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Nick Mallet joins Boks


Mallet is on course to join the Springboks coaching staff alongside Heyneke Meyer. ALSO: Heyneke must select black players.

After losing out on the England job to caretaker coach, Stuart Lancaster, Mallet said that his immediate future will be in Cape Town where he will asses his future.

Earlier the week he spoke to Mark Keohane on his website, keo.co.za, (click to read interview) where he said that he is definitely not closed to the option of joining the Boks on a consultancy basis should the opportunity arise.

‘I have huge respect for Heyneke as a person and as a coach. I was very pleased he finally got the opportunity as he’s done the hard yards over the last decade and enjoyed tremendous success in getting results, identifying talent and evolving that talent,’ said Mallett. ‘He [Heyneke] is a really good mate so I would help with pleasure if I was ever asked.’

‘I have no commitment to any club, province or international squad, so if there is a way I could make a difference to the Boks, then it would be great. If not, they’ll always have my support and I look forward to seeing them push for the top ranking because they certainly can be No 1 with Heyneke in charge, more so given the quality and class of player available for selection.’

Although he did not want to commit himself earlier in the week, it has emerged in a radio interview that talks between Mallet, Meyer and SA Rugby has taken place and that he might just be offered a permanent position on Meyer’s staff in the next couple of days.

Meyer who has struggled to convince unions and individuals to join his management team on such short notice (he was only appointed late in January himself) might have found the most qualified candidate in Mallet, who ironically got Meyer into top flight coaching over a decade ago when he (Mallet) was Springbok coach.

The circumstances surrounding Mallet’s availability could also not be more ironic.  Where Meyer would at one stage have faced a Mallet-coached England team in June, he now has him on his side as they face a Lancaster-coached team.



  1. Who is running England rugby Obama?
    Idiots deserve the crap they will get.
    Shoulda gone with Jake “Shaman” White

  2. I’m most certainly no opposed to him helping the Boks… whilst he takes over at the Sharks…

  3. Reply to Morné @ 11:46 am:

    Hehe but this is not far from the truth… far better would have been Titus in line for Director of Rugby… or Snor backline coach

  4. This, unfortunately, is no April Fool Joke:

    Ras-eise gestel aan Bok-breier
    Stephen Nell, Rapport

    Heyneke Meyer, Springbok-rugbyafrigter, gaan aan ’n rasvereiste moet voldoen met die kies van die Springbok-spanne vir vanjaar se toetse.

    Mnr. Oregan Hoskins, president van die Suid-Afrikaanse Rugbyunie (Saru), het Vrydag op ­Saru se jaarvergadering in Kaapstad gewaarsku die regering sal transformasie afdwing as ’n sportsoort nie aan vereistes voldoen nie.

    Dié waarskuwing gaan druk op Meyer plaas om sigbaar op toetsvlak aan die regeringsvereistes te voldoen en veral om meer etniese swart spelers deel van sy Bok-groepe te maak.

  5. bye bye Bismark, Chilliboy will start.

    Beast better get himself fit again, Kolisi should also get a look in @ 6.

    Watson as an honoured transformation candidate?

  6. Reply to Welshbok die Brandwag @ 2:31 pm:

    According to our equity laws Beast does not qualify as black because he is a foreigner…

    HOWEVER, in terms of the same laws a Chinese extracted person who did reside in South Africa on 1 January 1990 as a “South African” (whatever the hell that term means nowadays) IS “black”.

  7. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 3:30 pm:

    Not that he should be walking into any Bok squad straight away after such a lay-off and with a whole new breed there…

    At least Mvovo is looking decent of late…

  8. SEEing that its AprilONE, aCCording to Orakel I, you do not “flick” the miDDle finger at the BuLLs anymore, you just show them “da Pinkey”

  9. Reply to Boertjie @ 3:38 pm:

    Prior to 1990 SA did not offer citizenship to non whites from outside who were African. The rule is that the person needed to be able to have citizenship on 31 December 1990…

    That is why Beast is excluded.

    The law was passed precisely to avoid black empowerment that benefitted Swazis, Tswanas, Zimbabweans, Nigerains, Kenyans and the like.

    But the loophole is that Asians of Indian and Chinese and even Arabic extraction can be black… but Africans cannot… because they could claim citizenship as non whites on 31 December 1990…

    How effed up is that?

  10. Ja in classic deliciously ironic manner apartheid terminology is still used in the equity laws for race terminologies (I thought race does not exist for the ANC?) except that they have changed “Bantu” to “African”

    Scientifically and legally it is a less accurate description than Bantu…

  11. Reply to Cosa die BLOUBOK @ 9:47 am:

    hehehe geluKKig het die sin vi humor darem nie OOk dAArmEE hEEngegAAn nie!

    Hoezit Coza

    BuLLe het dit darem amper geMAAk- Etsebeth & Elstad het sAAm met vermeulen en die frontrow leKKer gewoel!

    DaMn goeie drie van meisikind- amper asof hy die enigste bULLerina was wat tuis gevoel het in sy se JakarandaJersey!

  12. OO hy het dan die trui hekp design! Etzebeth is n yster, my pa, n groot province fan, kan nie glo hoe opgewonde ek oor n slot uit die wp is nie. Daai outjie sit alle 4’s in die land ore aan op die oomblik en hoort in die bokspan.

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