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Unfortunately we are not able to do our Q&A with Heyneke Meyer now and will only be able to speak to him in June. To make up for it all we have secure a Q&A with Emirates Lions coach Johan Ackerman.


So get your questions in which you would like to ask the coach before end of the day…Keep it clean like always….


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  1. You have really managed to do a top job at the Lions coach. You have managed to produce a couple of Springboks in the process from players other unions viewed as surplus. Do you have any aspirations to coach the Springboks at Test level in a few years?

  2. Greetings from stateside coach. I am glad you are doing so well!
    Here’s my question:
    Given that you’re a coach right now – and were once a player, if you could do it all over again – what would you have specifically paid attention to & remembered purposely about playing that would aid you in your current day to day?
    I ask because there are many players reading that may want to one day coach. I think your insight on this would be huge.
    Thanks & Best to you.

  3. Johan with the new sponsorships many supporters suggested you could write a shopping list and look to bolster positions like scrumhalf, inside center and lock.

    However your answer was that you would deal with the personnel you had and develop them.

    1. As we head into the middle of the SR tournament, are there positions where you feel the Lions are in need of new personnel to take the next step up to being competitive at the higher echelons of the SR competition? If you do need personnel in what positions would you need players.

    2. Lots of sides take differing aproaches to seasons. Some set goals at the outset, or target specific games or take games one by one. Where would you put your team at the start of season and why?

    3. As a a coach you are a leader and many leaders have different styles of leadership. Heyneke Meyer famously says he sees himself in a father figure position whilst Robbie Deans used to say at the Crusader he was more a facilitator for a talented group of people. What kind of leader do you see yourself as and why do you regard it as a good leadership system to implement.

    4. As a coach and player who do you regard as your best influence and why?

  4. DavidS –

    #3 F-T-W. I think that if answered thoughtfully – there’s a lot of action in that jackson.

    I didn’t know that about HM & RD.
    I think this is a big deal & every coach should take A LOT of time considering what their coaching archetype would fest fit their personality & goals.

    Excellent angle thx for bringing up.
    Hey BC what is your role/archetype in coaching your charges?

  5. @Americano: Ay thats one of the first things you come up with alongside more or less your philosophy.I have worked with two groups, and i have played the Advisor/ Mentor or Fountain of Knowledge role.

    Mixing the way of life, integrity and rugby. Allowing youngsters to play whats in front of them but also within a structure. The man will always be more important than the player!!

  6. Firstly, I think you are doing bladdy well and are outshining all the other coaches by a long-shot. I get the feeling under you that the lions fancy their chances against anyone and it’s been a longtime since that happened.

    How much do you think you learnt from mitchell purely in a rugby sense? I think Carlos spencer was also with the lions too – as was griz Wylie, another kiwi legend.

  7. Who is your current breakdown coach and can the Boks please borrow him?

    The speed and unity with which the loosies, pack we’ll even entire team hit the breakdowns, clean out and counter ruck has been most impressive and clearly been one of their defining dynamics this season allowing the backs/attack quick ball to shine.

    I must commend the scouts too for unearthing serious depth at hooker and prop…

  8. I cant think of any question other than, How far are your negotiations regarding the Bulls coaching job? If it hasn’t started yet, can I make myself the intermediary to facilitate such a move? Seriously though, I can only commend you on the team spirit and the way the guys are playing across the Jukskei. Great job and keep up the good work.

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