SuperSport released the report of an Independent Review by Advocate Maleka which found nothing wrong with the conduct of Naas Botha nor Nick Mallett.

Everyone involved was interviewed except the person that walked off air and accused Mallett and Botha of being racist.

Willemse’s action sparked a massive war of words over social media which divided people across racial lines yet again.

Advocate Maleka SC found that the conduct of Naas and Nick during the off-air conversation with Ashwin and during the live studio broadcast of the post-match commentary of the match “does not manifest naked racism and was not motivated by racist considerations”.

There are two factors which provide a reasonable explanation for the incident.

The first is the (mistaken) technical assumption that there was enough time for all the analyst to express their pre-match analysis or commentary of the Lions/Brumbies rugby match.

However, the switch to the live broadcast happened sooner than anticipated.Consequently, there was no time for Ashwin to express his views.

The panel then agreed, off-air, that Ashwin would be given the first opportunity to speak after the game.

The second is that it is reasonable to assume that Ashwin may have regarded the common stance adopted by Nick and Naas as patronising when they insisted that he should thereafter speak first.

Willemse in my eyes acted unprofessionally and used the race card which was damaging to all concerned.

People were pre-judged by media, people and even ministers due to Willemse’s actions.

The fact that he refused to come forward and form part of the review shows that he knows that he overreacted and chose to hide away rather than accept his conduct was unfair and unprofessional.

He knew he would cause maximum damage to both Botha and Mallett’s image by doing this on air and did himself no favours to not take part in the review.

Willemse owes the people an apology for his actions if he is not man enough to speak up.

The full report is available here: REPORT

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  1. Ag man, die hele Suid Afrika het van die begin af geweet dis ‘n klomp snert, enige swaap kon sien in die video footage dat daar geen rassisme was nie.

    Willemse het sy naam ultra GAT gemaak, en hy’s te swak in karakter om dit nou te erken.

    Soos ek vroeër gesê het, hy’s ‘n SLEG MOER

  2. @Welshbok die Brandwag: Die hartseer is dat die Hele SA dit nie weet nie. Dit word Al klaar uitgemaak as Ashwin die victim wat nie sy deel wou sê nie want DSTV is deel van WMC. Vergeet dat die CEO swart is, vergeet dat die advokaat wat die inquiry gelei het swart is. Die arme swart stem is weer stilgemaak.

    Maar ek stem saam met jou, ongelukkig is ons in die minderheid as ek na social media kyk.

  3. Nothing to see here move along…

    I won’t hold my breath for the forthcoming apologies from the likes of Vrede and co… not to mention Willemse himself… nor the other thousands no doubt.

    If ever there was a case for deformation this is it.

    I wonder what kushie ‘palm-off’ job they will give to the scum-bag.

  4. @bryce_in_oz: he will apparently form part of the on field commentary team, or that’s what I heard. Good then I can not listen to him like Matthew pierce

  5. Maleka writes in the report, issued to media: “Although I did not interview Mr Willemse I was informed by both Messrs Mallett and (co-pundit and Bok flyhalf legend Naas) Botha that Mr Willemse was no pushover, and would strongly defend his views whenever he differed with theirs.

    “(Mallett) references emails which he addressed to management at SuperSport, wherein he requested that he should not be rotated together with Mr Willemse for live studio broadcast.”

    Excerpts from an October 2016 email from Mallett, to executive producer Scott Seward, are included, reading: “I really enjoy working with Bobs (Gcobani Bobo) and Xola (Ntshinga), Scott.

    “They are a real pleasure … Xola asks very good questions and Bobs knows enough about rugby to produce interesting clips for discussion.

    “Unlike with the complex Ashwin, there are no agendas.

    “It would be great if Ashwin could be moved … where we don’t have to work together.

    “I think he talks garbage, we irritate the hell out of each other and the working environment is just unpleasant and tense.

    “I am very happy to work with Breyton (Paulse), Shimmy (Hanyani Shimange) or Bobs instead as, unlike with Ashwin, I respect their hard work and rugby opinions.”

    Maleka also refers to September 2017 correspondence from Mallett to (another manager) Malcolm Russell, “wherein he indicated how well he worked with other colleagues such as ‘X’ (Ntshinga), Jean de Villiers and Breyton Paulse.”

    The advocate concludes: “There is no doubt that Mr Mallett felt uncomfortable working with Mr Willemse, and expressed his preference to work with other colleagues.”

  6. @Aldo:

    Well I for one agree wholeheartedly with Mallet, he irritated the crap out of me as well whenever he spoke, because as Mallet said, he spoke total garbage. Nothing racist about it, it was the information which was the problem, not the colour of the informant.

    Good riddance.

    Sleg moer

  7. @Aldo:

    I heard two things yesterday… that he will be taking it further to whatever you call the ‘victim-card’ courts over there for a payout… and that might also be making a move into politics. If it is the latter he is going about it the correct RSA way with the former…

  8. @bryce_in_oz: Read today he is taking it to the equality court, which is apparently why he didn’t take part in proceedings of the enquiry. What a cock

  9. @cab:

    Equality Court is a kangaroo tribunal like the old township people’s courts.

    You are prejudged by the media and twitter and the EC just follows that and to hell with anything anyone says.

  10. @cab: but seeing how I love to waste my breath and time on a Friday. Explain to me what was wrong with the independent investigation launched with a black advocate leading it?

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