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Q&A with Lions flyer Courtnall Skosan





By: Benedict Chanakira




Courtnall Skosan was a sensation this year with the Emirates Lions and played some great games from his franchise. He played for the Blue Bulls at Under–19 and Under–21 level, earning a call-up to the S.A. Under-20 team for the 2011 IRB Junior World Championship. He graduated to the senior team, making his debut for the Blue Bulls in the 2011 Vodacom Cup game against the Sharks XV.

He remained at the Blue Bulls until the end of the 2013 season, making just twelve appearances. He then moved to the Golden Lions for 2014. He also played for UP Tuks in their victorious 2012 and 2013 Varsity Cup campaigns.


BC -Hi, how are you?

CS – Hi. I’m well thank you. Yourself?

BC – Fantastic, thanks. How has your time with the Lions been ?

CS – Oh, man! It’s been such an amazing journey so far. To be a part of such a special family goes beyond what I can say in words. It’s truly a blessing.

BC – You are part of the most successful Lions Super Rugby side ever. What has been the secret?

CS – It’s only by God’s grace that we were able to be part of a good campaign. We are a family. The unity we have is something I’ve never experienced anywhere else in my life.

BC – Tell us about the management. What makes them so highly rated?

CS – They work very hard and the culture they’ve created on and off the field is very special. The passion and drive they have for what they’re doing is something to be admired.

BC – What was it like being part of the Blue Bulls family?

CS – It’s where my professional career started and I learned so much about the game. I enjoyed my junior years there. I remember how my tears started rolling down my cheeks as Oom Ian (Boks Manager) handed over my jersey for my first u19 Currie Cup game. It was going to be the first time I get to run out as a provincial player. A dream come true for me.

BC – What keeps you motivated and who inspires you?

CS – What keeps me motivated is the fact that I’m never good enough and everyday I have the privilege of living out my dream. There’s always ways to improve and be better. You just have to find out. My purpose is bigger than just playing a rugby match. It’s about hopefully inspiring people and changing their lives.

BC – What aspects do you aim to improve on for the Currie Cup season ahead of you?

CS – Nothing major. I just want to work of on those 1%’ers (small aspects). There’s always something to work on. There are specific skills I want to improve. Passing, tackle evasion skills, and some specific defence work.

BC – You are giving an award today, who do you think will be the Lions player of the season and why?

CS – Warren Whiteley. He’s not only a brilliant leader and an inspiration to me as a player and a person, but he leads by example. He will never disappoint. Gives a 120% every game and his stats will show that.

BC – What music do you listen to?

CS – I listen to a lot of gospel music, but also a bit of hip hop, r&b and love songs. *chuckles*

BC – Can you take us through your pre-game routine?

CS – From when we get together at the stadium, I watch a lot of motivational pictures of my favourites. I read my bible, listen to gospel music on my way to the locker room and just before I leave the locker room and go onto the field I refocus to switch on for the task that lies ahead.




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  1. Thank you BC. Courtnall is a silky smooth runner.
    You have aided his career greatly by giving him the privlege of your interview.
    He came off as quite deserving & wish him the best now that he is away from the darkness that is ZeeBulls.

  2. Looking at guys like Skosan, tacklenberg, Boshoff (to a lesser extent this year though) and the success they have made at the Lions, I cant help but wonder how many stars has slipt through the Bulls hands in their greedy approach to contracting. I for one said in his early days already, that I hope Boshoff stays a Bull, as he could be a star.

  3. “BC – You are part of the most successful Lions Super Rugby side ever. What has been the secret?

    CS – It’s only by God’s grace that we were able to be part of a good campaign. We are a family. The unity we have is something I’ve never experienced anywhere else in my life.
    – See more at: http://www.ruggaworld.com/2015/06/22/qa-with-lions-flyer-courtnall-skosan/#sthash.YZRVmaSI.dpuf

    Like it or not, but that is the culture Ackerman brings with him, in being a devout Chrisian himself and I for one believe that is part of their success that is missed by all and sundry.

  4. Benedict – Thanks again !

    Courtnall – well done youngman !!!

    I have two questions – answering them will enhance you career even more.
    1 – What secifically are you doing on a dayly / weekly basis to inspire people and change their lives ? (I’m not talking about just playing a game of ruggas)

    2 – Will you be willing to share -during your pre-game routine – How exactly do you refocus on the task ahead? (What do you do and say, what do you think and feel, and how?)

    Thank you.

  5. Aldo – Johan Ackerman is doing ‘something’ right at the Lions.

    He seems genuinely humble.

    In this ‘day and age’ – I am surprised that so many players are still openly talking about their faith and the influence it has on their sport-performance.

    Just getting – that – right must surely make a difference for those players.

    Soooo kudus (yes deliberately) to the Lions and Ackerman specifically.

  6. I love this interview. Brand will get that for you asap. Ackers has taken over as the most exciting gaffer in the country. He has revolutionised SA.

  7. @The Brand:

    Hey Brand! Check below for your answers from Skosan –

    1. I believe that we are all in a position to inspire people and that’s why God positions us strategically to reach people. I spend a lot of time in His presence and read a lot. I believe that preparation meets opportunity. I like motivating people to achieve greatness because it is within all of us, sometimes all we need to hear is someone say it. I have mentors and they inspire me. If I can mention an example I would say, I do simple things like greet people and ask them how they’re doing. Wherever that conversation leads is not up to me. I also enjoy spending time with the boys, having homecell and sharing our testimonies and strengthening one another. That’s ultimately what we are here for. To let God’s love shine through us. To be family. And in that you hope to inspire and change maybe one life. That’s not up to me though. Now we’re talking about a higher power.

    2. I believe that every rugby player is physically prepared when we go out on that field, but the mind is a very powerful thing. I have a quote that was passed on to me from one of my mentors that says, “mentally prepare to physically declare”. I go into battle mode, if I can say it like that, haha. I say a prayer and I zone out from everything else and just focus my mind on every minute from there on in.

  8. BC – thank you ! Great job !

    Courtnall – thanks for taking time to reply – well done.

    Thanks for giving detail to your reply, appreciated !!!

    All the best youngman !!!

  9. I’m trying to remain tolerant of the God botherers and happy clappies these days, but hell if they keep playing like that, I couldn’t give a tonsil if they believe in satan or the toothfairy.

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