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Kings respond to Spencer claims


The EP Kings have hit back at claims by Carlos Spencer that he resigned over unpaid wages after he left the club this week….reports Planet Rugby


While the Kings admitted that there had been a hold-up in paying salaries in July, they explained that it was an administrative issue that was causing the problem.

And president Cheeky Watson placed some of the blame on Spencer, because of his financial arrangements, which made paying him more complicated.

“The initial problems we had with Carlos’s salary was due to his insistence of having his funds paid into an offshore account,” read a statement from the Kings.

“While we have experienced a cash delay for July’s salaries, due to a delay in the sponsorship administrative process, we have been working tirelessly to address this issue and have communicated this to all our staff and players, who have been very patient and supportive.

“Carlos was originally appointed as our backline skills coach, and on his request he was promoted to head coach for our debut Currie Cup season, where the Kings suffered nine successive losses in a 10-match season.

“It is really sad that Carlos has made these statements as we had hoped to part on amicable terms. Despite the disappointing results, we had a lot of respect for Carlos and for his accomplishments.”


  1. Cheeky Watson involved in another finance scandal… now there is a surprise…

    Xola Yeye is probably still on the books just like old times!

  2. LOve how doesn’t really respond to the charge that Carlos has been having problems getting money out of them since December.


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