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More ELV’s for Freddie


French international flyhalf Frederic Michalak says the new experimental law variations (ELVs) on trial in this year’s Super 14 should be quickly introduced to international rugby.

Rugby365 reports that Michalak, who is playing for the Durban-based Sharks in this year’s Super 14, said the ELVs should be introduced in time for Australia’s domestic Test season.

The Wallabies are scheduled to play one Test against Ireland on June 14 and two against France, on June 28 and July 5.

Michalak’s endorsement is at odds with northern hemisphere criticism, with both Wales and Ireland opposed to the rules ahead of discussions on the issue at next week’s International Rugby Board (IRB)meeting.

Michalak said the IRB should approve them internationally.

“It is necessary to do it,” Michalak said in a television interview.

“Even [to implement the law] to not allow the ball to be passed back into the 22 and kicked to touch allows the game to be more open,” added the mercurial No.10.

The IRB will review the ELVs next week in Dublin, where the unions of the three SANZAR partners – Australia, New Zealand and South Africa – will also convene to discuss the rules and the unions’ expansion plans.

“I find them very, very good,” said Michalak.

“The game is much more open, especially around the ruck.

“They [referees] give a short-arm penalty if the player doesn’t let go of the ball. It is a new ball game.

“Frankly they are good. The game is less broken because there are short-arm penalties.

There are less consequences because with a quick tap the game will play on,” he added.

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  1. I was very concerned about the ELVs ruining the game. But I think S14 has been more fun to watch due to them in general this year.
    I would say that I have seen the Light, sort of..and am Born Again (in the ELV sense), if not for:

    1)Less line-outs/importance diminished.

    2)Need more subs-keep the larger guys fresher throughout the full 80 min AND allow players longer careers-due to the year round demands of test/pro play

    3)Gotta do something about yellow cards and playing a man down. The ELV play makes it too much of a killer to play a man down. Maybe make a yellow 5 min vs 10? I dunno. But it ruins the competition for that time and the effects linger due to the extra energy expense-later in the game for that team as well.

    But who knows? A way to get your 2 cents to in on this is logging your vote here:
    The England RFU cares for your opinion. They care a lot.

  2. [3]

    Replace a yellow carded player with
    a sub – but then that sub may not
    play again. Sounds like enough of a
    penalty to me.

    Ban a red carded player for one game
    and sub him.

    I would like them to stick to seven
    subs though.

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