Pierre Schoeman has been cited for allegedly biting an opponent during the Bulls’ 28-10 win against the Rebels at Loftus.

Schoeman’s case will be considered by the Sanzaar foul play review disciplinary committee on Monday after being cited under law 9.12 (A), which states ‘a player must not physically or verbally abuse anyone. Physical abuse includes, but is not limited to biting’.

The incident in question occurred in 58th minute of the match at Loftus, but Schoeman escaped sanction at the time due to limited video footage.

However, upon further investigation of the incident, the citing commissioner deemed in his opinion that Schoeman’s transgression met the red-card threshold for foul play.

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  1. Is it not a case of the Rebels tried to suffocate Schoeman? Or food poisoning at the very least?

    I hope it’s not true, stupid way to ruin what has been a bit of a breakout year for Schoeman.

  2. @Aldo:

    Definitely the guy has been a machine… along with with the veteran/youthful combo of Van Rooyen/Smith at the Lions at LH.

  3. @Bekke: It was the play where the rebels players still hung onto him, even though play has moved on by 40m, so probably thought it’s a good time to grab a snack, or the tellytubbie that hung onto him, was trying to suffocate him with his stomach

  4. Poetic INJUSTICE that it didn’t occur while wearing ZeeBulls goofy Brazil Soccer replica away jerseys.

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