Seeing CJ Stander playing for Ireland last weekend give one that sickening feeling about South African rugby and one wonder if we will ever be able to firstly keep our talented youngsters in the country and secondly keep South African rugby str0ng.

Stander have spoken out in the news papers this week that his decision to leave South Africa and find his place in Ireland was driven by an senior coach who advised him to change to hooker or otherwise he will never see a Springbok jersey. We know there are always two sides of a story, would like to hear the other one….

This week the news also broke that Springbok Marcell Coetzee is on his way to Ulster after the Super Rugby season, and although he will not be able to play for any other country one still feel that we loose so many players to the stronger euro. Coetzee is only 24 years old and the feeling I always had that even though people except that players must be allowed to make the money up north we loose a critical part of our development which players like Coetzee can give to the younger generation.

The quality players pool are starting to empty fast and getting competitive teams in our competition will get more difficult for countries in the south. Popular believe is that only South Africa is busy suffering this exodus but one just need to look New Zealand and Aussie rugby to see that they are starting to have the same problems with players leaving.

Even New Zealand centralised contract system is no longer preventing young and experience players from leaving to cash in and the player pool from the island are also getting less as players have more choice than just All Black rugby.

One of the biggest factors is the amount of rugby, teams in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand are playing in the season. In the clubs up north players are better managed and travel time away from home is less which make not just playing conditions better for players but also family life. Players have a much better controlled player rotation in European clubs than with what we expect from our players, which also prolong their ability to play for longer.

How do one fix it? That question that is not going to be easy to answer.

One thing that some people believe is for World Rugby to move to a global season. Football have a successful system in the way they run the sport with global season separated by international windows in-between. If that will be the answer for rugby nobody will knows but this will be difficult however as different season in southern and northern makes this option difficult as to when will be the best for both worlds.

Player limitations for clubs and franchises will help and a control of players fee like in football seems to be working for them and may be one of the answers.

One can come up with thousands of miracle plans but no National Union nor the clubs or franchises will be able to make any changes and it can only be controlled by World Rugby to play a more dominate roll in this problem we face. But them one need to ask if World Rugby believe it is a problem?

So maybe we need to take a page from FIFA but only one page because we do not need the corruption and money laundering.

****What is your opinion….

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  1. Bunny wrote:
    “Stander have spoken out in the news papers this week that his decision to leave South Africa and find his place in Ireland was driven by an senior coach who advised him to change to hooker or otherwise he will never see a Springbok jersey. In life there is always two sides of a story and only Stander have given his thus far.”

    Bunny – this ” senior coach” think stinks to high heaven…..or in this case the bowels of hell.
    Bet the ranch it was a ZeeBulls coach that poisoned the “standout” that is Stander.
    I hope an investigation is made into this.
    My bet it is yet another instance of ZeeBulls vandalism on the sport.

  2. @Americano:The idea I got was that this was not by a Bulls official but more national level but like I said there are always two sides of a story, I almost think to remember this same Stander refuse selection for Junior Boks so that he can jump ship as if he played for the Junior Boks he would not have been able to play for any other country.

    But like Sadie who bad mouth WP after moving to Bulls one cannot just take a players word anymore, they say things their current supporters wants to hear and not all of them tell everything

  3. If the amount of rugby was really an issue, then why are so many players going to Japan to force in an extra season?

    This is all about money and the TV deals the guys get up north are just enormous. I don’t really have a solution, people keep complaining about the expansion of SuperRugby and how we need to go back to S12, but in the end it is all about evolving before you die out.

    I believe the long term plan of SANZAAAAAR is to get in cahoots with North America and there will likely be more exhibition games to help grow the game there and to expand our market, Europe is on their own and I know all about the “go north” brigade but for the life of me I just cant see those teams travel outside their zones.

  4. @GrootBull: I will respectfully disagree with that GrootBull, Money is the driving force for Japan and to then keep playing in RSA as this will ensure them a chance to still play for Boks and SR.

    The one’s that are clever is playing in Europe and I have it on good authority that it is for the money and less playing time, less travel and more time with family, quality time for that matter as well.

    The clever one’s going to Japan and make money also not playing so much and not as high league as SR like Fourie and Jacque, they did it as well for money and travel, and family time.

    I am going to sound like a real old doos now but Doc Carven once said that professional rugby will kill our game and it is slowly doing it if we do not do something about it, but that is my uneducated opinion.

    Limit on amount of expat players and salary caps like in poofball I do believe will help, but at this stage we will have to understand that most of our national players will come from their clubs to play for the Springboks.

    My problem is really that we do not have that experience handed over to our younger generation anymore and I do not know if I am just worried about shit or that this will be a problem.

    We can do nothing about the Rand and all we can hope for that is some day clubs will stop having most of there teams filled with our players or that World Rugby steps in.

    I am with David opinion that NZ and Aus is gong to fall as hard if not harder with player exodus starting to happen there as well.

    We have much more player in our country registered than they do and we will always produce quality players, hopefully we can keep then before they piss off to Europe and Japan.

    But Europe is not just after our Springboks and star SR players anymore they go for our Craven week and juniors now as well, that is the worrying factor more than anything else

  5. European market will eventually become saturated but it’s totally destroying the depth of SA rugby

    S15 could be a great pakslae.

    Only way to keep them from leaving is to pick local payers to give any chance of keeping local talent, but sadly that probably ain’t even enough.

  6. @Jacques (Bunny):

    I think you should stop using the term “our players”. The players do not belong to us. The age where some people own other people like property is thankfully over – at least in “our” part of the world.

    Set them free. Say “South African players”. Once you do you will notice that you are also free —– to watch whichever set of players you please.

  7. Screw the rhino we need WP nel – how the fuck did these gdam manparras let this yster slip through their fingers.

    To compare this one to jannie duplessus this Dom ref can’t understand nel’s strength. He is drilling the coal miners a new poephol.

  8. “was driven by an senior coach who advised him to change to hooker or otherwise he will never see a Springbok jersey.”

    Yet he made the Bok U20 side two years in a row and captained them… already had 16 Bulls Super rugby caps and was included in the Springbok training squad the year he left. Nope the stars were aligning for him with some perseverance… he left for other reasons…

  9. Bryce –
    What you’ve done above is victim blaming. ZeeBulls dark arts have a way driving away the shining lights & drawing in the dead-enders.
    Guys like Visagie, Stegmann & the wretched Adrian Strauss are like pigs in mud @ ZeeBulls & frankly, they deserve each other.

  10. Darkest day in Springbok history was when Stegmann got capped ( think it happened like once).
    That guy is such a cheat you’d swear he was cousins with Richie McCaw.
    He only got popped consistently by the refs because
    1) He’s startlingly ugly
    2) He never wore NZ shirts.

  11. Seeing CJ Stander playing for Ireland last weekend give one that sickening feeling…

    Kaka man dis daai kak vleis wat julle in Zam kry…

  12. @bryce_in_oz:

    According to Brenden Nel it was actually Heyneke who told CJ he needed to try a different position while he was part of the 42 at the first Bok camp in 2012.

  13. Saying that, the money offered compared to what the Bulls would have offered must have played a role as well.

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