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Junior Springboks outplay New Zealand to advance to semi’s


South Africa stepped up on Wednesday and outplayed and outscored New Zealand to advance to the semifinals.

They beat the Baby Blacks 25-17 denying them the bonus point they needed to advance to the playoffs. This is only the second time New Zealand was unable to make it through to the playoffs of the U20 tournament.

The Junior Springboks did not do it the easy way conceding three yellow cards in the game. One must applaud the effort that they put into their defence.

For most of the match their defence stopped any attack the Baby Blacks attempted and they stepped every time up when they lost a player to the bin.

The Junior Boks dominated their set pieces and put the New Zealanders under huge pressure at scrum time getting crucial penalties in the second half to put scoreboard pressure on them.

They had a dream start when Pretorius set up Isaac for the first try of the match. A penalty minutes later and an intercept try from van der Mescht gave the Junior Boks a great lead which left the Baby Blacks playing catchup rugby from the start.

New Zealand got their first points through a penalty just before half time.

Hendrikse got two more penalties over in the last five minutes of the first half to take the Boks into the break with a 19-3 lead.

The second half did not start well for the Junior Springboks, conceding a penalty try and another man in the bin for what the referee and TMO judged as a early tackle

The Junior Springboks got into a 13 point lead with 10 minutes to go. The game was on a knife edge when Lalomilo got over for another try to bring the lead down again.

At this stage the Baby Blacks where still in the playoffs but their hope faded away after Nohamba kicked over a penalty after a massive scrum from the Boks to take the lead to 25-17 with 2 minutes to go.

The New Zealanders try all they can but could not get pass the defence from the Springboks and had to bow out of the tournament after the first and only lost.

The Junior Boks will now face France in their semi final and England will face Argentina in the other semi final.


Springboks U20: Tries: Vaughen Isaacs, JJ van der Mescht. Conversions: Penalties: Jaden Hendrikse (3),  Sanele Nohamba (2).
New Zealand U20: Tries: Penalty try, Lalomilo Lalomilo. Conversion: Fergus Burke. Penalty: Burke.

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  1. Yessus bloody great

    Hope the Baby Boks get up for the other games as they approached NZ game

    Yip too much black talent coming through. Boks will one day rule rugby permanent.

    Next step is to get economy right – it will come.

  2. Reminded me of the recent Bulls games – a ton of amateur mistakes, but physical in-your-face defence, together with dominant scrums, unsettle opposition.

  3. @Bekke: It is called our blueprint Bekke, remember 2009 when we beat the Lions and won the Try-Nations, we dominated in scrums in your face defence and scored more than the others.

    The problem the last couple of years was that we could not dominate for long periods of time and could not score the tries with the opportunities we created.

    If we can do SA game 100% no one will beat us, but we are between this run at all cause crap and our game…

  4. @Jacques Nortier: Well our backline play has all but disappeared to be honest! Yesterday, with 15 minutes to go, we were on their goal line for more than 5 minutes. Not ONCE did we let the ball go to backline – just the farken pathetic he-man wannabees trying each on his own to go for the try – and then the usual knock on!!!!!! Al the while we had massive overlaps in the backline, who would just walk over for a try. This will never work consistently – just watch how easily the ABs scored their last try after that.

  5. @Bekke: That is exactly where our problem lies, we do not have the backs that can use their brains.

    I said it earlier this week, the one thing that is a huge difference between our S15 teams and NZ S15 teams is our number 10. They have world class 10’s in every team which create and manage the game.

    They can also play attacking and kicking game at 10 where we can only do one or the other.

    We have great enough outside backs and midfield players but they are limited to crash ball shit because we do not have proper 10’s.

    That is why we win these big games with heart only because the only players that actually show heart is the forwards.

    I still believe we have no equal when it comes to our tight five and that is what keeps us still winning games.

    I am no expect but fuck me I do have eyes and it is there for everyone to see.

    PS. I see daddy dearest and Rob is in shit at Sharks

  6. @Jacques Nortier: Biggest mistake was when John Smit fired Plumtree through the media, just because Plumtree selected Bismark ahead of him in earlier years! Even if they fire daddy, I am not sure that we have a pipeline of decent local coaches to fill the void. Neither will coaches from overseas step in our local political / racist shit.
    I agree on #10s – even our best (Pollard, Jantjes, Bosch) are miles behind international standard. Sometimes a decent #9 can help, but those also disappeared from our game (where robotic up-and-unders now seems to be their only mission).

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