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Lions put 50 points pass Waratahs


It was a bonus point win for the Lions over the Waratahs when they beat the Waratahs on Saturday 54-36.

The Lions got an early penalty in the match and went for the attacking lineout. They got another penalty when their drive was agains brought down by Waratahs.

With the second lineout the Lions drived well and Whiteley went of the drive to score the first try and took a lead of 7-0 after 3 min.

The Waratahs took not long to reply to the Lions try with one of their own and made the scores level after 7 min at 7 all.

Both teams were struggling after restarts and giving opertunity to the other side again. The Waratahs then got a yellow tackle for a tip tackle which put extra pressure on them.

The Lions put all the pressure on the Waratahs but they were able to keep the Lions out but did gave away a few penalties.

The Lions setup another attacking lineout from a penalty and it was Ackermann this time over the line to give them a 14-7 lead.

Huge mistake on not exiting porperly gave the Waratahs again the change to draw the scores level when they scored their second try.

The Lions immediately answered back with a brilliant try from Rohan and took the lead back to 21-14 after 22 min.

Some brilliant play from Kriel to send Coetzee over gave the Lions their forth try of the match and a lead of 28-14 after 24 min. The Lions did gave a penalty away which the Waratahs took and mad ethe score 28-17 after 27 min.

The Waratahs agains got a yellow card this time for repeatedly bringing down the drive which the Lions scored their fifth try through Cronje. This brought the score to 32-17 for the Lions.

The Waratahs hit back just before halftime with some briliant work from Hegarty which took the score to 33-24 after 39 min.

That was also the halftime score with both teams worried about their defense in that first half.

The Waratahs early on took the opertunity from a mistake from the Lions to get into Lions twenty two, but Lions defense good enough though to keep them out.

The Lions looked like they were running out of breath and a worrying factor abot their match fitness.

Rohan got a great break and ended off for his second try of the afternoon to extend the Lions lead to 43-24 after 51 min.

The Lions got a yellow card for repeated offenses and gave the Waratahs the oopertunity to strike back and score another try. This made the score 43-29 after 60 min.

Slick hands and speed from the Lions gave them yet another try of the afternoon to extend the lead to 48-29 after 67 min. The Lions kept the speed up in the game as the Waratahs were getting tired late in the game.

The Lions put another try across the Waratahs line with another powerful drive from lineout to take the lead to 55-29.

The Waratahs had the final say with a try to end the macth and a bonus point win for the Lions 54-36.

The scorers:

For Lions:
Tries: Whiteley, Ackermann, Janse van Rensburg 2, A Coetzee, Cronjé, Mahusa, Marx
Cons: Jantjies 6
Drop: Jantjies
Yellow Cards: Mostert

For Waratahs:
Tries: Horne, Hooper, Hegarty, McDuling, Folau
Cons: Robinson 3, Hegarty
Pens: Robinson
Yellow Cards: Robinson, Kepu

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  1. Defence needs work, but let’s not forget this was not the Rebels… this is not a kak Waratahs side. Just a short while back under Cheika they won the SR.

    The Lions’ defensive structures need some work, but their rustiness can spell nothing good for opponents… because at some point this rustiness is going to start coming to an end and then … to be honest… a lion will be loose….

    The main worrisome issue for me is the loss of Mnisi. The Lions can seriously not afford to lose more players. The Cheetahs, after last night, are fucked.

  2. @DavidS:

    I said before the game this would be the Lion’s best opportunity to beat the Tahs… didn’t see this hiding coming though… if they can just maintain their focus for the entire game… especially after scoring they can stop those ‘gimme’ tries they seem to give away…

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