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Oz rugby in need of oomph!


Aussie rugby needs to be revitalised as the current top down growth strategy through Super Rugby has failed.

Rickety Knees, The Roar

The perception is that the Australian Conference of Super Rugby is inferior when compared to the New Zealand and South Africa.

For example, the Western Force are on the verge of imploding and in need of assistance.

Somehow the Wallabies playing for the Waratahs cannot win for them but can for Australia, while in the process half of their supporter base have been driven away, continuing to live in a vacuum of denial.

The Waratah problem is of concern as it directly impacts on the largest source of juniors in our market. The jury is still out on Melbourne. Only the Reds and the Brumbies provide any real rugby credibility.

Declining referee standards

Australia only has one referee on the IRB international panel and he is Steve Walsh – an ex-New Zealander. The panel for the 2012 junior world championships had no Australian referees on it. The only Australian Super Rugby referee is the same ex-New Zealander.

Poor coaching standards

Only the Brumbies and the Reds have creditable coaches. The Australian under-20 side has just had the worst tournament in its history; they have had the same coach for the last four tournaments.

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With no free-to-air coverage, rugby is seen only by those that can afford to pay. This is at direct odds with the rugby ethos as being a game for all.

There is a requirement to consider an under-23 competition to dovetail into the Australian Conference games with a focus on providing young players, young referees and less experienced coaches an opportunity to further develop their skills.

In the process there will be more product for TV and a better chance of entering the free-to-air market.

Finally, it is important that the successful applicant comes to the position professionally unencumbered (i.e. no involvement with any other business or boards whilst in this position).

Anyone up to it?

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  1. “current top down growth strategy through Super Rugby has failed.”

    No shit Sherlock

    “Declining referee standards”

    Especially at certain clubs

    “Poor coaching standards ”

    Not at our club

    “This is at direct odds with the rugby ethos as being a game for all.”

    For all who can pay definately.

  2. The breakdown starts with the parents. They bring the kid to the club then expect him to get game time although the kid has no interest in training. Yet those kids who work their arses off every training session and give 200% during the games must make way in order for everyone to get a “fair go”

    Fair go my arse. You give your best or you sit on the sideline. Busy putting the system together. If you can’t show a certain level of fitness by the start of next season, you will only play half a game. Want more, DO MORE!!!!

  3. Who cares I don’t they went ahead to put their 5 team in supershit thinking they will survive or that is what they wanted everyone to believe but it was all about the money

    What do I feel about Aus rugby? :finger:

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