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  1. Not good, focusing more on defense.
    I thought we’d clam up World Cup time.
    Boks need to play positive rugby.
    This RWC will def not be won on defense

  2. @cab: Defence wins WC…..

    “But they were interested in having more analysis of defensive patterns and structures to assist in breaking down the opposition”

    breaking down defensive patterns and structures will open space for attacks, have no problem with the reasoning really.

    He is also more than just a defence coach an add value in so many levels to the team..

    Munster (Technical coach)
    Munster (Backs coach)
    South Africa (Defence consultant)

    He is a younger Rassie Erasmus

  3. Ok – hope so.
    I watched that Eddie Jones and what he does with England – they scored like 5 tries against Irish off 1st phase plays – game over.

  4. @Jacques Nortier: But they already have a defence coach? And a video analyst? So I am quite confused what exactly this dude will do – as he will certainly bring new ideas (that will confuse the players, according to the article!!) or bring a different analysis than the Video Analyst? Anyway, whatever – just beat the arrogant ABs, then Scotland in the Quarters, England in Semi Final 1, and Ireland in the final. Quite simples – even Stick will understand this

  5. @cab: England had a bit of a dip, but clever Eddy is peaking at the right time! That team believes – and has the skill to back it up!

  6. @Bekke: Again this dude has been a Technical coach and Backline coach his whole career as a coach, title they gave means noting this guy will add to the coaching team in my eyes.

    No team will change their structures now but you can perfect it. I see this dude as the same what Rassie cane and did in 2007 although Rassie left early like Swys did. So he is maybe our Eddie Jones of 2007.

    Whatever title you deem to give him I believe he will add value to the team and more so because he worked with Rassie and Jacques at Munster, they know each other wand what goes on in each others heads

  7. @Bekke: Eddie Jones have a team of a few stars. What happened last season was that two key players got injured and he was Flooked!. If he loose any of these two or three stars in his team then England are screwed.

    At this stage he have no injuries in his group he is lucky.

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