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Lions losing another player?


The exodus of Lions players does not seemed to be stopping soon as rumors have it that Jacques van Rooyen is linked to Bathto fill the void left by the injured Beno Obano.

Obano was ruled out for a year after undergoing surgery at the end of May for multiple ligament and hamstring tendon damage sustained while training with England at the end of last season.

Van Rooyen brings versatility and experience, having made more than 60 Super Rugby appearances at both loosehead and tighthead.

Van Rooyen’s agent, James Adams, confirmed to Netwerk24 that the Blue, Black and Whites are interested in the 31-year-old with the Somerset Live reporting that advanced talks have taken place and the move is likely to go ahead.

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  1. Jeez, Lions players leaving in droves.

    Seems it was Ackerman that was the glue that held the ship together and not De Klerk, Straeuli or Swys.

  2. @Craven:

    Or it could be down to Rassie and his selections… no point staying for peanuts if you have no chance of making the Bok squad.

  3. The Lions players have spent three four seasons with confused Springbok coaches and media who don’t understand how there are players at other than the Bullshits, Shocks, and Stroompies who are good and so it is no surprise that players are choosing to look out for themselves.

    It has ZIPPO to do with “glue”.

    It has to do with players recognizing that their professional lot lies elsewhere and not here in the selective patriotism of this schizophrenic bipolar country.

  4. @DavidS:

    To be fair David, a while ago on this very board it was noted that the Lions were looking at letting players play in Japan to supplement their earnings ensuring the continued availability of players for the Lions. This was applauded and nowhere was mention made about Bok selection as this was at the height of the Toetie selection debacles.

    To now all of sudden say it has nothing to do with the changes at the Lions and only due to non selection of Boks is disingenuous. A Bok squad cannot consist of more than 40 odd players at best, leaving most of the 160 odd players in the 4 Super Rugby squads in SA out in the cold. If every player were to run away due to non selection in the national team, there would be no players left very quickly.

    This has more to do with the changes in coaching staff at the Lions materialising in out of sorts performances on the field, and players being in demand in foreign leagues due to their performances in a tip-top Lions squad under Ackerman the past couple of seasons. Good for them if they want to chase pounds or euros, that is their choice, but a while ago most of the senior players signed contract extensions with the Union while playing for Ackerman at a time when most of them were also not picked for the Boks.

  5. @Craven:

    I’m sorry dude, but here I have to disagree wholeheartedly with you, with all respect however.

    Let’s just name a few names:

    Lukhanyo Am ahead of Harold Vorster?
    Kolisi ahead of Jaco Kriel?
    De Allende ahead of Ruan JvR /Frans Steyn?
    Mapimpi ahead of Ruan Combrinck?
    Papier ahead of Cobus Reinach?
    Notshe and Mohoje ahead of Marnus Schoeman or even Roelof Smit?
    Ori ahead of Ruan Kruger?
    Chilliboy ahead of Bismarck ( who absolutely wasn’t injured)

    A very clear picture of transformation at the expense of mediocrity is being formed here, and any professional with a relatively short career wouldn’t risk hanging around for sentiment when it clearly won’t be beneficial.

    Professionalism will always win, the CJ standers of SA Rugby will always come back and haunt them shamelessly, representing other countries.

    England are taking in more and more mercs like Vunapolo brothers, and Brad Shields etc. They’ll be capping Ruan Ackerman soon, watch the space.

  6. @Welshbok die Brandwag:
    Am ahead of vorster =Vorster is a 12 and to slow to be int 13
    Kolisi ahead of Kriel = Kriel injured
    De Allende ahead of rjvr, RjvR has been poor this year/Steyn mad ehimself unavailable, wasn’t injured as reported but I think tired of SARugby’s shit, but he was in the squad
    Mapimpi ahead of Combrinck= As could as Combrinck is, he has been poor since returning from injury
    Papier ahead of Reinach, no one knows, but KPI’s need to be met
    Notshe and mohoje ahead of anyone 🤮
    Orie ahead of Ruan Botha, no one knows but refer Papier above
    Chiliboy ahead of Bismarck = Same as Steyn, might not have been injured but was part of squad, decided to make himself unavailable, chiliboy ahead of Acker etc 🤮

    So yes I agree that some of the choices were horrible, but half of those players you would rather have were either not on form or not available. Sadly we will see more of KPI’s over form and soon start losing so much that we won’t have any sponsors

  7. @Aldo: Fokkit – I agree with Aldo. Or maybe I’m just liking soccer more and more (and not this supershit, depending on crooked refs and fucktwit administrators – oh shit, that’s the same in soccer…).
    Reinach is eating too many pies – if he was a serious professional he would have been a legend in Bok rugby.
    Orie is not too bad – but only an understudy at this stage (and clearly used as that by Rassie). RjvR – no idea what you guys see in him – he is just shit poor all over / real Brakpan tappit. Combrinck – had one good game (his debut), and a complete joke on defence after that- when last did he score a decent try again? Compared to Mapimpi???????? Agree on KolKolIssie and Notche – but Rassie has a plan

  8. Pay atention Aldo and Bekke

    We are talking 2015 to 2018… it’s four seasons…

    But hey if you want to live in an endless presence like media programmed little sheep then by all means…

    Look up at the sky and nod and go


  9. @DavidS: pay attention David. You can only be measured by current form. Past form means nothing to me, I am not the Bok coach.

  10. @DavidS:

    Sad that we can no longer have proper discussions on rugby on this site. If you don’t agree with someone, no counter argument is offered, only insults or LOLs. Has this now turned into a primary school play ground?

    The maturity of some members on here have really deteriorated.

  11. @Welshbok die Brandwag:

    Thanks for a proper response, but I think you miss my point completely. It is a fact that players will feel aggrieved at being left out of Bok squads. It is also a fact, however, that said players were also overlooked in the past but chose to stick around (some even extending contracts) when Ackerman was the head coach.

    It is also a fact that in the season after JA left, a lot of the senior players have opted to move on as well and pursue more lucrative overseas contracts. To now just blame it all on Bok non-selection is a bit of a joke to be honest.

  12. @Aldo:

    It is funny how a lot of “fans” who list their Bok teams, pick loads of players who are injured or, if we are honest, have not been up to speed since their return. I mean, for instance, Rohan has been played of the bench most of the time. Not even Swys reckoned he was 100% yet.

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