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Plumtree gone after Super Rugby


The Sharks confirmed through a media statement that Brendan Venter will start in his new role as DOR in August also assuming the role as coach for their Currie Cup campaign in 2013.

Members of The Sharks Board of Directors held a media conference today at Growthpoint KINGS PARK to officially welcome John Smit to his imminent role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well as to discuss the future of The Sharks.

John Smit, who officially takes over as CEO of The Sharks on the 1st July 2013, fielded questions from the media and when being asked about his new role, stated, “This is a very exciting job, Durban has been my home for a long time and The Sharks are the only provincial team I’ve played for in South Africa, so they are close to my heart. So if there is some way I can contribute positively, this job certainly is a platform for that.”

It was also announced that the contract of The Sharks current coach, John Plumtree, which ends in 2013, will not be renewed.

Brendan Venter, the current director of rugby at Saracens has been appointed as The Sharks Director of Rugby, effective 1st August 2013.

John Plumtree will remain as the head coach of The Sharks until the end of the Vodacom Super Rugby tournament. Brenden Venter will coach the team starting from the Absa Currie Cup campaign.

Smit added, “We can only be thankful for what John has done for The Sharks over the years, he’s given a lot, had 10 campaigns behind his name, it was purely a decision to freshen up and create some change for the players too. It was a difficult decision, but one based on creating something fresh and new.”

He concluded by saying, “In terms of The Sharks future, what we will be doing is assessing where we are, whether we are par with the other teams, behind them or ahead of them, and then we’ll spend some time putting a strategy together so that we’re never on par or behind but always in front, and how we can sustain that year after year. That won’t just take one person – the CEO – but everyone that’s involved with and employed by The Sharks. Hopefully that will get us good results and a great future.”

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  1. Not a huge fan of Plum, but this just shows the nature of coaching proffesional sport.

    Both Sharks and Stormers have had poor seasons this far, last year the Sharks reached the final of Superugby and Currie Cup, this year Plum is out of the door.
    Stormers reached semi-finals of Superugby and final of Currie Cup, yet there are apparently no thoughts of kicking Coetzee out the door?

    Would actually like to see Dobson have a go with the Stormers team.

  2. Plumtree was prince of the ball this time last year ( well playoffs anyway).
    Look to Cheetah defector Riaan Viljoen to be a worldbeater @ Sharks now.
    Same with “The Shifty Gypsy” Paul Jordaan when he gets his wheel healed.

  3. I for one is glad he is going, never liked hinm or his way of he used the players in his teams.

    Hopefully this will bring all the talent the sharks have to the front and they can be a strong team again on the field and not just on paper.

    A strong Sharks team will filter through to our Noks as well and at the end that is what we want.

    Good Bye John hope you go back to NZ and leave our RSA teams alone. :Ollie:

  4. I think you guys are a bit harsh on Plumtree, During his time the sharks have played a good blend of Forward and back rugby, this season his team (as the Stormers) have been decimated by injuries, and those supposed stars played poor rugby.

    The stupid decisions made by Keegan Daniel in Australasia cost the sharks two wins, as did Jean de Villiers decisions in Australasia.

    There are a lot of similarities between the sharks and the stormers this year, injuries, poor captaincy etc.

    The difference is the Sharks play a much better an more balanced game plan than the stormers.

    Also look at the poor form of players this year for the Sharks, you can’t blame a coach if a player has lost form, hence he dropped players like Frans Steyn who has been very disappointing indeed.

    I ate Plumtree highly, much better than a number of SA coaches.

  5. Reply to biltongbek @ 10:41 am:

    The problem is that the Sharks have had the most talent of all the SA teams during his tenure and yet they only manage to squeak into the play-offs a few times.
    Last year’s run to the final was a lost cause and a curse for the Sharks. A more astute coach would have find a way to lose in Brisbane and call it a season.

  6. Reply to Timeo @ 2:08 pm: I am with you on the first part, he had the best pool of players for the past few season and he just messed it up.

    For me he mess players around as well, Bambie comes to mind when he pick Fredie in front of him.

    He messed up more players careers than helping them.

    Good bye and good reddens

  7. Bambie got injured, that is when Michalack played ten, ny the time Bambie came back from injury the halfback combination was settled and for the sake of continuity he kept Michalack at ten.

    When Frans Steyn returned where was he supposed to play?

    You had Michalack at ten ad
    Nd Bambie at 15, then Steyn weren’t allowed to play the play offs, when this year came around Steyn was tired, our of form and not motivated.

  8. Not just this season

    Andries Strauss
    Rory Kockott
    Keegan Daniel
    Ryan Kankowski
    JP Pietersen
    The locks
    ZThe front row

    the problem is he could never stop tinkering with the team’s balance and makeup…

  9. Andries Strauss – Never that good

    Rory Kockott – agree, but he had an attitude from what I recall

    Keegan Daniel – What did Palmtree do to him?

    Ryan Kankowski – Ditto?

    JP Pietersen – Ditto?

    Ndungane – Ditto?

    The locks – Huh?

    The front row – it has been settled for a number of years, are you talking about this year which was plagued with injuries?

  10. Ja-ja,
    Thanks John,
    miss you already.

    Hope Venter kan get some silver together,
    Plumbdumb used up all the excuses .

    Good to see JS back at the helmsmile

  11. Reply to biltongbek @ 9:32 am:

    Combo’s mate combo’s and that with boorish 10 man rugby which fucked Kockott’s game then he dropped him for Charl and the same boorish game-plan fucked his game and he was dropped and next up we have?

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