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New Springbok coach approved


SARU-logoGold“April Fools Day” will get a total new meaning when the AGM will approve the selection that will be presented to them on the 1 April in Cape Town.

SA Rugby confirmed on Friday that they hoped to announce the identity of the new Springbok coach following the Annual General Meeting at the start of next month.

Oregan Hoskins, president of SA Rugby, confirmed that a preferred candidate had been identified and that the recommendation would now be considered by the General Council.

“The High Performance committee examined a list of potential coaches and identified their preferred candidate against a set of pre-determined criteria,” said Mr Hoskins.

“In broad terms we were looking for someone with a proven track record at an elite level; someone who would embrace the objectives of our Strategic Transformation Plan and someone who would understand the public demands of the job and what that entails.

“The Executive Council accepted the High Performance committee’s recommendation some time ago and the preferred candidate’s name will now be set before the General Council.”

Mr Hoskins said that the preferred candidate would not be in attendance of the Council meeting as his appointment would be dependent on their decision.

The AGM takes place on 1 April at the Southern Sun Hotel in Newlands, Cape Town. The meeting starts at 11am.


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  1. There going to be no surprises here.

    Only 2 candidates Coetzee and Erasmus if they’ve thrown enough money at Erasmus which they will do. Erasmus is best of a very ordinary bunch, but I wonder if we get same old conservative dross with tried and tested ou Perde being selected alweer.

  2. @cab: Ou Perde?

    I have no problem with new coach cleaning up but this talk of Whiteley being suddenly better than Thor is just plain stupid.

    You do not justify a captain first and give him the place of the best player in the Boks for the past two years.

    Whiteley is playing great but he is no Vermeulen.

    Only thing one need is a coach that pick players on form.

  3. Whitely not for me. Good player but not in vermeulens class. Vermeulen still there but as get to 30, he one of the few OU Perde who must remain, with Beast and maybe Bismarck who’ve always been monsters. Also Alberts in the squad if he fit. The rest, clean house, ekse.

  4. @Jacques (Bunny):
    What will be the policy with regards to overseas players from this year?

    I heard a rumour SARU was not very happy with Heyneke’s selection of so many overseas guys?

  5. Whoever the next SA coach is….
    I HOPE he installs Ruan Cornbrick @ wing for the rugby championship.
    RC’s nous & nose for the tryline is absolutely uncanny.
    The thought of him & Messerschmitt-Willie LeRoux in the same backline gives AB coach Steve “Puffy” Hansen hee-bee-gee-bees!

  6. @Americano: I wonder what Puffy Hansen is actually doing since their last games in 2015? Do you think he has an extended vacation – or just visiting all the NZ teams and learning on the ground? Or maybe studying the opposition – but I guess that is no big deal for ABs?

  7. Hello Bekke.
    I’m not Puff’s keeper (I don’t think he could afford me frankly).
    So the following is pure conjecture on my part.
    I think Puff is on cruise control. He looks at the horror show that is SA rugby currently ( like no head coach lol) & figures NZ can merely show up & handle SA in the TRC.
    I also fear this lax approach is having him surrender to snack attacks where he indulges in fatty foods & many beers far to often. Let’s pray this is not the case or Puffy is going to get a new nickname….
    ” Puffier ” & that would be a shame.

  8. @Americano: I think being the coach of the ABs must be quite boring? I mean, what more can they do / do they want to accomplish? Maybe they should plan to play some games in the TRC with only 13 men – just to challenge them a bit? Or maybe start their own quota structure where at least 30% of their team should be under 15? I feat that Puffy may skip Puffier and just go straight to Puffiest.

  9. Bekke,
    I care about AB coach Steve ” Puffy ” Hansen. He is obviously a good coach. Should he surrender to the temptation of sugary snacks & salty lagers we’ll be able to tell by his bloated appearance in the coaching box come the first TRC match.
    I will place partial blame on SARU for any ill-health effects Puff may display because you can’t blame the guy for living a holiday lifestyle when he knows there is such disarray in NZ’s most formidable opponent. I am starting to think rugby isn’t such a big deal in SA anymore going so long without a freaking coach is nuts. Can you imagine the vatican going months without a pope? No way!
    Maybe this is a sign that apocalypse is near & we are in the last days?

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