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Muir leaves Sharks over flyhalf selection


It seems that in South Africa rugby we are always two steps away from another sepie.

Reports in the Sunday newspaper is that Dick Muir has left the Sharks after clashing with head coach Robert Du Preez.

It is reported that they differ on a few issues including who should play flyhalf.

Robert Du Preez has opted for most of the year to pick his son Robert junior at ten with exciting youngster Curwin Bosch playing at fifteen.

Many believe that Bosch did not get a fare chance at ten.

Muir has been involved with the Sharks as an attacking coach.

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  1. Will always raise eyebrows as a coach when your own kids are playing under you. Rob should have stayed at the Stormers.

  2. So attack coach wants X at 10 for his attack to work, head coach picks the y at 10… Result attack does not work:
    who gets the blame/sack?

  3. Yep father and son combinations not a good idea. Both are good, but I’d like to see Bosch playing at 10 for a SR franchise.

  4. Ah yes there he is oompie Dawie Hitler.
    Back from visvang.
    Brycie still gone fishing of hoe? 🎣

  5. Ja dunno why they left. Dissapointing.
    Lions starting to look iffy again.
    You think they need Mitchell back?

  6. @cab:

    Oh heavens

    1. The sport has no place for white players.

    2. The government wants to away every white person’s land

    3. The British Pound is worth R20

    4. You have morons like Jacques whining about “Wide privilheej” and not even knowing what that means

    Naaahhh… there’s a reason skilled white people are leaving this sinking rathole at a huge rate…

  7. DavidS

    Not sure what has to do with rugby. Seriously tho if you so unhappy, why don’t you just leave? I suspect you can. I’m not looking for an argument, just asking plainly

    But I don’t agree with your outlook. And there are many in SA who wouldn’t move for all the tea in china. I think it’s a great lifestyle and I reckon SA will go from strength to strength. Uncle Cyril will get SA moving, but if you so worried about crime or BEE, move.

    But what is actually the point of political whinging on a rugby blog?

  8. (:rofl:) (:rofl:) (:laugh1:) (:laugh1:) (:laugh1:) (:rofl:)

    You one funny fucker

    If you love it so much come back…

    Ps. You asked why Ackermann left

    I gave you four reasons…

    Don’t like it…


    Cyril fixing anything…

    Ja a mine union official with a teaching degree who got given millions and was voted into his own party by just over 50% is going to fix the country…



    Enjoy the wine in Paris… it has hallucinogenic products clearly…

    Hope the yellow jackets deport you..

  9. Oh I see. You think they left for the reasons that you want to.

    Me, I wouldn’t mind going back to SA – don’t really care where I live. Pretty sure I will at some point, but can’t at the moment. Every place got its pluses and minuses. Not sure UK/Europe is the utopia you make out. Unless you got buckets of dosh, most jammed into cold little flats in London grind with no sun. If you like to braai, and the beach and the bush – you are fkd. I would think SA a far nicer place for a family life. On da udder hand, the locals are a pretty friendly bunch and it’s a fun place if you’re sociable.

    Most rugby players return to SA after a few years – they miss home. Different culture.

  10. Nepotism is a far more sexy issue than the SHOCKING administrative incompetence displayed by Jon Smit during his time swith Sharks.
    That zero should only be allowed to be a parking attendent apprentice.

  11. @cab:

    (:laugh1:) (:laugh1:) (:laugh1:) (:laugh1:)

    (:rofl:) (:rofl:) (:rofl:) (:rofl:)

    Bush and Braai

    Southern US states, Soth western US states, Adriatic, Mediterranean, Israel, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico…


    It’s not a unique thing…


    Most rugby players return to SA after a few years – they miss home.

    No… they don’t

    A small number come back… most get citizenship of the EU and stay there…

    Because of the safety and quality of life

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