Lets get it out of the way from the start, it was a poor performance from the Springboks in PE on Saturday when they beat Australia 23-12.

Take nothing away from the Aussies but the Springboks was supposed to knocked them over with atleast 15 points or more.

As from the first test this year the Springboks were again unable to put all the Aussies away when the opportunities came in the game.

Handling was also a problem but like we said in the pre-match review you can not expect the backs to be clinical when you play every week with a different midfield combination.

Esterhuizen did not lift up to expectation and to be honest neither did Kriel at 13.

The Springboks made 18 handling errors in the match which is unacceptable at this level.

The Springboks went back to their defensive mode in the second half and almost at times looking out of breath.

With the Aussies making 512 meters with 102 carries against the Boks 379 meters from 70, one can see that we played agains without the ball.

The kicking game failed yet again with most of the poor kicks again coming from Faf De Klerk with his box-kicks.

The Springboks manage only 4 linebreaks and had only 40% possession in the match.

David Pocock also schooled the Springboks at the breakdown points but one can also be upset with the french referee giving the Aussies much more time on the ball at the breakdown than he gave the Springboks.

The problem was that we had too many one-off runners being isolated in the tackle.

Our tackle completion was also poor at 88% against the Aussies 91%.

Making 169 tackles against the 87 from the Aussies is a worry. You cannot tackle your way to wins in every single test.

I hope the honeymoon is over with Malherbe, who struggled again.

Pollard had one of his best test of the year and his goal kicking has been brilliant yet again in this test.

His attacking play is getting back to what we expect from him but one will want to see that he gets the ball more from phase play.

There are to many times that the forwards are the first receiver which slow down the time the backs have to attack from.

Our lineouts has been getting better and better with each test with Etzebeth stealing a few on the night again.

Although Notshe did not play badly we did miss Whiteley in this pack. His leadership and ability to play towards the ball to create space was missed in this test.

Aphiwe Dyantyi was my man of the match even though he got the yellow card for a team warning.

The Lions wing has grown into the test scene and proof in this test he is not just a good finisher and try scorer but can defend like a demon as well.

There is still a few things for the youngster to learn but hell he is a good player and the commitment the winger shown in the test is something special.

He made eight tackles in the test and saved a sure try in the second half. He is also starting to read the play better and with time he will become one of the best in the world.

The Springboks need to approve 120% for next weeks test against the All Blacks on this performance if they want to stand a chance to get a win at Loftus.



Springbok Australia


Tries: Tries:
Dyantyi, De Klerk Hodge
Penalties Penalties
Pollard(3) None
Cons Cons
Pollard(2) None



  1. Imagine there were 3 specialist flankers on the field and the demon PSDT did not have to carry them.

    Extremely poor ruck play yet again offensive and more important on opposition ball. Making more than double the opposition’s tackles is going to start grating on the side injury-wise I’m sure…

  2. Agree with all of this.

    Malherbe and Louw are good but both can be quiet, be good to see Koch and Kitshoff together.

    They’ve now got defense right, great, it’s a JW-level side, now we need to see more on attack. And definitely got to stop the box-kick crap. I mean it was literally manna from heaven down the throats of the Oz fb and do folau. Hence 800 tackles alweer.

    Pocock nailed them. I think the Boks need velleman in that squad. Notshe’ stack rate was high but he’s not Whiteley yet. Kolisi was outstanding – counter-Rucked strait through Ozzie pack, Bryce ke tackles , strange by as hell.

    Aphiwe and PSDT brilliant again. Kolbe is an absolute terrier on defense. Gotta be some more attacking centres in SA. Hope DDA available for next week and EOY tour sees Serfontein included. Play Willemse at 12, he’s got a sidestep from hell and physical too.

  3. ” Kolbe is an absolute terrier on defense”

    Yet he missed 56% of his tackles when there wasn’t anyone to back him up with gang-tackles…

  4. ” it’s a JW-level side”

    It’s not near the ‘rush defence’ tweaked off Wales by the legend. They don’t have near the offensive nor defensive kicking game his sides had.

  5. ”counter-Rucked strait through Ozzie”

    Nup they have adopted the Kiwi (and recently) NH tactic of ‘zero ruck’ defensive strategy… not a counter-ruck in sight…

  6. Already better side than JW, and that’s with a greater transfirmation requirement. This dude has beaten the ABs away and beaten England. Erasmus only 7 test marches in – greatvthings to come. If he has the attacking mindset of The Great One, he might even be better.

  7. I mean the pinnacles are:

    1. Clean sweep of NZ series
    2. Beating nz away /winning nz series
    3. Winning 3N
    4. Winning BIL series / winning RWC

    Only coach to have done it all is The Great one (apart from winning RWC but that’s a long way down the list to the purists).

    He woulda won the RWC too if he hadn’t been so loyal to Smit and selected the best hooker on the world Bismarck.

  8. 2 kinds of RWC wins. Those we beat NZ and and those we didn’t. The former is no 2 (maybe no 1 on list, but the latter is no 4 or 5. The achievements of the Great One are unmatched.

    Maybe a positive win record ahaonst every other nation is no 1. But no one since readmission has achieved that – maybe Mallett?

  9. @bryce_in_oz: Kolisi did a few good things, but he also hid at outside centre a LOT. And the counter ruck was from the side – should have been penalty Oz. And the way he threw that clear try away by being too farken selfish to pass to Willie! Did Notshe even play? And I thought Van Staden was our answer to a fetcher?
    I like Kolbe – not at same level as Aplon, but gutsy and can add value.
    I am glad more people realise Stef’s value at flank – just wish Rassie can realise that he should also play at 4 jumper in lineout.

  10. Rassie did well not to send whole bench on “just for the sake of”, but he could have tested Willemse at 15 (Willie was his old swearing and hands in the air self). And will Faf now play every second of every game?

  11. @Bekke:

    Yep Kolisi ‘stole’ more first receiver ball than any of the outside backs took stats-wise… it’s a disgrace when you think what Dyanti or Kolbe could have done with that.

    Are you saying you rate Aplon more than Kolbe at their prime?

    Yep I we hear that Kolisi is this ‘awesome line-out option’ yet he is not used there at his club nor the Boks and PSDT lead the Stormers LO takes all season yet not used there by Erasmus to keep them guessing.


    Sum total of your technical ‘contributions’ right there you menopausal old goat… keep it up fan-boy…

  12. @bryce_in_oz: Yes, at his prime Aplon was the best “buksie”, punching way above his weight. But these lightweight guys can be as good as they want, in international 15s they will always start with the dice loaded against them.

  13. The lineouts were still iffy.

    Only 2 balls went past the front jumper and the 1st was stolen. A very good scoring opportunity lost because of Marx’s slow motion throw.

    Stealing a few from the Aussies is nothing special. Everyone’s been doing that this year.

  14. @Timeo: what the hell is it with Marx and those slow /hesitant throws on 4???? It is not that difficult – is the guy just SUPER dof (as in: close to disability)?

  15. Marx confidence is buggered with the lineout cos he knows Rassie and everyone else is watching and his had some hiccups. Smit was the same. He’s just got to relax and practice, it will come right.

    No ways you going to leave him off the field. Put in some huge tackles and is only fetcher in SA. Might even think of playing him at openside.

  16. Beating Cheika = good
    Beating them with less posession = excellent
    Having another week without vulgar Dawie = PRICELESS!

  17. @cab:

    It’s not a confidence issue. His throwing is a lot better than it was 2 years ago. Not good enough though.
    They probably need to get a basketball coach to teach him to use his wrist.
    Or they need to let someone else take the line-outs. He is a monster in every other aspect of the game.


    I know some highly intelligent people who cannot throw for shit either.

    And some really dof ouks you can.

  18. @Bekke:

    I think Kolbe has a slightly more rounded game with a better boot (albeit it has not been evident in the test arena). I’d start neither in test rugby but would be impact bench players for ‘if’ games were opening up.

  19. A win is a win at the end of the day and I’m happy we won. Second spot in rugby championship secured. Best we’ve done in 4 years.

    That’s the positive. For me the biggest worry is our inability to hold on to the ball. We can’t keep playing like this, but at least our defense is holding up. If we’re to play like this against the All Blacks, we really going to need the guys to put in one massive gees effort again and sharpen up on taking opportunities. Which brings me to another worry.

    We found plenty of space when running with the ball. We found space out wide, as well as in the midfield, we squandered at least 2 clear tries and plenty other half opportunities. Need to be ruthless if we are to stand any chance at all.

  20. On defense we also need a bit more rugby smarts. Dyanti kept coming in, even though the inside man was clearly covered, which nearly caused two tries. Luckily he was fast enough to cover both times. It is a worry though that leaving that space against the AB’s, whom I am sure would’ve taken notice, will lead to tries.

    Hopefully we spend some time this week improving this. I put this down to having a new 13 every week as well. Trust in the inside man is something that gets formed over a period of time. It doesn’t just happen. Injuries have made that difficult though.

  21. @Aldo:

    Aldo I agree with the points you raised.

    I do feel that the missed opportunities will start to be realised once we have a set team playing together more. Every week we have a different team and it shows.

    Following up from that, we seriously need to get our best centre combination and stick with them. This chopping and changing is doing no favours and on Saturday we again looked out of sorts in midfield.

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