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Opinion – Willie Le Roux – Analyze this !

Michael Leitch (capt) of Japan and Willie Le Roux of South Africa during the Japan and South Africa Springbok Quarter-Final at the Tokyo Stadium,376-3 Nishimachi, Chofu, Tokyo 182-0032 Sunday, 20 October 2019. (Mandatory Byline -Steve Haag Sports Hollywoodbets)

In our desperation as a rugby-mad country, we tend to push our teams to play a type of rugby we think will win a competition like the World Cup.

This send us every time down the same road in comparing us to the likes of New Zealand and another teams on form.

We then want to mess around with selections due to what the mainstream feelings are about certain players.

Willie Le Roux has been the centre of attention this week and we thought to dig a bit deeper to see exactly what his role is in the team setup and if it will be wise to make a change at fullback before a semi-final.

Side note before we start showing you a few clips….

Coaches need to have an attacking plan and need to consider how you to control time and space, and the identify in their team setup who will take that responsibility to identifying space in which to attack from.

These player(s) need to be able to communicate, organise and create depth on attack. Critically they also need to be able to scan defensive structures to identify opportunities and be the player to create that space for the try scorers.

So in the case of Willie Le Roux let us look at the following:

  1. Controlling time and space on attack and defence
  2. Communicate with players on attack
  3. Organising the players on attack
  4. Create depth on attack
  5. And lastly, try assist, something Willie le Roux does 90% of the time

Clip 1


Clip 2


Clip 3


Clip 4


Clip 5


Clip 6

Clip 7

Clip 8


Clip 9


So will I leave Willie Le Roux out of the Springbok side?

Hell NO!

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  1. I get the attack – that is if he can catch the bloody ball! Against Japan – he caught the ball and we scored a try – we pissed away 2 tries thanks to him dropping the damn thing!

    Here my 2 cents on Willie:
    How should Wales go about winning this one? If i were coach…
    Set-piece (Scrum & Line-out) I call it even.
    Set-piece Kick-off – I will give the Welsh the slightest advantage.
    D – both the best in the business
    Attack – evens
    So where is the diff in the teams?
    SA weakness so far is Willie not being great under the high ball, Dan Biggar one of the best. IMO.
    Option 1: DB will chip over the D and put Willie under pressure with the chase himself.
    Option 2 the Garryowen on Willie with Amos putting him under pressure. SA could lose the battle here.
    So what to do as SA coach? Drop Willie or hope he comes right on the day?

    If i were coach: Move Kolbe to FB and bring in Sbu on the wing. Damien W and Steyn on the bench with Hershell. 6/2 split on the bench too risky IMO.

  2. @Oupa Joe: I disagree in total, Willie is the attacking centre piece with the Springboks at the moment. Take that out in semi’s and we have no structure attack, no organiser in attack.

    Willie has made as much mistakes on high ball as any other in backline. I will not leave Willie out now.

    On your opinion that forwards are even, no bloody way…. Springboks have the best pack in all aspects and the only thing that may change in forward play is that Wales have a good lineout and will most properly not give away lineouts that much as we have seen so far against the Boks.

    Scrums, we going to kill them at scrums, will start even but they will not be able to hang on to this Boks pack.

    Defence Wales have been good but not in this World Cup. They let 88 points through and Springboks only 33. That is a huge difference.

    Problem for Boks right through the last 18 months was not been able to finish opportunities that is our downfall and if that continue against a good Wales side this weekend we will not go to final.

  3. @Jacques Nortier:

    as I said – if SA have a weakness, it is Willie and the high ball. Dan Biggar and Amos is going to target him. Is that is a big enough weakness that we will lose?

    When have we last dominated Wales in a scrum? Everytime we played Wales in the last few years we could not do much under the pressure they put on us. They nullified our go forward ball, nullified any attack (we have lost the last 4 tests against them)!

    Now Rassie is a clever bliksim and he will know all that and more than us put together so I think he has an answer to all the open Q’s i/we may have. Does that change the fact that Wales will target Willie? Hell NO!

  4. @Oupa Joe: I disagree, we have a great defensive covering at the back, I feel we will be ok with the high ball and we know they will try that game. Just remember that the last three years we played Wales out of international window and with a second string side before the English tour.

    I do give Wales as much chance to win as the Springboks but as afraid of them as I was against Japan. Wales play our game and it will be a clash but do feel we have too much for them right now.

    They also have some player not 100%, including Bigger who had a shit test last week same as Gareth Davies who has not shown his class yet as well.

    I am confident

  5. @Jacques Nortier: Wales are masters at scrumming illegally – not just scrumming in and collapsing, but going sideways in an incredible organized manner. They know they are weaker and as Oupa Joe said: they will try an nullify that (even faking 2 HIAs to get uncontested scrums ala Italy). And I agree on the high ball on Willie.
    I feel extremely stressed for Sunday – we have the power and skill to kill them, but are we clever enough?

  6. @Jacques Nortier: and thanks for those clips – just show you the calmness of Willie off the ball, organizing play. You will not spot this during live broadcastS, as cameras tend to follow the ball.

  7. Catching the ball should go without saying.

    I definitely wouldn’t rely on WLR to tackle anyone as the last line of defense, nor to cleanly take an up & under with ppl bearing down on him. Kolbe fills me with infinitely more bravery and confidence.

    He’s always been a playmaker, but if his skills are letting him and the boks down in those clinical moments – what is he good for? You got a match-winner in Frans Steyn on the bench who you know is going to perform in those key moments.

    Le roux just looks out of touch to me. He’s screwed up several tries , and it’s the tight games like ABs and Japan where this is most relevant. I hope he’s going to be up for Wales cos that’s going to be a cauldron and the last thing we need is for our fb to go mia when Biggar drops those bombs on him.

  8. But when getting stuck in and joining the line – there are few better playmakers – problem is SA doesn’t play that way. We kick all our ball away and rely on defense. If that’s your plan, best get a defensive fullback in there.

    Bottomline, if boks dont play rugby and if players like le roux don’t start hitting their attacking straps – I think bokke are going home Saturday. We’ll get pipped at the post if boks play defensive game. But that’s just my view. This Welsh side can match our defensive game and our pack.

  9. Willie can’t catch a high ball can’t pass accurately, can’t tackle and as of late cannot catch a simple backline pass either.

    Mapimpi and Nkosi has no aerial game.

    Faf can’t box kick and Marx can’t throw in at the lineout.

    Yet these are the best available players in their respective rolea.

  10. If Japan’s kick passes were a bit more accurate the Boks would have been in a world of trouble on Sunday.

    Expect Wales and if the Boks make it past them, the ABs to score some tries off these.

  11. If you owe the bank $100 that’s your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank’s problem.
    J. Paul Getty

    SA thru hapless talent or lousy strategy/coaching became completely reliant for their backline offense with the Sunking. This has been going on for YEARS.
    Zero offensive fluidity without the Messerschmitt. They simply HAVE to have him in or they are donezo.