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Nabetragting: One word, Rubbish!


If we can some-up the Springbok performance against Australia then there are actually only one word, rubbish.

It is hard not to sound too critical but there are unfortunately no other word to describe what this Springbok team dished up on Saturday.

Do not even think one can rate any player on this test without insulting the way they disrespect the Springbok jersey by their lack laster performance in that second half, not that the first half was any better.

Since the first test in June against England this team seems not to be able to defend out wide. How many times do we still have to sit on a Saturday watching teams scoring try after try stretching us for space out wide?

If that is not enough we have to witness week after week our hookers not able to find the jumpers. It does not matter if it is due to the throwing from the hookers, jumping of the locks or a combination of it, it is unacceptable after 7 test. You cannot win test matches without a solid set pieces and lineouts are one of those set pieces that you need at test rugby.

Fourteen points was given to the Aussies on a plate, first from a rubbish kick by Faf De Klerk which was the old sickness of not being able to exit and the other by a poor lineout on the Boks goal line.

You just cannot give such easy points away in test match rugby and this is not the first time this season which makes it worst.

There was also some strange decision from Erasmus during the test as well. Taking Bongi off in the first half is one of it. I am all for it when a player get taken off if he does not rise to the occasion but then explain to me how you keep Faf De Klerk on the field for 80 minutes leaving Papier to warm the bench if he was one of the worst players on the field for the Springboks in this test?

Same can go for a few other players on the day….

There was a lot of talk about the bench and how they will make such a huge impact….I am still waiting for that impact.

Look Mtawarira has given a lot for Springbok rugby and he has been rewarded with more than a 100 test, but the time is right for the big man to call it a day on his international career.

The team actually got worst when he and Wilco Louw came on. The love affair with Louw also need to come to an end, he is just not good enough at this level.

The same can be said about Flo, there is no reason that he must keep promising players like Van Staaden out of this team anymore.

The two players that sparked the Boks during the English tour, De Klerk and Le Roux are playing the worst rugby we have seen them play in the last two test.

Their decision making and handling was just not good enough again, in-fact De Klerk form has not been great in this tournament.

Defence were not bad on the day and maybe the only positive. Except from the first try the Springboks defence was much better than against Argentina. They had a 97% tackle completion missing only three tackles.

Against a Aussie side that was missing some of their star players and not at good place we should have never lost this test and next week against the All Blacks looks like another dark day in the future of the Springboks.

Have no idea how you can turn two poor performances around against the world champions in one week but here is what Rassie Erasmus had to say after the match.

If you want to live through it again here is the match highlights for those who want to sear some more.







  1. lol – I think something good is brewing here. This coach is a perfectionist , maybe just needs to give everyone a bit of a break. There’s just so much pressure on trying to get things perfect and right, that they will end up getting it wrong. Each game improving.

    We definitely have an issue at 9 and 10 tho. I’d go for some sweeping changes – give papier and Willemse a go and tell them to have a go, rather than control them. Cos at the moment it’s too tense and tight.

  2. @cab:

    You have an issue from 1-23 including the coach and politicians… enjoy it… the Springboks are finished and are deservedly a latter part of the top 10 ranked teams.

  3. Bryce – this supposed quota team lost by 5 points to Oz away from home under a new coach. They actually were leading at halftime with all the players you feel are quotas.

    JW lost 49-zip at this stadium.

  4. @cab:

    Jake White won the Trinations in his very first year with one of the worst teams in Springbok history. This Wallabies B side put these pretenders away. Argentina put these pretenders away. Wales put these pretenders away. All Blacks will put 40 points on these pretenders. These pretenders led by their pretend captain are already 7 tests deep into the season with this coach… a mere three wins. Just call them the Proteas already.because they are not Springboks ranked 7th in the world.

  5. Erasmus has achieved nothing in 7 tests but build a large squad of gobshite players. One of the worst backlines since the Straueli era… to top that off his Kolbe ‘masterstroke’ backfired spectacularly just as his choice of captain has.

  6. And…with the shit that AC did the last two years did you really believe Rassie can wave a magic wand and fix everything?

    Rugby has become a science, we still believe in natural talent, we need basic skills which is lacking from CC through SR to the Springboks.

    This Aussie team did not put us away, we gave the game away through lack of ability to finish and some stupid mistakes.

    Fixing all the crap in our game that came from the past two years is taking time.

    Amaze me how you can blame Rassie on individual mistakes….

    You have to crawl before you can walk before you can run

    And Rassie have not shy away in any game saying he is not making mistakes….the problem is we do not allow him the day to fix our players mindset and abilities we judge like always the scoreboard…

    There are a few players who’s time is up and I would like them to go.

    I am pissed off at the game we were rubbish like I said but I for one still believe in the process that Rassie is implementing with our team.

  7. @Jacques:

    That is ‘his’ side he selected… not the shite backline Straueli had with the likes of Jorrie Muller.

    Winning the Trinations is winning the trinations, particularly after not having beaten the All Blacks in four year… not ifs buts of watookal. Just like winning the ‘team of the year’ and ‘coach of the year’.

    I’ll say it again… this Springbok backline is absolutely useless and one of the worst in the history of the professional era. Not a single one would make a top 3 test side.

  8. Yes it is his team and he will stand Pa for it. We have said it and written about it, our skills and basics is not there….it will not take a few test to get that right….

    I am as pissed off Bryce but I do think that with Rassie we may be o the right track. I also believe he will surprise with the EOY squad which will see some of our overseas players.

    That is just my opinion which I am standing by for now….

  9. @Jacques:

    Hehe… everyone is entitled to your opinion mate…




    Rassie is the one selecting these players that cannot catch, pass, defend, be positionally aware, kick, string together half decent moves from set-pieces.

    This was an experimental, average, Australian side missing the world’s best open-sider, arguably the world’s best full-back and both their first choice behemoth centres amongst others.

    So far all I can see that he has achieved in 7 test matches is a large squad with a handful of class players, a majority of average players and the rest substandard… and all of them with pretty much no clue what the game-plan is, nor ability nor attributes to enforce it at this level.

  10. @bryce_in_oz: Bryce agree Rassie pick them but you not suppose to get skills at Bok level…

    It is beyond me that for years now in all SA competitions we have players with no skills. I am not even talking flair or x-factor just plain freaking basic skills.

    Our obsession to breed gib and strong boys is bitting us in the arsh. We should reward skills at our junior levels and not size and big guys that can run over small schoolboys.

    We need to reward players that show basics skills so that we can develop this to all levels.

    I know I have no idea of coaching and what goes in to it but for fuck sakes why can we not get skills development coaches in our system?

    What happen to coaches like Sherylle Calder who was involved in the 2007 WC?

    Second to the head coach I will pay big bucks to the likes of Calder

  11. @Aldo:

    Marx, WLR, Vermeulen, PSDT, Kitshoff… there is a handful. There are a few more playing locally that are not being selected and there is another handful playing overseas that are eligible and also not being selected.


    Nothing wrong at schoolboy level… everything wrong with the selectors that picks the likes of SA schools side who would be whipped by and of the top 5 school sides.

    Erasmus is picking amateurs that in some cases have had less than a season of Super rugby and have proven nothing at any level and they don’t have this ‘size’ in comparison to their international peers… that’s down to him.

  12. @Jacques: And yet we all fall for the same shit every year! Like that Marx fanclub – the guy just cannot throw beyind 2 in the lineout. I mean, even if you take Faf and let him practice a bit, HE will be able to throw into a lineout. But because Marx do a few turnovers he is suddenly “the best hooker in the world” ffs!!! Maybe it is no coinsidence that slapgat Kolisi does the support at 4 and 7 in the lineout – and maybe Marx is better than what I see – but surely even an average primary school coach will be able to fix that in 2 weeks (4 practice sessions)?

  13. Have played hooker my whole school career…Lineouts is not just hooker, it is a combination between the right call, coordination between hooker and jumper and the jumper himself.

    Then add all these silly movements in the lineouts these days to offset the other team. I am not coming up for Marx or Bongi but a coin has two sides and lineouts more.

    That throw from Bongi that gave a away the try is not Bongi mistakes.

    It was first a kak call under pressure vyf meters out. If you look at the video you will see Genia standing in the gab between the last lineout man and Kolisi. Bongi saw that and he overcooked his throw.

    He should have cancelled the call when he saw Genia in my mind.

    With all of that Kolisi was a klip for not catching that. He could have and should caught that ball. So the blame in that incident goes to the caller of that lineout and Kolisi being a klip

    Marx is one of the best scrumming hookers in the world and Bongi not far of him. He is deadly on the ground and slowing ball down. At international level you need a guy like him and specially a hooker like him.

    He is a Bismarck 2.1

    I also put our poor lineout performance this far down to the fact that every test we have a different pair.

    Continuity has become a huge importance now. Rassie have looked at almost all combinations and players now and need to start settling on his starting 15.

  14. They will sort the lineouts. You can’t leave Marx out – the guy is fantastic. Agree totally with Jacques that it’s a combination of things. Smit went through a stage when he’s lineouts where a total disaster (and they was throwing to the best lineout jumper in the world, matfield).

    Only thing is I still think we need to experiment more with out backline this year. Pity erasmus didn’t take over last year, but it is what it is.

  15. Ja Ja Jacques

    Alles sal regkom

    Rassiephoria will fix the Boks with high quality internationally classy players

    Ramphoria will ensure the economy grows at 7% per annum

    EWC will be safe economical and won’t interfere with the economy or food security

    Proteas will never choke again

    Everything is hunky dory with Worker’s Paradise and the rainbow nation…

    Alles Sal Regkom


  16. But bunny, you have said something I agree with. We need to start settling on a team and stick to it. A lot of the issues, lineouts, knock ons, passes to no one and defensive alignment, will only be sorted out if the same team plays most games. The biggest single problem I have with Rassie is the ring a Rosie’s we currently see. He went into the RC picking player s in his squad, who he knows won’t be available for the whole tournament. We know Vermeulen is a sure starter this weekend, so again a new loose trio, Jantjies to be dropped to bench and Pollard to start, so again far plays with a different 10.

    To be honest, I cannot see any building happening, rather panic knee jerk reactions with zero, absolutely zero, combinations built and settled. Seems like a lucky draw on who plays and who doesn’t, I see zero building of depth, but rather a wildl lottery on who gets to play. Maybe I’m a bit harsh on Rassie, but almost every test you have a new lock combination, new halfback pair and new center combination. Rassie needs to put his balls on the line and say, his is my best team, and we will stick with the core, let them gel. Until he does that, the farce we saw this past weekend with both defensive alignment and horrible lineouts, will go on.

  17. Agree with you mentioned it that he needs to settle his starting team…there will be test to introduce new players.

    You are not too hard on Rassie, he is making mistakes and he need to step up as a coach. The problem he has as I said is what all the previous coaches had before him, our players can not do the basics right all the time, if you can not do the basics right how do you expect them to show x-factor and progress.

    Until we sort out the basics and decision making that comes natural to the players we will keep talking about the same thing every week.

    In the Currie Cup we see allot of tries but we see poor defensive systems and decision making from key players. The same can be said for most of the SR teams most of the time as well.

    If you sit with a Sharks team that look like stars on paper but they can not catch a ball then you know you have problems at SR level that filter to international level as well.

    We are trying to sprint but we can not even walk yet

  18. I am also sick of people who will bend their reality and lie to themselves and everyone around them and their children and pretend they live among lily pads and fairies and peace and love and moonshine and frog choirs and fresh showers of rain and angelic singing and Tinkerbell so they do not have to face up to reality… and live in Cape Town or closed off suburbs like Silver Lakes and Midstream Estate and pretend the world of the EFF and EWC does not exist beyond the Zimbabwean security guarded gates of their little closed of communities and private schools and office parks…

  19. The kind of people who stand around the braai when you tell them how Willemien Potgieter and Kayla Botha and Amaro Viano were murdered who keep a dead stony silence and then start the next sentence with…

    “Ja hey… the Bokke are doing okay this year hey?”

    I am finished with people who call reality “negativity”

  20. @Jacques:

    There was nothing wrong with the call. It is stock standard for the situation.
    Bongi’s throw was way off. From how they lined up PSDT was supposed to catch with Kolosi and the prop clearing at the tackle. It went too far for PSDT and Kolisi reacted too late. The ball was actually too far for him also. Had he made a dive catch there probably would have been a pebalty at the ruck, because it would have been PSDT clearing against 4 Aussies.
    Why were the backs all standing on the deadline? Unless they had some stupid idea of running it out, there should have been at least 2 more players lining up on the goal line.

  21. @Timeo:


    Come to think of it, I would not at all be surprised if there was a plan to run it out.
    That is perfectly in line with the current thinking in SA rugby that values adventurism over primary skills.
    Who needs accurate line out throws or penalty kicks? Who needs outside backs that understands defence or a prop that can stay up.
    Who needs an 8th man that weighs more than a feather?

    For this I blame the Lions.

  22. @Timeo: Rassie agrees the ball was for slapgat Kolisi. And yes, standard tactic on your own line, but with entitled turds always a gamble.

  23. @Timeo:

    Couldn’t agree more with all of that except the Lions quip. They do all of the above well, on top of having a pack that hunts like a unit, clearing out en-masse on their own ball and counter-rucking on opposition so… so effective in fact it is why Ross Cronje actually looks speedy with the quality ball he and Jantjies get. They earn the right to hit the fringes on each side of the paddock and up the middle.

  24. @bryce_in_oz:

    Not to mention on top of their 10, they have a wing and full-back that can hoof the ball a mile when they are encamped in their own 22… unlike the Springboks.

  25. Jacques makes perfect sense.

    It’s called an opinion DavidS, everyone is entitled to one. Wtf you gotta get so personal with one of the most sensible bloggers just cos he disagrees with your backward opinion is beyond me.

  26. Oh yes, and you are talking out your poephol alweer. Wtf has erasmus gotta do with 7% GDP ?

    Stick to rugby numb nuts.

  27. @Bekke: @Bekke:

    If Rassie said that he was bulshitting.

    I looked at the clip a number of times and PSDT is clearly the one stepping in for the ball. Kolisi only started to move after it became clear that the ball was over thrown.

  28. @DavidS:

    What’s with the food security?
    It seems to be a code for “don’t take my plaas”. Farms have no bearing on food security though. You think people in Singapore don’t have food security?

    I agree about Midstream and the security estates. Also the game farms with the electric fences. The people live in a fantasy world of security while the wealth discrepancies in SA is untenable.

  29. What a poor analogy! Of course ‘farms have no bearing on food security’ when you’re talking about a AAA-rated, sovereign-city state that is arguably ‘the’ foremost global hub for trade, finance, innovation, technology, manufacturing, transport, logistics, entertainment, tourism, human capital, education, healthcare just for starters.

  30. @Timeo: let me help you a bit on that, because apparently you either don’t understand economics or you don’t read. South Africa is now officially in recession. The main reason for this, is a 30% drop in agriculture. It is one of our biggest contributers to our economy and one of the biggest employers in our country, with only the mining industry challenging for the same. One of the reasons for this drop in agriculture is given as drought and late rains, which did have a massive influence which will be negated in the next quarter. Another reason for this is because farmers are simply not planting as much, as the risk is huge. An average farmer needs to make a loan of about R6million every year to plant and harvest. A lot chose not to and are putting their farms in the market as they are not sure if their land will be taken and then they are stuck with the debt.

    I don’t know if you got this news in the US, but the banks have already said that should your farm or property be expropriated, you are still responsible for the debt on that. So you have to continue paying a bond on property you do not have anymore. There is no way I would continue paying but I understand their problem, as farmland alone is about R160 million, which would cripple the banks.

    So in short, no farms, no food. Because without a farm, we won’t have money to import food.

  31. Add to that, imagine if the whole world followed Singapore and didn’t have farms. Where would the food come from. The global economy need farms, not just SA.

  32. Add to that land prices that have fallen by about a third since the ANC made its announcement on expropriation without compensation in Dec and you have an economy in strive and major food security concerns coming.

  33. @Aldo: It was only Nedbank saying that (or FNB?) – and the very same bank issued a warning afterwards at the public hearings that indeed farmers cannot be expected to redeem loans with land guarantees, once the land was taken away. So no way will farmers continue to pay. So I advise farmers to up their debt to maximum (and invest funds offshore to get double whammy when Rand tank further).

  34. @Aldo: Yip, stupid to use Singapore as example. You either have decent farming or a very strong and diversified economy – or you are screwed. And we have neither.

  35. As an expert on Singapore ( I saw the film “Crazy Rich Asians” couple weeks back) I agree that the comparison is nonsensical. That said Lee Kuan Yew was a Lion in a land where only tigers tread before. Top Shelf.

  36. @Bekke: It was Nedbank, but even after their saying it would be impossible for farmers to pay after land was expropriated, they still say farmers would still have to pay. Which is speaking with a forked tongue, so I would assume they would continue to hold farmers liable for the debt. There has been numerous articles on the matter.

    Even thebEFF have stated that should your land be expropriated, they would go to the bank and say only the part for the land would be written of, the house you still need to pay. Yes they do not make sense but have enough say to have the ANC government jump when they say.


  37. Aldo,

    The key is the economy. If they do it in a way that does not tank the economy, food security will not be impacted. This is not an impossble path to take. Whether they will take this high road or not, I won’t try to judge.

    I do however believe that some form of land reform has to happpen and that Ramaphosa is SA’s best option for implementing it.

    I am aware of the ressession. I don’t believe it was caused by the land issue or the drought, but rather the result of corruption and mismanagement under Zuma.

    The banker is technically correct. Mortgage contracts typically contain clauses that allow them to go after other income or assets if they suffer a foreclosure loss.
    Most of the time though, there is nothing left to take, because people are left with only essentials that should be sheltered by consumer protection laws and the constitution.
    In case of confiscation the courts will probably force the banks to bear the mortgage losses.

  38. Examples of land reform that won’t tank the economy are:

    The State takes the title to your land and replace it with a transferable “right to occupy” lease. You remain the owner of any improvements and you are free to take out mortgages against the lease and/or the improvements.
    This will have zero impact on the economy.

    The State takes unused or underused mortgage free properties and hands it over to people who will utilize it productively.
    This may have a net positive impact on the economy.

    Investments in general welfare are some of the best investments any society can make.
    For example, if they move a shack dweller into a solid house closer to the city he is likely to be sick less often and to better attend to his occupation. This will have an immediate positive impact on the economy.
    His children will also be sick less and attend school more regularly. This will have a long term positive impact on the economy.

  39. “I am aware of the ressession. I don’t believe it was caused by the land issue or the drought, but rather the result of corruption and mismanagement under Zuma.” nope, go read the actual data. Biggest contributor to us being in a technical recession is a 30%drop in agriculture. Although the slide is probably the fault of massive and widespread corruption.

    ” The key is the economy. If they do it in a way that does not tank the economy, food security will not be impacted. This is not an impossble path to take. Whether they will take this high road or not, I won’t try to judge.

    I do however believe that some form of land reform has to happpen and that Ramaphosa is SA’s best option for implementing it.”

    I’ll use the words of a guy that sits on a land reform panel’s words. There has always been a way to expropriated land and it could’ve been done successfully. Two years ago they earmarked 15 farms for expropriation where there was a willing seller. It took 18 months for evaluations to take place. The evaluations were so rediculous that the panel had to send it back. It was less than half the value of the farm. The sellers know they won’t get market value, but come on, you don’t take someone’s lively hood away and then not even give him enough to cover debts the farm carries. So I’m not to sure I trust anyone in government to run expropriation.

  40. @Timeo: “The State takes the title to your land and replace it with a transferable “right to occupy” lease. You remain the owner of any improvements and you are free to take out mortgages against the lease and/or the improvements.”

    That is not the plan and has never been mentioned as a plan. The plan is to take land and give it to poor communities. Whether they wish to farm or not. This will have a direct influence on the economy and kill agriculture. Same guy on that panel has said that most of the people that are given the option between land or money, say they would rather take the money, as they have already made lives in the city. So that option is out.

    There is an option that has shown great results. Nick Serfontien, who founded the farm sernick, has gone out of his way to helped 75 black farmers get NQF3 level training in farming for free on his farm. No doubt he scores as well, but that is not the point. In May 2016 he got a loan of R25 million to help start up farmers, he used his farm as security. Those startup farmers now have farms of their own with equipment supplied by him for free. In 2017 that loan was paid back in full and the process repeated with R50 mill now being loaned. Same thing happened.

    This was all done without government help. Government on the other hand has given out expropriated land to cronies and people with zero farming skills and as such 90% of these farms are now left in tatters. The government plan is not working. Should government want successful land reform, they can take hands with a guy like Nick and give up the land that government owns that is left derelict. Upskill these farmers using Nicks model and make them successful farmers. This is not the case though. At the moment it is one populist agenda followed by another with zero mention of a plan and zero communication.

    The EFF has today again urged its members to illegally occupy any land they want, as they have done. A black farmer outside of Pretoria was helped by Afriforum the last two weeks, after his land was illegally occupied by EFF members refusing to leave. Reporters were threatened with murder and rape, police refused to assist. Afriforum had to take the case to court which cost them over R500000, which a normal farmer does not have. Only yesterday were these illegal occupants removed. The cost to the economy in that case alone has been tremendous, as the farmer wasn’t able to farm, his year probably now gone. There are many more cases like these at a huge cost to our economy. Government has not once acted against these occupants. Everytime these occupants have claimed the land was sold to them by the EFF at between R150 and R350 per plot on that land.

    Yes I trust our government to rule this country. What a laugh

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