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O’Neal, O’Brian proposals replace dumped ELV’s


A new set of proposals from Kiwi arch enemy of rugby and his marketing wise Aussie friend will throw rugby into more disarray.
(Is Paddy NoBrain a secret agent of FIFA trying to kill rugby? DavidS) 

Far from accepting defeat with the dumping of the stupid maul collapse laws and the silly numbers in the lineout rules, Aussie rugby marketing guru and CEO John O’Neal and his disciple Robbie Deans have forged an allegiance with the erratic Paddy O’Brian and his wacky ideas for rugby’s future.

Reports Aussie union site Rugbyheaven that far from being disappointed that the more loony ELV’s are lost, the troika has presented a new points scoring system to the IRB meeting in Ireland on the ELV’s. 


In accordance with the new system the dropped goal will be done away with totally.


This is totally in line with the thinking of the Kiwis, who hate the dropped goal as much as the Australians do.


The new rules will see the set place kick as the only kick now allowed at posts.


However, in order to compensate for the loss of this a new “field goal? system similar to Aussie rules will be introduced. In accordance with this proposal, the IRB intends to have a net placed behind the poles and underneath the cross bar.


Kicking the ball into the net will earn a player a “goal? of four points.


O’Neal says “The system is similar to what is used in Aussie Rules. We’ve found that it is precisely this exciting scoring system that permits AFL to be so exciting, more so than union footy. This rule will revolutionise the game.?


Robbie Deans, Australian coach, was quoted as saying: “I think a change like this is for the good of the game. We need to globalise it, and this soccer style goal will make the game more accessible to people.?


In another related move, Paddy O’Brian has revealed that discussions with Gilbert have resulted in a more “aerodynamic? design for a rugby ball. Says O’Brian:


“We’ve narrowed the dimensions a bit. This will make the ball more marble like and easier to predict. It will fit in nicely with the proposals we intend with the ARU. The new ball will be trialled in the Sydney league this year. Hopefully we can use it with the new ELV’s by 2011.?


When approached for comment Pieter de Villiers told RW’s Morneno:


“It’s two o’ clock in the morning on 1 April man…   F—off and leave me alone!?


RW will keep its nose to the ground and ears pealed for more news on this.

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  1. Pablo was probably contacted while he was busy frisking a bergie in his Avis in the Checkers parking-lot at Parow.

  2. Apparently there hangs a cloud
    over the credibility of the
    decisions taken at the IRB
    Law Conference.

    Of the 65 invited, only two were
    players – and they only went to
    say how much the players despise
    the Elvis Laws.

    According to Piet Heymans he knows
    of no player that is happy with

  3. Reply to Boertjie @ 9:39 am:

    Well if the players are willing to go back to the amateur era with no pay, then the IRB won’t have to worry about the future of the sport.

    The ELV’s was just introduced too late. Damage was already done.

  4. Just the fact that it was posted by the ERT should one have had a lOOk at the date!

    gOOde one though!

    “Of the 65 invited, only two were
    players – and they only went to
    say how much the players despise
    the Elvis Laws.”

    hehehe and in the MEANtime- baKKies is stiLL stePPing on everybody’s “blue suede shoes”


    Torpedo terug op 15
    Oorlede Human op 14
    Bobo op 13
    Grant op 10.

    Tiaan Liebenberg, JD Moller,
    Hilton Lobberts, Francois Louw,
    Dewaldt Duvenage, Willem De Waal,
    Dylan Des Fountain.

  6. I think that we should keep drop goals in the game. They should be worth a one point deduction.


    This is even funnier when you realize it’s real! Next time you have a bad day at work think of this guy.

    Bob is a commercial saturation diver for Global Divers in Louisiana .

    He performs underwater repairs on offshore drilling rigs.

    Below is an E-mail he sent to his sister. She then sent it to radio station 103.5 on FM dial in Indiana, who was sponsoring a worst job experience contest.

    Needless to say, she won. Read his letter below.

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    This floods my whole suit with warm water. It’s like working in a Jacuzzi. Everything was going well until all of a sudden, my butt started to itch. So, of course, I scratched it.
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  8. Reply to Bekke @ 9:21 am:

    That was the 3rd force mate (re; Watson trying to bribe Snor)… didn’t work and that poor young Keo journo who leaked the story (a Watson family friend) got assassinated in the process… oh yes it was an ‘accident’…

  9. One for Bryce and Deon:

    Englishman visiting OZ.

    Immigration control: “Do
    you have any convictions?”

    He replied: “I did not know
    they were still required.”

  10. Reply to bryce_in_oz @ 3:25 pm:

    Latest on the “baboon” statement
    (and let’s call it a rumour at
    this stage):

    Cheeky asked Pablo if they can issue
    a joint press release on the topic.
    Pablo said no.

  11. Nice Dave. Good to see some humor on a rugby blog.

    Church, RPrincess hi. This place is veeeerry slow. And hard to navigate.

  12. Reply to SodaJoe @ 4:32 pm:

    I don’t think there is a SA rugby heaven?

    The NZ one uses a stuff.co.nz site blog

    The Aus one uses the Sydney Morning Herald blog

    Both a bit lame

  13. Okes

    This is a small site and we put up stories but often times there is nobody here.

    Imagine Keo as the big school where all the kids go and ours as the the small gang tree house

    Where you can talk kak and sometimes spend time alone but you’re always welcome.


  14. Keo is a full on professional with a team of professional journos

    We’re fans who do dy jobs..

    So we’re more real


    We do have certain access to INSIDERS

  15. Reply to SodaJoe @ 6:39 pm:

    Yes, the site is often s-l-o-w
    and we plan moving to a new server.

    But what do you mean under
    navigation that is challenging?

    First complaint of this nature.

  16. Boereseun. It is helpful to know who is on the site – this community then develops. It is also helpful to know who actually posted rather than just the thread.

    A lot of us are from Keo where the site work very, very well.

    Just some ideas.

  17. Reply to SodaJoe @ 6:49 pm:

    No this is good

    We’re moving from an SA based server to another one, but we’re looking at a few options.

    These ideas are very helpful to tell u what to look for to make it easier to use the site.

  18. I would also tighten up the space between lines a bit so you can get more posts per page, which again enlivens the sense of conversation.

    Put last posts below last post so better continuity.

    Ag wtfdik.

    Would be nice to have some mates to talk rugger actually.

  19. Reply to Boertjie @ 7:11 pm: So who writes – I heard PissAnt did. He’s good. Good oke too.

    By the way final suggestion (today) make it easier to go to home or threads – no one really gives too much of a fk about teh archives (having them is fine but they take up a moerse lot of space which can be used more productively).

  20. Reply to SodaJoe @ 7:21 pm:

    As Dawie said: We have full time jobs.
    Morne (PissAnt) when he is not
    braai-ing. Currently on holiday.
    Deon (in Oz now)
    Dawie used to, now tied up at work.

    But, as you see, we mostly grab and paste
    from here and there – no paid fulltime
    staff as with Voldy, as Dawie explained.

    We wellcome all contributions and
    will make them into threads.

    Agree re Archives.
    Quite like the layout, typeface
    and general readability though.

    Spacing paragraphs makes for easier
    reading, also in posts, whichever
    site it is.

    I have no problem hitting HOME below
    the last comment, but it could be made
    more prominent.
    You also reach HOME if you click on
    MAIN at the top.

    “Put last posts below last post so better continuity.”
    All posts under threads are chronological.

    Re rugby matters: Check the latest

  21. Quite a small sample on 365,
    but here goes:

    Which ELV would you most like to get rid off?

    Five-metre offside line at the scrum
    Corner posts no longer touch in goal
    Pulling down the maul
    Penalties versus free kicks

    Total: 256 votes

  22. Well this is what I think will happen this weekend, getting in early. Need to catch up on SuperBru big time:

    Bulls +4
    Force +4
    Chiefs +15
    ‘Tahs +8
    Grungies +7
    Sharks +7

  23. Reply to Boertjie @ 7:50 pm: Another way of looking at it, is what should we keep?

    I would keep Quick Line-Out
    No pass back 22

    The skop & charge is beyond boring now, but perhaps less boring than the interminable rolling maul.

  24. In my opinion after RWC 2007 the game needed a little freshening up, and accelleration around the field, not to mention more playing time & phases. i think we achieved some of this, but the short arm created other issues. I hope that we retain some of the more attacking centric ELV laws. As above.

    I also think that there would be no harm in looking at the point system again.

    Try 7
    Conversion 2
    Droppie 3
    Penalty 2

    Just a thought.

  25. Reply to SodaJoe @ 7:52 pm:

    I’ll be posting another piece on
    the Elvis laws a bit later.

    Agree with you re the 3 you mention.

    BUT if they really want to open up the
    game, they should follow the law
    Doc Craven introduced in Koshuis-rugby
    in the mid-60’s:

    If you kick a ball and don’t touch it
    first yourself, opposition gets a
    scrum from where you kicked.
    This was aimed at stopping the Gary
    Owens, with no protection offered
    for the receiver at the time.

  26. Moving your post on the ELV’s
    to a full-blown thread – hope
    you don’t mind.

    Come on, Boet – just read it again!

    After Team A has kicked a ball,
    a player from Team A must touch
    or play it before a player from
    Team B does – otherwise scrum
    to B’s advantage.


  27. Reply to Boertjie @ 8:09 pm: Boet I scaled that thread for News24! I am no PissAnt aka Morne the Ninja Devil Lock.

    But be my guest. In this treehouse it’s all good.

    Good article on Stats for centres actually that you might want to look at and “interpret”.

  28. Reply to SodaJoe @ 8:20 pm:

    Nee, Cab het uiteindelik ‘n
    oulike meisie opgetel wat ook
    beter Frans praat as hyself.

    Voor dit het hy elke week ‘n ander
    skaap beetgehad. Of dis wat hy hulle
    genoem het.

  29. Reply to Boertjie @ 8:18 pm:

    ja nee, mens moet die hardyards doen, nie reg vir daai soort vrou, sy is te nice en ordentlik, sy hou van die art en museums en kak, ek is mos n ware vulgarian.

  30. Reply to SodaJoe @ 8:21 pm:
    yes i dont but made an exception for you.
    but i quite like it when the other okes use them.

    yeah the stats one? ok see you then, Boer laat ons trek (na die eerste thread).

  31. Reply to cab @ 8:22 pm: Vulgarian.

    This site is way better than Keo.

    I have Ninja Rugby and now I have Dr Spock the Vulgarian. Star Trek. Awesome.

    Is hardyards Afrikaans waneer jy spel dit in een woord?

  32. Having home on the bottom is very cool.

    I will use it now.


    Jis SodaJoe

    For a Lions fan to say that is just sooooooo masochistic it’s scary what we’ve become used to

  33. Hos julle moffies

    Hoe loop dinge ? Hier by ons is dit besig om somer te raak – is nog koelerigmaar nie te bad nie – ek was gister aand by rugby oefening maar toe ek daar kom was dit afgestel maar niemand is laat weet nie. Kom toe terug huis toe en gooi ‘n stuk bees, skaap en vark op die kole. Lekker.

    Het ook ‘n braai gehad laasweek Saterdag. Het ‘n paar souties en ‘n new Zealander hier gehad – hulle dog ek ismal toe ek 2 heel hoenders op die weber sit – hulle het nog nooit daai kak gesien nie – Hulle het ook nog nooit braaibroodtjies gehad nie – vinnige tip- as jy weer braaibroodtjies maak – plek daarvan om gesnyde uieop te sit – rasper die ui fyn of sit in food chopper en smeer op die brood – foooking lekker.


  34. hehehe classic … that retort from Snor … would have been priceless

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