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Lions cancel US tour


Regrettably, the Golden Lions Rugby Union management, following consultation with the senior coaches, have taken the decision to no longer proceed with the MTN Lions’ intended tour to the United States of America.


This the unfortunate result of uncertainty regarding the quality of the opposition, accommodation and travel limitations, as well as increased cost aggravated by the weakening exchange rate.

The Union worked with an outside tour organiser to coordinate the Rugby Showdown tournament, which encompassed two matches to be played in California and Texas in mid-April.

Golden Lions Rugby Union CEO, Manie Booysen, expressed the Union’s sincerest apologies to supporters.

“We would like to apologise to all supporters and the players, staff and management who have been affected by the forced late cancellation of the American tour,” said Booysen.

“While we regret having to cancel the tour, we believe it is important to have the team’s travel and accommodation needs met.

“We were also concerned the level of competition that the MTN Lions would face abroad would not be of a strong enough standard.

Booysen, however, remains positive that new arrangements will be made for the team in the upcoming weeks.

“The GLRU management and senior coaches will endeavour to make alternate arrangements for the MTN Lions squad over the upcoming weeks,” he confirmed.

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  1. what troubles me about the game as a whole (as illustrated by lions situation) is that no single businessman has jumped to the opportunity of hi-jacking the franchise and running it in a way he/she seems fit.

    The truth is that rugby as a money-making industry is just not a great one, as they are in the NH.

    If it was, you’d have at least 2 or 3 consortium s right now building a 20 000 seater on the R21 and buying players left right and center to try and unseat the Lions even further.

    That Ellis Park based broederbond run franchise might as well be dead, yet the city still has the potential to build the best club in the world.

    However the fact that no-one is moving in does not bode well for rugby as a business.

  2. I swear if you walk in Dublin you would think rugby is a bigger game here than in SA. Yet its their 4th sport.

    The marketing of everything Leinster / and a bit of Munster, is just remarkable. I have been here not even 3 weeks and already I am made to feel a part of the province and I am kind of excited about it all. On billboards, in pubs, in the papers, on street lamps, in TV ads – there they are – Sexton, Wian, Strausie and the boys.

    Go to any sports shop and you can buy a great variety of male, female or kids apparel and everything seems fresh.

    The stuff off the field is a real business here as it is in Durban and Cape Town and maybe the Bulls at times.

    Yet so many parts of our rugby back home take for granted their fans and how to engage them constantly.

    So many aspects about everything we do can be better – yet the leadership at our unions are entrenched and Supersport ensures no-one has to really work and be enterprising.

  3. Reply to The Year of the Cheetah @ 4:51 pm:

    As long as the rugby Constitution says the union must remain a majority shareholder, it’s a no win situation for private investment.

    The Administrators can at any moment, sideline the Investors and leave them with no ROI and no control.

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