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Q&A with Andre Pretorius


Ruggaworld’s Benedict Chanakira got to speak to Andre Pretorius on his life after a successful career in rugby…


Hi, how are you Andre?

I am great thanks.

How has retirement been?

It’s been interesting up to now. Didn’t miss playing at all until January came, then I saw my mates busy with pre season and a small part of me started thinking…. But no it was the right call at the right time and I am happy with it.

How is the business venture?

The furniture business is doing really well but we will only launch on the 1st of May. I have since started working with the Investec International Coaching Academy which I am thankful for because that is really what I want to do and I like working with the boys and seeing the improvement. North West Reclaiming have also offered me a position with them and that is a whole new ballgame that I have to learn.

What have you been getting up to?

Well now that my weekends are free I get to spend more time with the family and my golf has improved considerably. We go fishing regularly too.

You recently managed huge success with Patria. The praise I have heard about your work there has been non stop. What has been your time there been like?

It was probably one of my best experiences ever. What a great bunch of guys and they are so committed. Henry Stewart our head coach also made things easier for me. I am still involved with them now for the upcoming Residence League.

What struggles have you faced as you swapped running in training sessions, to making others run?

I think the sorting of opportunities and where to get involved and where to stay away. I like to work with people I can trust and that’s what I am doing now.

Do you plan on furthering your coaching career?

Yes, yes and yes! That’s my passion and something I would do until the day I physically can’t. In saying that I have to add that I prefer the playing stress to the coaching stress.

Do you have a coaching mentor?

Eugene Eloff has always been my mentor and he spoke about my coaching career long before I even thought of it. So when I need some mentoring, he will be the man!

Thanks Andre, great catching up!

Always a pleasure!

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  1. Thanks BC… love these Q&A’s with legends of the game…

    Wonder what has happened to Loffie Eloff?

  2. Abiding memories of Andre Pretorius

    1. 2006 v England and that twerp Jake White removes him from play as the Boks build a commanding lead and we lose.

    2. 2007 He kicks the winning points against the All Blacks in Rustenburg.

    3. Watching him line up a kick. He still used sand and he lay a little line of it in the direction he was going to kick. Then he’d lower his head and in classic East Rand fashion from a low criminal forehead give the rugby poles a “Wat kyk jy?” look from under his brows which anyone who’s been in an East Rand bar after 22:00 on a Friday or Saturday has seen.

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