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Poor Springboks lost plot in Argentina


Argentina showed some great attitude and class beating the Springboks on Saturday 32-19.

It was a comprehensive victory as they unsettled the Springboks in the set pieces. They were great on defence although it seems the referee did not pick up offside from the Argentinians.

The Springboks started the game well enough with ball in hand showing that they wanted to let the ball do the work.

Argentina put the first points on the board with a penalty but the Springboks hit back immediately with a try from Kolisi.

Argentina answered with a brilliant try from Delguy after pushing the Springboks to creat space out wide with great passing.

Argentina seemed to lift their game at this stage and Delguy went over for his second try creating number out wide.

Big moment in the game was when Eben Etzebeth got a yellow card for a professional foal in the red zone.

Argentina took full advantage of the yellow card with Sanchez that found the space out wide to score another try.

This gave Argentina a 22-7 lead and totally in control.

Sanchez was not finished as he slotted over a drop goal before the break to take the lead to 27-7 with allot to do for the Springboks.

The second half did not start well for the Springboks as Moyona runs down the line to score for the home side. The Argentinians put themselves in a great position from here on end.

The Springboks hit back with a try they had to work hard for to get Mapoe over the line in the corner.

The Springboks had most of the ball for the rest of the game but could not finish the opportunities that came their way.

Poor decision making did not help from key players like De Klerk, Pollard and Le Roux.

In the 65th minute Mapoe got over for his second try in the corner to give the Springboks a slight hope to still come back.

This did not happen with losing lineouts at will and again not taking the opportunities that came there way.

Angus Gardner gave allot of lea-way to Argentina in the red zone with plenty of penalties coming in that second half but at the end the Springboks was just not good enough.

One can always say the referee this and the referee that but the referee does not drop balls, make poor decisions and are not up in defence.

Under Rassie this was the worst performance from the Boks so far.




Tries – Nicolas Sanchez(27′) Bautista Delguy(23′) Bautista Delguy(19′)

Penalties – Nicolas Sanchez(5′)

Cons – Nicolas Sanchez(28′) Nicolas Sanchez(24′) Nicolas Sanchez(20′)



Tries: Siya Kolisi, Mapoe (2)

Penalties: None

Cons: Handre Pollard(2)

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  1. Ref fkin hopeless. No excuse – 1st half argie slammed the Boks into never neverland. Only Kolisi and Yster stood up . Argie on turnover carved bokke a new asshole.

    Rassie wrong on Flo, big time. That b/d needs some go-forward. Winning on home turf, easy, we now see what happens on your.

  2. Faf too slow, WLR ‘hero’ sunking not in it when going gets tough. Luvved the energy that wee mnambi brings on at 2. Wilco a Gdam monster in scrum. Psdt should’ve started. Whiteley + Louw poor selection in same loose trio. Flo phenomenal player 5 y ago. Tried hard, but now get off the pot. Erasmus also a tad conservative I reckon going for experience – you got young hungry in-form players, pick them.

    That said, I suspect oz and nz going to struggle in Arg too. That a fiery bunch.

  3. I give pollard a special mention too – he made it over gainline most times.

    Fkn horrendous watching. Incredibly pissed off, Boks need to turn it on from get-go. They are not taking initiative.

    This Bok team got huge talent.

  4. Sorry Americano bit sunking is total shite, defensively, complete waste of space.

    All got to his head. As with Faf, bugger looks good on attack when he goes for it. But his options are dogshite. Get schreuder in there, pick up, pass, bang – not this foot rollover wait for 8 to clear out nicely – toss.

    Far too slow. Van zyl and cronje fkn useless. Some Bok needs to stand up tall. Wtf is joost and FDP?

  5. Same as last week. Play wide every time and wing gets ball with 2 or 3 defender every time. No pick and go, no forwards bashing it up to draw defenders. No centres straighten the line. Every ball just goes wide

  6. Sooooo


    Useless Alistair Coetzee

    Useless Courtnall Skosan, Andries Coetzee, Jaco Kriel, Elton Jantjes, Marx and Franco Mostert vs Argentina in Argentina…

    Springboks 41
    Arg 23


  7. Some in NZ are questioning the Boks ability to play away from home. As impressive as they were at home beating Argentina, they were poor playing away in Mendoza. I hope this is not the case as the wounded Wallabies await them in Brisbane in 2 weeks and the unbeaten AB’s in Wellington the week thereafter.

  8. @cab:

    Faf the best 9 by a country mile… he cannot be blamed for the lame T5, his captain on the wings and slow Louw with Whiteley playing for both of them.

    Reinach back to his best with Saints smashing Glasgow and a 100% win rate so far.

  9. Tight 5 were fine. Big questions at 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 15.

    Kolisi was only loosie who broke tackles and made ground (including scoring a solo try effort) – the other were knocked back in the tackle.

    Faf at 9 is taking too long, trying to sum up options and getting other players to free it up, pick it up immediately and feed backline. He’s taking too long and allows argie to reset.

    Esterhuizen and Am are not the best centres in SA imo. Solid provincial players like cronje and reinach but not worldclass.

    WLR is a magician on attack, but he is v v suspect defensively – just a lot of throwing hands up in air.

  10. @cab:

    Kolisi’s try was stealing wings ball yet again, every try was scored on either wing with him and the others missing yet again and left to others to have to scramble back. That’s just for starters.

    The T5 were not fine… missing tackles zero offensive defence, Beast and MAlherbe were nowhere stuck in first gears. The Argies loosies and T5 were warp speed ahead of the Boks who seem to have totally forgotten what ‘unity’ and ‘hunting as a pack’ is, counter-rucking en-masse, pick-n-going at pace. And everything started to fall apart form there.

    Boks deserve to in the latter half of top 10 and will be lucky to win 50% of their EOYT and will be knocked out in the 1/4’s by Ireland after being smashed by the AB’s in the pool. Rassie isn’t going to change his piss-weak selections, he’s more concerned with pleasing politicians.

  11. Wilco should be starting – most powerful TH Boks have had in yonks. But malherbe adds a lot in tightloose, if being him in on 2nd half where he will inject hugely with Kitshoff.

    PSDT to partner Yster at lock with JLDP at 7 balanced the pack. Who you pick at 6 or 8, is then less important. RG and mostert make good replacements.

    Erasmus got zero choice in the matter. It is a govt mandate. Not heaven or hell or the good lord above is going to change that.

    So the question is how does he pick a competitive team that still meets that mandate.

  12. been watching it again – bokke looked like going through the motions without any urgency in the 1st half – almost look bored…
    2nd half they tried to get the pace going but could not put it together… Mistakes etc.
    What is worrying – first few test under Rassie the guys looked like giving a shit and trying stuff, in the last test it looks like they start going back to the AC days of body language etc. Hope it was a one-off and Rassie can get them to fire against Aus…

  13. Love how, when the Boks lost under AC he was a crap coach and selector, but when the Boks lose under Rassie, it is the players not stepping up.

    What a joke.

  14. @Craven: Jeez, sensitive much? I’m giving Rassie the exact same treatment I did AC. First year, after that I expect results.

    One the Boks, I’m growing weary of the “new and improved” running game we’ve seen these last couple of years. Run every ball, try to go wide to soon. I can’t even remember how many times our wings got the ball with 3 defenders on them. We just don’t create space for our wings anymore. No forwards taking it up or centers running straight and drawing the defence in. No let’s just run like headless chickens.

    We are a worthy top ten team, but no higher than top. I have resigned myself to the fact that we will be competitive, might even cause one or two upsets, but we’re not anywhere close to world beaters. Much like Scotland has been over the years. Best we lower expectations

  15. @Aldo:

    Aldo, I was more referring to the media than posters on this site who ripped into Allister after the Irish series already (remember it was only the Lions players who saved that series), so not really giving him a year, so please don’t take it so personally!

  16. In fairness Craven, AC through his WP years is a more known commodity than Erasmus at similar points in time.
    I say that as someone who believes sports publications would do their readers justice by sacking ALL rugby “journalists” & simply hyperlinking Ruggaworld in their Rugby Union section of their websites.

    While there is no excuse for the hang over type performance in Mendoza – lets face it – most teams have issues there. It’s a more appropriate place for an interstellar telescope facility than a Rugby Union test match.

  17. If SA unravels similarly in the next games agains far better teams, by all means – release the hounds.
    I just think Mendoza is too similar to ghost towns encountered in sci-fi movies to not take its weirdness into account.

    Also – I think it would be helpful for all readers if before you badmouth ” The Prince of Wasps ” aka The Messerschmitt-Willie Leroux – you use the disclaimer that you are actually an Andre Joubert superfan & all criticisms of the Sunking should be seen in that light of err…..shade.

  18. lol – sunking is a playmaker but useless as tits on a fish on defense. Probably born is when his rep gets too big, then not as good as he can be when giving 109%.

  19. @cab:

    That’s a bit rich when WLR was having to cover for both wings on either side of the poles which is exactly where every try was scored.

  20. @cab:

    Malherbe adds jack in the loose… nor did Beast… that’s the problem… one is too fat and slow… the other is coming to the end of his career with one decent game in every 5. Neither should have started… but that said that was only the tip of the iceberg from forwards to backs to everything in between. But that’s all been repeated a million times now.

    3 tries in 20 odd minutes with 12 miss-tackles… it’s become a bit of a theme.

  21. @Craven:

    Rassie is copping it even more-so down to his selections and play without half the restrictions AC had… dunno wtf you’re on about lol…


    Yes indeed all the Super Rugby teams got whooped in ARG against this very side… which makes it even less of an excuse for the collective Springbok test side, to get their asses handed to them.

  22. Suspect argies might very well beat oz and take NZ close. Still no excuse for big Boks loss tho. Poor selections, gameplay and performance allround.

  23. Coetzee completely useless. Rassie will get the same. Bok coach is one positiom where you will be hammered (equal opportunity) if results are crap.

  24. @Craven:

    Where did you say the ‘SA media’ it came across that you were alluding to us commentators?

    But that said there have been some scribes that have been calling this all the same. Brenden Nell being one of them on AllOutRugby… he like a few of us having been pointing out the ‘flaws’ both the coach and players had been hiding before this blowout.

  25. @bryce_in_oz:

    I clarified my original statement in my reply to Aldo. It wasn’t clear in my original post, but I was alluding to the media and not to poster on this site.

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