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Q&A with Sharks playmaker Willie le Roux


Willie Le RouxThe most devastating attacking force in the country and after a storming debut for the Sharks which included a superb try and a few eye catching passes Willie le Roux has given the Sharks some bite which they lacked in the past.

The season is still long and has barely even started but the Sharks fans can very much be excited at the prospect of watching Le Roux step and throw offloads all over the pitch as they look to improve on last season’s under performance.

There has been talk of him being too small to play test rugby and at times the critics would jump to this claim when the man has an indifferent game or misses the odd tackle. He remains the catalyst to South Africa’s attack and his introduction managed to take South Africa out of the one dimensional style of play to having a bit of a surprise factor to their game.

Benedict Chanakira managed to chat with the Springbok full-back.

BC – As one of the most devastating players in the world when on attack, which other players in the world do you feel are a joy to watch?

WLR – Guys like Ben Smith, Julian Savea and Ma’Nonu.

BC – You have recently joined the Sharks and played some games. What do you aim to achieve in your time while donning the black and white jumper?

WLR – They had an indifferent 2015, so my goal is to restore pride in the jersey and contribute positively to the team. My ambition is to win the Super Rugby competition and if I can do that with The Sharks, that would be fantastic.

BC – What is the worst part of a season for you?

WLR – Pre-season, is just tough.

BC – What did you learn from 2015, especially from your Rugby World Cup experiences? What was your biggest low point of the year?

WLR – Losing to Japan in the World Cup opener. That just showed that no team can be underestimated and that the playing fields are very even at present.

BC – Willie is too small to play professional rugby, he will not be able to last in the vigorous terrain and yet, here you are. You have excelled against the very best opposition in the world? Possible to get a formulae?

WLR – Hardwork, perseverance and self-belief.

BC – What message would you send to players that are deemed too small to excel?

WLR – Believe in yourself and your abilities. Never let anyone stop or discourage you from working towards achieving your goals.

BC – You are a talented play maker who uses the goose-step in a way David Campese would be proud of. Do you think if asked to slot in at fly half you would excel?

WLR – I play most of my game at flyhalf throughout a match actually. I would just play my own game.

BC – Which two past players’ best describe Willie le Roux? Which players do you see yourself in?

WLR – People always compare me to Andre Joubert and Brent Russell.

BC – Who is the joker in the Sharks squad?

WLR – Francois Kleinhans

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  1. O-M-F-G
    Christmas in March.
    BC – to nail this before the home coronation….Bunny are you bragging about this in Zambia – you oughta.
    Before he mentioned Andre Joubert – I totally forgot that guy ever existed due to MWLR’s play.

  2. Think they should seriously consider this guy at 10 for boks – he’s a great playmaker in the gitaeu mould, you want him controlling things.

    Pollard is out and lambie is solid, but let’s see what WlR can do at 12 with the current bok centre talent including oodebdaal could be bloody awesome.

  3. Cab I think maybe you’ve brought this up before.
    I’d be lyin if I said I wouldn’t want to see what happened with him @10 but thats more due to novelty vs potency.
    I don’t think it’s possible to pair 3 things – but the Sunking – operating on a quantum level most can’t – gets it done.
    Here’s how-
    1) He has field vision others don’t even come close to having
    2) He’s got killer instinct – his runs just aren’t for yards in mind – he thinks he can jailbreak it & make the line.
    3) While doing #2 he’s looking to distribute – the balance of these two qualities held at the same time is hella-rare.

    This is gonna look like Bryce hijacked my login but – Willie isn’t exactly the bees knees at kicking. Also if Willie was at 10 it allows the defense comfort in knowing they have a real good idea where he’s gonna show up at. 10 is more of a facilitator rather than what Willie brings as a disruptor.
    Still wanna see it though just cuz.

    With him at 15 ( or my preferred spot for him wing) he can show up jack-in-the-box style

  4. @Americano:

    Haha was just about to comment… thanks mate…

    Bok’s tactical kicking has been woeful as it is with Pollard…

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