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Mitchell asks for R90 million!


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  1. What a Joker… that is twice the amount the Australian and New Zealand teams have as their salary cap in Super Rugby.

  2. Mitchell asks for R90 million!

    Built in ready made excuse for the nexy franchise / country / club / union to fall for his shenannigans.

    Why did you fail at the Bulls?

    Thet refused to finance so my hands were chopped off and I couldn’t succeed.

  3. @DavidS:

    ‘Finance’ lol being the operative word… at twice the the salary cap of the NZAR teams… in Africa nogal… ‘bankrupt’ more like. He’s clearly given up already.

  4. I think Mitchell will succeed but it will require are least 2 full seasons before results and depth start showing. There’s nothing to work with. Was like when he took over the Lions. The befits of this dude will go far into future.

    But if you want to beat Crusaders next year, no chance unless you spend 90mil

  5. R90 million. Jeez that is insane. I’ll grant him that we need depth, but jeez not that much. Sounds a bit crazy. Is it R90million a year or over 5 years or what is the story?

  6. @Aldo: not that massive really – compared to 78m of Stormers. It’s not EXTRA 90m, just an increase in existing budget (and smaller base). Typical fake news.

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