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Match Report: Kolbe – Jantjies magic secure a draw in Wellington

Photo: Steve Haag

It was a massive test match with no inch given by both sides and at the end the scoreboard could not even separate the two teams as they play to a 16-all draw.

It was late magic from Kolbe and Jantjies that secure the draw for the Springboks but it was such a close contest which almost want us to say it was a fair result at the end

From the kickoff the All Blacks could not exit with the Springboks putting pressure on the home side and forced a penalty.

Pollard made sure of the penalty and gave the Springboks the lead early on.

The Springboks defence was great early on forcing the All Blacks to make mistakes and Pollard got another penalty to extend the lead to 6-0.

The All Blacks got into the Springboks half and also forced a penalty from a ruck but Barrett missed his first kick for points.

Both sides had time in the others twenty two but mistakes coming from good defence stopped them from really creating anything good.

With 35 minutes gone it was really a half with unforced errors by both sides which did not gave us much to shout about.

The first try came from a knock on by Vermeulen deep in the All Blacks half with Barrett that broke free to send Goodhue away. This gave the All Blacks a 7-6 lead.

It was a nervous first half from both sides who struggle to put enough phases together to create space. Defence from both sides were good as well.

The All Blacks started the second half better putting some more in their attack but the Boks defence still were up to it.

It was a penalty from a ruck which Barrett extend the lead to 10-6 after 49 minutes.

It has been a real tight affair in the second half with both team depending on penalties, first Pollard and then Richie Mo’unga to take the lead to 13-9 for the home side.

The All Blacks were just much better on attack than the Springboks and put huge pressure on the Boks. This forced another penalty and Mo’unga happy to take the points.

This gave the All Blacks a 16-9 lead with minutes to go but it was Kolbe – Jantjies magic that stole a win from the All Blacks.

Kolbe snipped out wide and put a kick through which Jantjies brilliant recover to score a great try in only his second test.

It was left to Pollard to kick the conversion to take a draw from Wellington which leave the Boks on top of the Rugby Championship log.


New Zealand New Zealand  16  16 South Africa South Africa

NZ 16 (7) Try: Jack Goodhue Conversion: Beauden Barrett Penalties: Barrett, Richie Mo’unga (2)

SA 9 (6) Try: Hershcel Jantjies Conversion: Handre Pollard Penalty: Pollard (3)

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  1. Too conservative. That box-kick shit will be the end of us – Boks be lucky to get out if the quarters if they gonna play that Heyneke numbers game.

    Structures are fine but our players must also be encouraged to have a go , try something different.
    We need playmakers to unlock defenses and the rucking needs to be much quicker, that’s really the difference between the ABs and everyone else imo.
    But I think Kolbe needs to see more of the ball, I’d move him into center – every time he gets the ball he’s electric and causes the opposition problems. We need more from our backline if want to win this tournament. Trevor seems to hace become a powerhouse at 3. I like pollard, but against the ABs and NH defenses you going to need players who can unlock. Cheika is a shit coach, they got no locks, and were fools to send Folau packing, but oz can break down defenses like no other.

  2. C’mon Cab!
    Rassie has gotta play SOME possum prior to when ( Rugby big-wig apparatchiks ) see everything counts i.e The World Cup.
    Were Rassie to go “all in” for this game odds are AB coach Steve ” Puffy ” Hansen would belch something similar to this clip where GEORGE S PATTON ambushed Rommel because he showed too much leg in his book:

  3. FYI I’m a proponent of the idea that ANY test match ( because it’s for all of history – closest you get to blockchain in everyday life currently ) should be all in won regardless of WC ambition.
    But that’s not how the coaching/admin game is played. Success for a Nat coach of SA is did you win WC PERIOD.
    Sad because that guarantees the historical deficit vs NZ will only get worse.
    How can you steel yourself from such imminent disappointment in the sporting world so that it doesn’t effect your day to day?
    Buy bitcoin. It’s the ultimate pain reliever.

  4. Nope this coach def in right track, also is becoming self-aware of maybe he’s only weakness, which is the tendency to over coach.

    Problem is there is so much pressure on these guys that they try to do that – the first SA coach that can duccessfully balance that natural instinct with the ability to encourage players to have a go, create something and spontaneously make a play – that SA team will be virtually unbeatable.

    Rassie not far off, problem is the RWC pressure is immense – got to try take a step back sometimes – very hard job next few months.

    Fine to rely on structures but at some point you got to have a go and be encouraged to do so. That final Bok try on Saturday was not planned, it was a moment of magic. That said, Boks were awesome in first 35 mins.

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