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Breaking: Matfield Lions new forward coach


rofl Not a rumor anymore as former Springbok lock Victor Matfield has been named the Lions’ new forwards coach.

Swys de Bruin on Thursday officially replaced Johan Ackermann as Lions head coach, while Matfield was unveiled one of his assistants.

Swys De Bruin is now the new head coach of the Lions and Golden Lions after he replaced Ackermann and it looks like he has his eyes firmly set on Matfield to become his forward coach.

Ackermann was looking after the forwards of the Lions while he was the head coach and with him leaving it leave the Lions without a out and out forward coach.

Matfield and De Bruin previously work together at Griqaus in the 1990’s before Matfield joinedthe Blue Bulls.

Matfield have assist in coaching at the Bulls and retired completely from rugby in 2015 after the World Cup.

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  1. Love this. Matfield for YEARS sold his soul & gambled eternal damnation by his acquiesence to the nefarious misdeeds of ZeeBulls.
    Proves redemption is possible & is a model for all to act upon before judgement day !

  2. Bright guy matfield, prob can be a good coach, if he’s interested in developing himself, rather than just resting on laurels as a Bok legend. Hope lions didn’t break the bank for this buy tho.

  3. Bekke, I am very excited of the possibility that Matfield has dispatched himself of loyalty to ZeeBulls – Ground Zero – of SA Rugby in terms of stealing players from clubs without unlimited funds that just produce great players (without the evil largesse that ZeeBulls have) thru great talent management ( Cheetahs obviously).
    Matfield, by going to Lions is doing the OPPOSITE of what Darth Ludeke did with his career.
    I’m a sucker for stories where the main character changed paths in life from darkness…..to Light.
    Such was the case with the Apostle Paul, General Buttnaked from the Liberian civil war & now……
    Vic Matfield! Let’s all hope he stays on the path of good – which is ALWAYS the opposite of……

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