Saturday is the last chance for you to win the special edition Springbok Jersey by posting your photos to show your support for the Springboks.

Take the pics and post them before Sunday and stand a change to win a Springbok Jumper no one else will have.

Get them posted….

Ruggaworld is giving away a special edition Springbok jumper during the Rugby Championship to one of our registered members which you can proudly_44188504_3springbok203 wear during the World Cup.

This Springbok jersey will not be available in retail stores so it is something special for any supporter

All you need to do is to take a photo during each of the Springboks games during the Rugby Championship to show you and your family or friends support for the Boks during the game and post it to the site. The photo can be of yourself and your friends, family or your kids or even your Grandmother as long as it shows the support to the Boks

Only registered members can take part and he or she must post a photo for each game for the next few weeks to win this limited Springbok jersey. After the last game we will go through all the photo’s posted and the determine a winner. The picture can be at the ground, your house or any place were you are watching the game.


Make sure you post a photo for each Springbok game and go crazy!

Good Luck and my the biggest supporter win!!!

*** You will see we added a new future to our comment box were you are able to upload your photo’s. Boys and Girls please keep it clean 


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  1. This is nice, but I suck at remembering to post and take pics. Im going to the Boks vs AB’s game, looking forward to it

  2. Do not forget to get your Pictures in on Saturday when the Boks take on the Aussies in there own back yard…. All your pics must be loaded onto this page to stand a change to win this special Bok Jumper.

  3. Remember to get your pics in tomorrow to show your support for the Boks and stand a change to win a Special Edition Springbok Jersey ….

  4. Haha, I completely forgot about this. Was busy signing contract on a new house on Saturday when the game was on, swiftly moved the Estate agent to his Living room so that I could watch the game. But completely forgot to take photo’s!!!

    Haha, must say I think the Estate agent was a bit shocked at me screaming and shouting at the tv. The look on his face was priceless. He’ll never allow a Boerethug in his house again!

  5. Guys you have two test left to get you pics in for the change to win this limited edition Springbok Jumper…..

    Make sure you take some pics during Saturday test against the All Blacks wherever you watch it, at home, the pub or for the lucky once at the Stadium….

  6. It was Bunny, I still feel the rush of a tear when I listen tothe recording I made as the Boks ran onto the field. Awesome day, just a pity about the end result.

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