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Q&A with Robbie Coetzee


Robbie_Coetzee51Kirsty du Toit recently caught up with Professional Rugby Player, Robbie Coetzee, ahead of the much anticipated Super Rugby season.

The Lions hooker who is known for his strong ball carrying abilities, his on-field dedication and his stamina. There is no doubt that this talented player has a promising year ahead of him.

The Lions man was at hand to share about the pre-season, the season ahead and touring with the squad.

KT – Firstly, compliments of the season. Did you have a good break and what did you get up to?

RC – Thank you. I had a really good break and managed to get away Cape Town with my girlfriend .We really soaked up the amazing weather, went fishing and did the typical wine routes. During this time we were also fortunate enough to attend Marnitz Boshoff’s wedding, but mostly just enjoyed the sea and sun.

KT – Describe your pre-season preparation thus far?

RC – I must be honest in saying that pre-season is always difficult for me, and for any sportsman for that matter. It has been a good one thus far and I have put in the necessary time and effort to hopefully become the best and be in top form.

KT – How important is brotherhood within the team, and forming a close bond with your teammates?

RC – It’s always important, on and off the field. As a sportsman you spend more time with your teammates than you do with your family. This means, building that bond is vital and they become a part of your family. On the field we always have each-others’ backs and will always support one another through thick and thin.

KT – Who do you look up to most within the team, and why?

RC – It has to be Warren Whitely. He is so incredibly hard working and overall one of the most dedicated players I know. He also has such admirable leadership skills and for that, I admire him.

KT – Going forward into the new season, are you personally feeling ready and in top-shape?

RC – I don’t think I will ever be in better shape. I personally feel that there is always room for improvement, but in saying that, I am feeling really good and well rested.

KT – Travelling becomes a very tough component of your Super Rugby campaign, as you often travel for two or more weeks at a time. How do you physically and mentally prepare for that?

RC – I always focus on the goal and the task at hand. I know what is expected of me on tour and I try get as much rest as possible. I also use that time to clear my head, we also have very dedicated medical staff that look after us and gives us advice.

KT – How do you, as a player, remain positive and ensure that you always ‘back yourself’?

RC – I feel there is healthy competition, constant challenges and I always make sure that I am on the peak of my game and give off my best.

KT – What message of encouragement will you give yourself ahead of the season?

RC – Do everything you do just 1% better than last time!




Author: Kirsty du Toit is a celebrity publicist, model and rugby fan. Dabbing in writing occasionally when she is not in front of the camera or looking after our rugby stars. She is a proud Stormers and Springbok fan!

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  1. Nice to know Robbie is sandbagging 1% year over year.
    I think he should save up & go all in the last year of his contract for biggest effect but whatever

    You are now my favorite Lions hooker – make sure you tell that Marx guy that.


  2. Bryce:
    What’s with the “drive by” ?
    Here we were….having a pleasant ( perhaps even erudite were we allowed to have it progress – cuz it was pointing that way ) conversation and then….
    “Adrian Strauss”.
    Like the guy that passes wind just before he exits the elevator, you’ve left us all gasping & thinking “why”?

    Lions hookers are up & comers on merit, not from having their politico nose so up the tail of every coach they’ve ever had.

  3. @Jacques (Bunny):

    It’s a pity Tiaan Liebenberg is now running around with the Cheetahs in Bloemfontein. He would have been a great guy to guide the youngsters in the basics of hooker play.

  4. @Americano:

    Haha… always short when typed on phone…

    Strauss had a better season than Bismark last year… is a great rounded hooker does everything well…

    @Benedict Chanakira: @Jacques (Bunny):

    Agreed on targets (quite ridiculous) expect we will see the last of Coetzee or Marxx this year if they do not make a Bok squad…

    Scarra will be first in line… not good enough in the tight-loose… to light… terrible LO thrower…

    Bongi is on the upward… much stronger player than Scarra.. seems a bit slow and his handling skill are not yet good enough for a 4th loosie…

    Surprised nobody has mentioned that Ralepele is back in town… imo if it is Coetzee at coach… he will be first choice or even captain… despite his second doping conviction…

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