Zane Kirchner is back at the Blue Bulls and will start his first Absa Currie Cup match of the season, when the defending champions take on Western Province at Newlands on Saturday.

Blue Bulls

Kirchner has been released by the Springboks to play in the country’s premier provincial competition on the weekend and will replace Jaco van der Westhuyzen in one of seven chances from the side that defeated the Leopards last weekend.

Regular captain, Gary Botha, is back at the helm after the rake was rested last weekend and replaces Chiliboy Ralepelle, who is on Springbok duty, as is Flip van der Merwe, who will be replaced by Wilhelm Steenkamp at lock.

Stalwart John Mametsa also reclaims his left wing berth at the expense of Hayden Groepes.

Dean Greyling, who recovered from a neck strain, is back at loose head in place of Jaco Engels, while Werner Kruger, who was also rested against the Leopards, replaces Bees Roux.

Van der Westhuyzen, Engels and Roux have all been included on the bench in a decision by coach Frans Ludeke to go with a bench of five forwards and two backs. Groepes, Stephan Dippenaar and Francois Brummer drop out of the match 22 altogether, with Brummer getting a rare start in the u.21 side.

“This is the best team for us for this game,” Ludeke said.

“We expect the forward battle to be a fierce one, especially amongst the tight five. We therefore opted to pick two front rows in an effort to stay with the pace with fresh legs.”

Botha was confident that the changes will not impact on their momentum.

“We have a successful squad system going for a long time now, so it is no problem for any player coming back to slot in.  It showed at practice already.”

The Vodacom Blue Bulls team to play Western Province at Newlands on Saturday is:

Zane Kirchner,  Gerhard van den Heever, Jaco Pretorius, Stefan Watermeyer, John Mametsa, Jacques-Louis Potgieter, Ruan Snyman, Gerrit-Jan van Velze, Dewald Potgieter, Derick Kuün, Wilhelm Steenkamp, Juandré Kruger, Werner Kruger, Gary Botha (c), Dean Greyling.

Replacements: Bandise Maku, Bees Roux, Mthunzi Mabeta, CJ Stander, Dustin Jinka, Jaco van der Westhuyzen, Jaco Engels.

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  1. Regular captain, Gary Botha, is back at the helm after the rake :?: was rested last weekend

  2. Reply to Morné @ 1:33 pm:

    Fransie is not conditioned for 3N rugby!! He is in the middle of his pre-season conditioning with his club. If he is brought in to play I would be surprised! I hope he is only there to stay in the loop and will only play in the EOYT!

    No NEED to bring him in now!

  3. Sounds like Tina is being
    screwed again.
    Why fly him out if he’s not
    match fit and bound not to
    Have him on as a sub in minute
    This is a very strange situation.

  4. We might even beat the WP seeing that Dippenaar drops out, that is one investment that heynecke should’ve left in the cape.

  5. Reply to Boertjie @ 2:01 pm:

    Coach giving in to the national out-cry… problem is when an unfit and out of the loop Steyn doesn’t miraculously beat the AB’s the same mob will be calling for his head…

    Bit unfair for Kirchner… he’s been playing to the best of his ability in a backpedaling side… Aplon might be the dark horse…

  6. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 3:28 pm:


    I did not watch the game against the leopards but when I watched the lions vs bulls live at ellis park I noticed they ran at him the whole day and he couldn’t bring the mofo’s down, he singlehandedly handed them goforward(Owen Nkumaneism)ball.

    The other centre is Stefan Watermeyer, not very physical almost like the late ettience botha without the magic boots.

  7. Reply to onerb @ 3:44 pm:!

    Around 1min20secs… on second thought it might be ‘hekkies’ VDH that’s put on some extra muscle of late…

    Reply to Boertjie @ 4:18 pm:

    Yep a bit like the Ndungane bros… but the form 15 in RSA at the moment all the same… and Frannie is not match fit nor with the program… I’d be punting the backline Morne had above… and another hiding I’m afraid…

  8. Reply to manvanstaal @ 3:28 pm:


    Been declared such by Human Rights Commission

    Was one of the VF+ cases against some black journo of the Sowetan.

    Remember Luke watson was in kak because of it… well the reason he was in kak was because the HRC had declared “Dutchman” to be hate speech…

    No jokes

    Reply to manvanstaal @ 3:43 pm:

    Not really… if we can’t refer to other races by racial epithets then they can’t do the same as us… There is even a Labour Court case where a black manager calling an underling a “stupid boer” was held to be racially offensive… so also hate speech…

    Reply to onerb @ 3:44 pm:

    Dippenaar is awful in defence. You saw it in S14 how he fell off tackles… you could immediately see the visible improvements when Jaco Pretorius returned… unfortunately for the Stormers at exactly the wrong time for them…

  9. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 4:36 pm:

    please find a video of the last 6 cheetah games and then tell me agin daniller is on par with others?

    he is playing great rugby right now.

    He is bigger than the rest (by some margin)

    He has a monster boot (only matched by Steyn)

    if he played for another province he would have been bok already

  10. Reply to DavidS @ 5:55 pm:

    kak man ek lankal oor daardie goed. if you have small dick and feel the need to call people names thats your problem.

    But this PC society is not getting us anywhere

  11. Even in a US Macdonalds a black supervisor calling a white employee a “stupid white boy” was canned for discrimination… and Mickey D had to pay damages…

    There was a case at the GSSC where a black manager called a white auditor book keeper something similar and fired her and she got awarded 24 months salary on the basis that her dismissal was unfair and based on race and discrimination..

  12. my irish boss called me a

    “stupid white south african c*nt”

    pretty much on a daily basis.

    I called him an

    “inbred irish knacker”

    Ireland does not do PC. How I miss the place.

  13. Alhoewel my juffrou op skool ‘n paar keer na seuns in ons klas (ek ingesluit) as bobbejane verwys het… en ek het geen DNA van na die “Greater Dryas” Afrika in my nie… alles maar boringly Europees…

  14. Reply to DavidS @ 9:22 pm:

    Bobbejaan is op dieselfde
    verbode vlak as K – selfs
    al word dit grappenderwys

    Maar die regte bobbejane van Shields
    se wêreld is blerrie slim – het
    al geleer ‘n kar se deure gaan
    oop as jy ‘n ent weg is en die
    afstandbeheer druk (piep-piep).

    Dan gryp en steel hulle.

    Een van die dae kry hulle stemreg.

  15. Back to the subject boys (not the racial slur)..

    Fransie has an injury, has had a scan, and will be reassessed when he arrives. I can’t see him getting onto the park for the AB’s. Maybe for one of the Oz games.

    I have no problem with Aplon at FB.

    @ DavidS – don’t corrupt this blog with PC’ness, it is part of what South Africans are – using various racially identifying words…and they are most often used in jest or lighthearted joshing.

    However if they are used so as to denigrate or bully other commenters, or to be nasty toward others such as players, coaches, etc. then I’m all for censoring and censuring them. After all we don’t need another PlanetRugby with all the spite and ad hominem attacks.

    BTW – I’m another effing South African, a Jaapie, a soutie, ‘n Engelsman, an umlungu, a whitey……all depending on who I’m talking to. My father’s family were rooinek’s, my mother’s a bunch of *********, I’m also a Vaalie turned bannana boy and, to some, I’m a veraaier who has joined the chicken run.

    You see, it’s quite simple and I’m not offended by any of those terms as long as they are not used to identify me as someone or something to hate.

  16. Bryce – maybe ‘hout’ or ‘houtkop’. However I don’t know what or who it refers to. :whistling:

  17. nope

    The one used to refer to culuhds

    The one you assuredly don’t call Snor


    THAT one


    Look I understand and yes we can say it in jest, but what you and I think about what identifying cultural terms mean is immaterial… unfortunately we have a PC police called the Human Rights Commission and they just love to define things for us as though we’re living in a Canadian or Australian nanny state…

    So you and I may regard “dutchman” or “boer” as “ag wat fokof man” BUT they have decreed the words to be racially insensitive and thus not to be used…

    It has nothing to do with what I want or don’t want…

    Personally I’d like to see the HRC chair Jody Kollipin tied to a stake underneath a healthy fire whilst wriggling his toes out of the flames… for deciding what we can and cannot say… and the same goes for judges in the High Court whom I never elected getting to decide what is and what is not what the government intended to control me… or a media house getting to decide what I must think about a specific occurence by mixing reportage on the story with their sprinkled opinions so they influence the sheeple to think what they are told (which is why I support government cracking down on the media).

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