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Mitchell draws the line for Bulls


According to Super Sport Website John Mitchell has draw the line in the sand for his players and the standard that he expect from the squad.

We all know that Mitchell is a no-nonsense guy and he do not mind to drop players who are not up to standard or fit into the team culture he creates within his team.

Paige and Jenkins are good examples of this and it seems that his squad will either have to shape up or be left behind.

Mitchell has delayed his team announcement internally as some players may have gone a bit wayward in the off-week.

“We weren’t happy with some of the standards set by some of the guys when we went away, so we had some one-on-ones and obviously to get some of the high-speed training up for some of the guys who dropped standards,” Mitchell explained.

“It was a bit disappointing but we made sure we drew a line in the sand because we’re not going to compromise those, and then obviously the guys who have carried the load, on their one-on-ones, and the Boks went out to their camp.

“But it is always nice to freshen people up mentally. We have a good enough process to kick back and work. We will be a bit rusty but by the time we finish on Thursday we will be ready to play rugby again.”

The Bulls will also welcome back Lood De Jager and RG Snyman who both recovered from their injuries and are fit again.

It looks like Ismaiel, Nick De Jager and Ulengo will not be ready.


“I haven’t named the team internally today, but I will tomorrow. We just wanted to get through the session. I obviously didn’t want too many guys to eat too much chicken over Easter and too much ice-cream. So we will have a look at their metrics tomorrow and see who delivers and who doesn’t and then make a decision on the right 23.

“I think Travis will definitely be out. We are still looking at the 9s as well and the locking combination, which obviously affects the bench as well.

“We are also mindful of rewarding some guys who played exceptionally well against the Stormers. I’m pretty well concluded. It will be important to see tomorrow who delivers high standards and who doesn’t.”


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  1. Maar dan hoekem kerm en kak jy soeveel teen ou swysie? Nou klap hy vir WP, en my wil sy baba dra…

    God waar’s die perd, wat ‘n onnoselle poephol.

  2. @DavidS: our players don’t need halftime hugs like Jantjies and co. That is why they suck out of the Lions environment, no halftime hugs.

  3. Jason Jenkins definitely up there with the best of the young RSA locks. Lions could definitely use him. He and RG Snyman will continue to play well together when back in the pack. As for LDJ… yeah well I`d take him for depth in my Super side… but I must be the only dude that cannot see what he adds to the Boks, particularly in the starting side over many others.

  4. Yip this is a professionally coached team and franchise. It’s all about winning.

    WP should win this thing hands down – smashed by lions. That score line was flattering. Fools in charge.

  5. @cab:

    With all those orks and dudes that cannot tackle for fuck in the WP backline? Nah pal… next you will be talking up the likes of Willemse and Goosen as a Bok 10… oh wait lol.

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