be a Dragon


Some of you won’t know him, most of you who watch a lot of rugby will however do, he is Jarryd Sage and one of the talented South African players who is set to leave the nation for greener pastures.

He will be at a team that will see him under the tutelage of an innovative and exciting coach, and he will play alongside one of the greats of the game in Wales.

An ideal mentor. A centre that can play either inside or outside. Those close to him will tell you he balances his life between rugby, modelling (with teammate Bobby de Wee) and studies. Let’s check out the former Golden Lion!

Born in Cape Town and having attended Wynberg, he was brought up in a very sporty family which made sport part of his life..

Phantom – What made you choose rugby?

I enjoyed most sports, however once I hit Grade 10 and played 1ST team for my school I knew this was it. I was playing above my age group and had to make a career out of it. I enjoy the physical aspect of playing centre and it also allows me to create for my team mates.

Western Province, Lions, Southern Kings and now a move on the cards to the Dragons. Tell me about your time at all 3 teams and what stands out at each place?

I went to Western Province straight after high school for two years. I played U19 and my first U21 year, It was a special time. I learnt a lot of what it takes to play professional rugby, especially in my first year! The physical conditioning, the mental focus and dedication required off the field.

I then made the move to the Golden Lions! The Lions was amazing, I learnt so much from all the players and coaches! I particularly enjoyed the environment they created. A two year spell I will cherish.

When the offer to play for the Southern Kings came along, I could not say no. The opportunity to play Pro14 rugby was a big challenge worth chasing. I was afforded the opportunity to debut in the Pro14 and it was one I grabbed with both hands.

Now, considering I am fortunate enough to have dual citizenship – I am half Welsh. A call came through from the Dragons and it aligned with the desire of many young players to play abroad – I snatched at the chance at this opportune time. The project Bernard Jackman is currently involved in appealed to me and I am looking forward to the new environment.

Phantom – Who has played the biggest impact on your career?

I would say my family had the biggest impact on me as a person and as a player. When things aren’t going well they have always given me the hope and Desire to keep on going!

Who was the coach who had the biggest influence on your career that you managed to encounter?

I have been fortunate enough to be able to be coached with top coaches; Robbie Fleck, Dawie Snyman, Swys de Bruin and Herkie Kruger! They have all had a big impact on my career. I learnt so much from everyone.

Phantom – What does Sage do away from rugby?

I enjoy a great round of golf and seeing friends and family. Being able to study and play is also enjoyable as I’m getting a degree, a Bcom in banking through Unisa.

What are your strengths & weaknesses as a player?

Would say my ability to beat the man in front of me, my communication and controlling the forwards! I run superb support lines and these are skills that have not come easy for me. I have had to keep working hard, and I still believe there is room to grow.

I want to work on my offloading in contact a lot as I feel it can bring another dimension into my game.

I enjoy working on everything. I try and improve as much as I can when I’m on the field to maximize on my talent.

Phantom – What is your career highlight?

I was able to captain the Lions U21 team and win the title in the U21 Championship. While I was at Western Province I got the opportunity to play with Jean de Villiers and that moment  stood out a lot for me.

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Disclaimer- To protect the innocent the Phantom  can not be named

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