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Kings and Cheetahs suffer losses at home


The Kings and Cheetahs did not manage to get wins over their Irish counter parts on Sunday loosing both their matches.

Southern Kings 31-38 Leinster

Do not know if we need to praise the Kings or criticised them for losing with only seven points after getting four yellow cards in the match.

That is a whole half playing with 14 men and just not good enough.

Leinster came to PE short of their international players but still outscore the Kings six tries to five on Sunday.

The Kings opened the scoring after just two minutes into the match with Yaw Penxe getting over.

Leinster got their first score through Adam Byrne and too the lead from a penalty in the 24th minute.

They never looked like giving away that lead and at the end were good enough for the 7 point win.

The scorers:

For Southern Kings:
Tries: Penxe, Ungerer 2, Mguca, Van Schalkwyk
Cons: Banda 3
Yellow Cards: Greeff, Ferreira, Burger, B Klaasen

For Leinster:
Tries: Byrne, Gibson-Park, Leavy, Deegan, B Byrne, Penalty try
Cons: N Reid 3


Kings Leinster


Tries: Tries:
Penxe, Ungerer (2), Mguca, Van Schalkwyk Byrne, Gibson-Park, Leavy, Deegan, B Byrne, Penalty try
Penalties Penalties
None None
Cons Cons
Banda (3) N Reid (3)

Cheetahs 26-30 Munster

A late try from Mike Haley ultimately thwarted a courageous Cheetahs fightback at Free State Stadium on Sunday.

Munster were comfortably in control at the break when Kevin O’Byrne’s try and Bill Johnston’s conversion stretched the Munstermen to a 15-5 lead.

Johnston had opened the scoring with a penalty and Arno Botha’s try had given Munster an 8-0 cushion, but a yellow card for Chris Cloete and Joseph Dweba’s subsequent try had kept the Cheetahs in it.

Liam Coombes scored a try early in the second half, with Johnston converting to give Munster a comfortable 22-5 lead, but the Cheetahs began an epic fightback.

Ox Nche began the fightback with a score, and the free-running Dweba dotted down for a second, with Tian Schoeman proving composed from the tee on both occasions.

And on 65 minutes, Rhyno Smith charged through the Munster defence for a fourth try, with Schoeman converting to give the home side the lead for the first time at 26-22.

Haley’s score, unconverted by substitute Ian Keatley left the match delicately poised at 27-26 with ten to go, and both teams tore into each other in a frantic finish.

But it was Munster centre Rory Scannell who had the final word, with a booming kick to extend the lead to four and take Munster home.

The scorers:


Cheetahs Munster


Tries: Tries:
Dweba (2), Nche, Smith Botha, O’Byrne, L Coombes, Haley
Penalties Penalties
None Johnston, Scannell
Cons Cons
Schoeman (2) Johnston (2)

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  1. Think people do not understand that this PRO14 is not an easy competition made even more difficult for Cheetahs and Kings because more than half their games are in Europe.

    Not an excuse but not as straight forward as SR.

    @Bekke: So Bulls and Stormers also an embarrassment to SA Rugby? They ended up 11th and 12th in SR

  2. @Jacques: Bulls and Stormers are competitive – and not many SR teams will play their 2nd teams against them AT HOME! And even though they have done better before, yes, they were certainly an embarrassment this year. What is your point?

  3. @Oupa Joe: How much time do you have?
    But that is like telling me to fix global warming when I complain that it is too hot. Or asking me if I can do better if I state that Usain Bolt had a poor 100m in only 10.5 seconds!!!
    This is a poorly thought through experiment from SA Rugby – and was to satisfy the Cheetahs and Kings (after many SR promises were made to them and management did not have the balls to tell them to f-off). How is this panning out for them?
    * How are we developing players when they are beaten in ALL games (even by teams loaded with reserves)? Yes, we had the ONE (yes, ONE) win from Cheetahs against overseas competition – but their only other realistic win is against ukakka Kings.
    * How is this helping developing coaches – FFS we have a “BOK coach” for the Cheetahs!!! We certainly teach them how to lose gracefully.
    * How is this doing for our finances? Have you counted the local “crowds” recently? And how much is all this traveling costing SA Rugby – including expensive ££££ accommodation in Europe.
    This competition is not that difficult – certainly a step up from CC, but none of the NZ SR teams will find the going difficult with even their 3rd best teams.
    Biggest problem is the timing – running concurrent with CC and start of SR – so no way that SA Rugby can loan development players or coaches to them.
    So to start:
    1. SA Rugby must decide what the KPIs for the experiment was – I think it was a failure and should be stopped for the current 2 teams.
    2. SA Rugby need to decide what the rules of engagement are for team participating in this competition: E.g. by default they should be excluded from CC and SR (to prevent the farce where Cheetahs load their CC team to prevent deserved relegation against SWD).
    3. There should be clear guidelines on the priority of competitions in SA – e.g. which teams qualify for HC / CC / SR / Vodacom / clubs….
    4. If we decide to continue with phase 2 of the experiment: SA Rugby should decide how much they want to invest in this (again aligned with the Tiers of rugby competition). This should allow teams to contract proper coaches and players.
    5. I would rather go for teams that want to use this as a real stepping stone – like Pumas. I think the days of the Cheetahs are gone – even their best school boy players are contracted by other unions way before their matric years.
    But surely we have somebody from the army of gravetrain passengers at SARU looking into this – surely not all of them are there just for “ticking the boxes” or committing fraud through “sparries” (ne Jury?).

  4. @Bekke:

    Thanks – a lot of what you are saying is not down to the Cheetahs or Kings more to the financial situation in SA, SArugby not backing these teams to be competitive and a disorganization we have come to expect from SARU…
    So is the embarrassment the Kings and the Cheetahs or more SARU are embarrassing themselves?

    Cheetahs made the play-offs last year and lost a bucket load of players to overseas clubs. How can one expect them to re-start from scratch every season and be competitive?
    Same with the Kings – finally got some form end of last season then to go ahead and lose a bunch of players again…
    SARU should get behind these 2 teams and they should be able to recruit Super rugby players to strengthen them after Super rugby season. IMO
    Let the Cheetahs and the Kings concentrate on Pro14 and exclude them from CC

    Time to bring in central contracts so SARU can get upandcoming players that sit on the bench all season (Papier) to play in the Pro 14 or CC but not have them sit in one team behind someone else.

  5. @Bekke:Have you actually watch any of the Kings and Cheetahs matches? They are competitive as hell, small margins making them loose their games. Maybe watch some before you make stupid comments.

    Discipline have been a major problem for both teams, and their inability to close out games. They give themselves a hell of a good chance every-time to win.

    On the Kings we have been saying it for some time now, they lost about all their players when they exit SR, so they are building up a group of players.

    If you take the time and watch their games you will see their is something special being done at the Kings. Their are some good players coming through.

    By the way, the Stormers and Bulls were not competitive at all this year they were crap.

    And as JT said the Cheetahs made the playoffs last year, this year they started building again, also lost a few good players including their captain.

    They have a great Académie going and they will get stronger and better.

    I am excited with what we will see from them in the future in PRO Rugby

  6. @Oupa Joe: I agree with central contracting – but who can we trust more to ensure fair contracting: The local management team in Durban (say), who is accountable to the Durban public? Or some anonymous bureaucrat somewhere in SA (accountable to nobody)? I would have to go with the capitalist system that we have now (which is broken for sure), rather than trust the Jury cronies at SARU.

  7. @Jacques: Stupid comments – haha! They are an embarrassment boet – try discussing rugby with the English – and their benchmark is ukakka Kings and Cheetahs – then try and spin me another one. They are representing the brand “SA Rugby” in the UK and Europe – and they are kak. Fact.

  8. Munster sent their u16p team here and still won. If losing to what is essentially a development team, is called competitive, then I give up.

    The Cheetahs pro14 team played the first 2 rounds of cc and lost. Don’t tell me they are competitive, they aren’t. It is not a stupid comment to say they are poor. The cheetahs are poor.

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