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Lions edge Blue Bulls in a classic




By: Jacques Nortier (Bunny)


Now this is how rugby was supposed to be played and this game took me back to those classic games in the 80’s as the Blue Bulls and the Lions left everything on the field on Saturday. The Lions at the end came out winners with 36-28.


The top of the table clash started with a bag for the Golden Lions as the came out and almost run the Blue Bulls of their feet.

The Lions were just too clinical on attack and did everything at speed which caught the Blue Bulls out and they just did not had any answer to it. In a matter of minutes the Lions were leading the Blue Bulls with more than 20 points.

The Blue Bulls played into the Lions hands and mistakes they made cost them every time they tried to get into the game. The scrums and lineouts were also going more the Lions way and they were dominating almost every aspect of the game in the first half.

When the Blue Bulls had the opportunity on attack they did put the Lions under pressure but could not keep hold of the ball close to the Lions line. The Lions defense was also outstanding and kept the Blue Bulls out for most of the Blue Bulls opertunities that did come their way.

Only some magic from Hougie gave the Blue Bulls a try on the stroke of halftime to make the halftime score 30-7 and still hard work to do to stay in this game in the second half.

Many people thought that the game was over by halftime when the Lions had a 30-7 lead but how wrong that thinking was. The Blue Bulls came out in the second half and did to the Lions exactly what the Lions did to them in the first half.

Brilliant play from the Blue Bulls put them back into the game and with the Loftus faithful getting behind their team the atmosphere was electric. The Blue Bulls did not disappoint and they score brilliant tries and stun the Lions a bit with there qaulity of play. As quickly as the Lions went into that early lead in the first half the Blue Bulls got back into the game in the second half.

At the one point they were just 5 points behind the Lions and many through the comeback of the year is busy playing out in front of them, but it was one step too far for the Blue Bulls on the night as the Lions secure the game with a penalty to extend their lead to eight points.

The two teams showed why they are the favorites to lift the cup at the end of the season and it will take a massive effort from any other team to take it from them.

If this is what we can expect in the next couple of weeks, then we are in for a hell of a ride until the final.

The scorers:

For Blue Bulls:
Tries: Ulengo 2, Stegmann, Botha
Cons: Schoeman 4

For Golden Lions:
Tries: Skosan, Mostert, Combrinck
Cons: Boshoff 3
Pens: Boshoff 3
Drop goal: Boshoff




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  1. It was a good game, but the Bulls were so thoroughly outplayed in the first half, that the second half score line of 21-6 to the Bulls did not even get them with 7. Our scrums have been pisspoor the entire season and again last night. We need to sort that out or the superrugby teams are going to kill us.

    That first half it just seemed as if nothing went the Bulls way and the ball just bounced favorably for the Lions. Sometimes that happens and the score just gets out of hand. I didn’t think our youngsters had it in them to fight back the way they did.

    I think it is now time to thank greyling and kruger for time served and have a farewell party. Or maybe it is just that none of the refs get it right when those 2 are on the field.

    Congrats Lions. You guys deserved the win

  2. Oh, did anyone else notice how much more fluid the Bulls backline looked when odendaal replaced serfontein? Look, serfontein is brilliant, but the way the backline gelled, I was always afraid this will happen. As good as Serfontein is, he was not part of the backline and a small change like that can cause a backline to lose shape.

  3. It is a tough one, in the first half our backline was under so much pressure, that no one could do anything, they all made a few silly mistakes from Serfontein, Dries, Gelant,, even Hougie was struggling.

    That said, Odendaal looks to be our first choice 12 at the moment.

    For me the big change was Steggies, he was absolutely phenomenal, I almost forgot how much speed and power he has the impact he made was ridiculous and put confidence in our team, there is no reason why we can’t play Roelof, Lappies and Steggies as a combo… we will absolutely murder everyone at the breakdown, they are all ball carriers and they make tons of tackles.

    Really disappointed in the loss, WP within striking distance now, so next week at Newlands is going to be a big one, but one of the best CC games I have seen in a very long time, the game really lived up to its bill (apart from the scrums of course).

  4. GrootBull –
    Has it been cofirmed via DNA testing that “Odendaal” isn’t actually Jacque Burger – the Namibian & Saracen?
    I wouldn’t put it past the dark warlocks of ZeeBulls to conjure such a thing but with SARU so distracted with the color constituency of all teams at the moment – this sort of metaphysical investigation exceeds their bandwidth at the current moment.

    I love “Odendall” by the way – far outplayed Serfontain in S15 though he was admittedly a bit of a gimp during the comp.

  5. Massive from the Bulls. Starting to like them more. No wonder they are the most successful side in south africa and will remain so for years to come. Great fight and how Jan has dwindled. It will be a great clash in Cpe Twn but fancy a Bulls win!

  6. I can not even BEGIN to express my frustrations come scrum-time. This Ref was again clueless ……what need to happen for this to be corrected ?

    The Transvaal T/H shifted his scrum ‘weight’ onto the Bulls hooker – which is what T/H are supposed to do. The L/H’s function is to “take weight off” his Hooker. Greyling did this in most of the scrums. The Tvl T/H collpase several times because of Greylings scrum-power ——– yet the Ref not once (as far I remember) penalised the Tvl T/H.

    This became very clear when Greyling was substituted — the new Bulls L/H wat completely unable to “contain” the Tvl T/H. The Tvl T/H scrummed onto the Bulls hooker – scrummed “IN” in other words. And yet again the Ref MISSED it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unexplicably Ackerman took this succesful T/H off shortly thereafter —- the new Tvl T/H was very ineffective and ‘balanced-out’ with the ineffective Bulls L/H.

    Similar shenanigans were happening on the other side of the scrum with the Ref missing that also !!!

    Lastly bothe scrumhalves put the ball in skew at nearly every scrum !!!

  7. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the Bulls front-row players. Put those guys in another team and they’ll be as good as any.

    More likely the Bulls have just been very neglectful regarding scrums for a number of years. They’ve probably calculated that there are few enough scrums and that the penalty lottery will even things out if they just fall down on the slightest pressure.

    Problem is, the referees now all know how weak they are and since they guess who to penalize in most instances, the guessing is skewed against the Bulls.

  8. Comparing the WP/Sharks and Bulls/Lions games to this week’s NPC games I have to say our rugby’s second tier is in far better shape than New Zealand’s…

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