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Matfield return to rugby



Former Springbok lock Victor Matfield will make his return to the playing field for the Bulls in this year’s Super Rugby competition, a report in Saturday’s Die Burger indicates.

The newspaper was reliably informed by three credible sources that Matfield will play for the Bulls. playingfield

Matfield was unable to grant an interview on Friday, but confirmed that the Bulls and the Springboks will release a join press release in due course.

Matfield, 36, retired from all forms of rugby after the 2011 World Cup in New Zealand.

He was the Bulls’ lineout coach in recent years and has trained with the team in the last while.

He will use this year’s Super Rugby competition to try convince Bok coach Heyneke Meyer that he’s still good enough to play international rugby.

Matfield is eyeing the 2015 World Cup in England. He will by 38 years old by then.

Source: Sport24

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  1. The Bulls need him and he was part of the team via training. So he should be up to speed with the game. Dont worry about him playing for the Boks, he will only if he plays well for the Bulls, proves he is better than the rest and then he deserves a chamce doesnt he?

  2. @Aldo: If so Aldo no problem, hope they use him as a mentor player for the youngsters which do have a lot of potential. At 36 you have to be pretty good to add value to the game today. I hope for the Bulls that he can still add value as a player and not just take up a spot which a youngster could have had.

  3. @Aldo: On other thing, other guys playing outside SA and came back for the boks this year did not seemed to be up to standard, how well will a guy do if he was out of the game for a few years?

    I just hope he does not come and flook up his legacy which I believe to be on of the all time greats.

  4. Jacques he was never out of the game or SA. He trained with the Bulls and blue bulls squad, even though he didnt play, so fitness shouldnt be a problem, but he hasnt played for a while, so lets see. Im taking a wait and see approach, this could either be a masterstroke or flop spectacularly. I hope it proves to be a masterstroke.

  5. @Aldo: I agree, I am not very into these comeback players, hope he does not make his name arsh for doing so. Their is a time and place for everything in life.

    Again I am saying I hope he will be their as a mentor for some exciting young players in the Bulls ranks.

  6. Bulls need him desperately looking at their 2014 side… making the Boks is a whole other bull game…

  7. I’m quite surprised Zee bulls find themselves in the position of needing Matfield to swoop in & save them.
    I’m not buying it. I thing Bulls- given their evil genius & dark aims- see this as another marketing pump to add sizzle to 2014. Does Kim Kardashian consult for them?

    Perhaps if management spent less time modeling novelty jersey designs & more time with the brass tacks of player development this wouldn’t be the case.

    That all said….Johann Ackermann provided yeomans work in his later years though i don’t think he had a hiatus to come back from.
    At the end of the day if it makes Aldo happy….why not?

  8. If Heyneke Meyer selects Matfield for the Springboks I will lose total faith in him.

    Problem is though, Meyer wanted him last year already, so matfield is most likely pencilled in somewhere in a little black book of Meyer.

    Everyone knows Matfield and Du Preez have a very close relationship with Meyer from the Days at the Bulls a decade ago.

    Meyer will undo all the good work he has done in 2013 if he continues this obsession with retired players.

  9. Agreed Bryce. Everyone thinks he is now the new bok captain. He hasnt even played a game yet. Dont know how playong for the bulls makes it Heyneke is a cyclops in Blue again?

  10. Saw a piece today on the detrimental effect
    Matfield’s return can have on four very young
    and promising Bulls locks, never mind P-S du Toit.
    We may lose talent, and if Matfield does not make
    WC 2015 it will be a bad move.
    HM is not really giving trusting signs to the
    younger players by toying with FduP, Bakkies,
    Matfield, Liefling Hougaard etc.

  11. If your hypothesis bears out Boertje, this can only be good news for Cheetahs Rugby Football Club.

    The good guys in orange don’t have the luxury that the Bulls oligarchs have in their cushy boardroom buried deep in the bowels of the Death Star.

    For Cheetahs, its hand to mouth, Fun-N-Gun. Nostalgic drives down memory lane aren’t applicable.

  12. Jees Boertjie, that is just crasy. Heyneke isnt toying with Liefling or even Matfield for that matter. Matfield expressed a wish to play again, ditto Liefling. Both were told prove yourself good enough and the Bulls will pick you. Derrick Hougaard is only 30, barely an old timer. After the Bulls said they would play them should the make the team, Heyneke got asked if he would pick them, he said like any other player, if they are good enough, he would pick them.

    Wow the doomsdayers in this country surprise me everyday. Just when I think we cant go any lower, the levels of stupidity just prove me wrong.

  13. @Aldo: Don’t be naive Aldo, the Bulls and Springboks are going to make a joint statement regarding Matfield’s comeback, this is according to Matfield
    himself. A player of his stature has nothing to gain from putting his body on the line to help out a young Bulls team. Don’t be surprised if Matfield gets a Bok contract before the Super Season even started.

    If he is good enough he should play, but none of us knows what kind of form he will be in after 2 years out and being older. Lets wait and see.

  14. Christo, it is comments like yours which forces a joint statement. To answer the kneejerk reactions that seems to engrave itself into the minds of Springbok fans.

    Last year when Matfield was only considering returning this year, Heyneke was allready asked at a Bok media conference if Matifeld will be playing for the Boks. His answer then, just as I am sure the statement now wil be, was that if he performs well enough he will be given the same oppertunity as any other superrugby lock. That was before Victor would make a definite return, now he makes a definite return, do you not think the Bok coach should preempt the knee jerk reaction and also make their intentions known before being asked?

    But lets see, maybe you are right and he has allready signed a bok contract, which I strongly doubt, but then again I am naive,

  15. if he is good enough pick him! If not he at least gave it a shot – there are worse ways of going through a midlife crisis?
    all will be revealed come mid Feb! 1 month to go

  16. @Aldo: Your paranoia of anyone saying anything negative about Heyneke is getting the better of you again.

    I am not saying it is a bad thing that Matfield is making his comeback.
    But if you think Matfield came up with this idea on his own without any
    involvement from Heyneke or in depth discussions with him you are extremely naive.
    Again, If Heyneke feels he needs Victor I dont mind, I do feel for the young locks though.

    Matfield is a rugby legend, I dont think he will make a comeback at his age just to
    help the Bulls out. He is set on playing for the Springboks and going to the World Cup,
    and there is no way a player of his stature will make a comeback without knowing with
    a high level of certainty he is the Bok coaches plans.

  17. I for one think this is a great move.

    If he can cut the mustard at the highest level then why not?

    He has been a great player and I feel he retired to quickly in anycase. Maybe the 2 years that he sat out rekindled his love of the game. Also gave his body time to rest and heal up.

    We need someone to run our lineouts and Flip vd Merwe is not the guy. When last did we actually steal a lineout ball?

    But I hope the next understudy the choose will be a bit better than that wet blanket Juandre Kruger…

    Happy new year to you all.


  18. Aldo is the lovechild of Hak Hak and Mof Steyn – after a night of passion in the Cockatilus motel in Witbank…Matfield made it clear he will only come back if he gets a Bok contract, but SARU did not support Maaier on that at the end of last year. So maybe they have changed their position, or maybe they have not – we will hear what is to be said at the joined media release.
    For sure the wrong decision in principle (we are struggling enough to keep promising players in SA), but if he is good enough, he should be included. Will he be judged on equal terms, with his admirer Hak Hak making the choices?

  19. On another point, I see Brussouw is to undergo surgery again. Looks like the poor guy is destined to become a walking injury scare.

  20. He’ll be fine Aldo.
    Quit trying to lowball him in hopes Cheetahs will lessen their grip on the HoneyBadger, letting the Bulls swoop in like an owl in the night & make up for Ole’ Man Matfield hobbling about on field.

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