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Meyer could be in until 2019!




So reports suggest Meyer could be in the Springbok hot seat until Rugby World Cup 2019. The news has been prominent since last season and has surfaced once again this year at a time which is the toughest in Heyneke Meyer’s tenure.

This is not new, Springbok coaches always feel the heat before the World Cup and this is nothing new. The call if true could be the right one. South Africa are definitely not ready for a foreign coach and the uproar from the politicians could further complicate the life of that man.

A look around the local fraternity and you are likely to not find any candidates as well that are ripe enough. Meyer has only been bettered as a coach by only three other stalwarts as Springbok coach.

Meyer has selected 17 players of color in his tenure and managed to bring in several exciting young players over the years. He was pivotal in the transforming of the Blue Bulls a few years ago and a further four years could be a step in the right direction for the Springboks despite his recent results.

This is something that has benefited New Zealand in a continuation of a coaching set up. Meyer is one of the best coaches in the country, if not the best.


  1. I am glad for this.

    If anyone is not they should address their complaints to the guy going on & on & on & on for this to take place…..

    That would be……Bunny ( though I think BC was in on it too but may be mistaken in that)

  2. @Americano: We sack him? Who gets the job? Meyer will be fine, He is loved by the media which is good. I say keep hi, but he better win Trophis now, not have some win percentage. The AB managed to keep their coach and reaped the rewards, hope we will be able to learn from them for once and get it right!!

  3. I have no issues with this as much as I wanted Naka, AC and Ludeke gone I wanted Meyer to get another 4 years so that we can keep on building.

    I think I must play Lotto this year is the year of the Bunny!!! all my wishes is starting to come true

  4. @Jacques: Bunny we just have to decide who wins the WC!! Our Australia to prove the whole world wrong or the Bokke. This is hard~~

  5. @Craven: He must be in a frenzy! He did everything possible. Won Lions et al. Oh well, I am a Meyer fan now. Just coz the fans hate him!!

  6. Speaking of Father Drotske….
    BC – How boss would it be were you to score a “BC-terview”(TM) with N-A-K-A ?
    Oh – My !

  7. “This is something that has benefited New Zealand in a continuation of a coaching set up”

    Remember though, Henry’s All Blacks had won two Tri Nations (2005, 2006) and a British Lions series (2005) when his contract was extended for another 4 years.

    Heyneke has not achieved anything to date, his overall win percentage is now behind Jake’s, who was fired on the back of a Tri Nations and World Cup win.

    Is it a case of sticking with him because there is no-one better? Ouch, that hurts.

    Saying that, I’ll support him for another 4 years.

  8. @Craven: I will also support but there really is no better. I also think the nature of Meyer is to build on a long term stint! Its Crazy but thats how it is for him!!

  9. @Craven: I just feel we need some blerrie continuity…Meyer has not been that bad, he has bring forward in his time some great players who became Springboks….he has develop a more attacking approach for the team although not nearly perfect yet and he can do much more if he gets another 4 years

  10. @Jacques:

    That’s true, I believe he has the core of a very good team he is busy building and losing that with a new coach will be very sad.

    He may want to consider mixing up his support team though. Get someone else than Koen to assist with tactical kicking, because damn, it has been pathetic and just gone worse over his four years.

    Pity Todd Louden isn’t around anymore, he really did wonders with that Bulls backline in 2007.

  11. Hansen was also brought into the AB setup before henry left so that a decent handover occurred.

  12. @Ollie:

    Jip, good point.

    What are the chances of the next Bok coach after Heyneke being part of his team for the next 4 years?

  13. Barking mad. You assess any extension after RWc not before.

    He’s already had 4y, now Is the real test. If he wins it, only then do you give him 4 more years. If we go out in 1/4 finals, he don’t get 4 more minutes.

  14. We’ve just lady to argie, there’s an entire recall of ou perde, and they actually want to give him 4 more years. No chance.

  15. @cab: So only WC is a measurement? One lost against Argies makes or breaks your career after two narrow losses against Aus And NZ?

    No way man…that is just what is wrong with our supporters mindset, cannot look at long term, just fire him after 4 years if he did not win WC…

    That’s why I like NZ and Eng and Wales attitude and give coach time to build and create what makes a great team

  16. I am lazy so am copy and paste from other thread :
    “The Brand
    August 12, 2015
    IMO – Meyer’s biggest – drawback is one many leaders have : Unwilling to appoint next-level-coaches who are ‘more’ knowladgebale, ‘beter’ able to lead/coach defined aspects as required.

    Inherently – weak – leaders always surround themselves with ‘lesser’ men !

    Their – standard – excuse is : I thrust these men, I know these men, I know what I have in these men ……….we sould add ……. these LESSER men !!!

    Maybe, just maybe meyer grows a pair and appoint the best available as he co-coaches……..and just maybe then SARU have a succession-policy actively in place – then and only then will Springbok rugby go from strength to strenght – and not have a disrupt when a “new” coach gets appointed !!! “

  17. @Jacques:

    We’ve now lost 5 in a trot, how come Meyer gets an extra 4y when the Greatest did not. The greatest never lost to Argentina and beat Nz 3 times. While won a world cup was fired.

    This guy hasn’t even completed world cup and they want to give him another 4y – total double standards snd favouritism.

    He’s had 4y to build this squad and the deoth needed for an RawC instead he’s conetantly seldcted old players. So now this makes or breaks no ways should he get a second chance, same as the greatest.

  18. @cab: Look Cabbie, when PDV first came in the scene I was excited as he had the same pedigree as White but was talking of a more exciting approach to the game. Now, admittedly, i was naive back then and was on the “fire White bandwagon / lets run the ball, all the time” mindset.

    Now the problem is PDV is his own worst enemy, his personality is too strange for most people. As much as I would have a beer with him and probably enjoy his company, your demeanour is important, and PDV made a bit of a mess of things.

    I feel sad he got no other work after he was let go. I’m sure he could have gotten an overseas job somewhere if he tried, but he was cast as a bit of a Parriah after so many of his outbursts…

  19. @BC:
    BC – Bring back the Great One , and nope I’m not talker Milner shudder

    Sasori – what are you talking about , the press conferences were his strongest weapon – he’d land in New Zealand and insult the entire coubtry before he even disembarked the plane – and then he beat them 3 times climbed back on the plane and said totsiens and but a donkey


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