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Rassie still wants to coach the Boks according to newspaper



Over the weekend Sunday newspaper “Rapport” has ran again with news that SA Rugby high performance manager Rassie Erasmus still wants to coach the Springboks.

With so much going on at SA Rugby at the moment most are forgetting that we still not have a Springbok coach in place and that is taking Springbok rugby backwards.

According to Rapports source, Erasmus wants the job but wants to be appointed immediately and not on April fools day when the next general council meeting is scheduled for. The source also claimed that Erasmus and his mobile coaching unit already have advance plans in place for the Springboks in June.

‘Video analysis of the Irish team is already done, the names of a possible squad are penned down and movements have even been worked out, but players need to know in what capacity Rassie is speaking – as the next Bok coach or head of SA Rugby,’ the source told Rapport.


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  1. “the names of a possible squad are penned down”

    Even before the super rugby season had reached the third week? Obviously super rugby form will count for nothing. Expect the usual suspects from last year to take up most of the positions.

  2. @Craven: Did you expected anything else when SARU can not make up there mind?

    Meyer went in first week of December and in 3 months the clowns can still not make up there minds..

    Any coach will go with experience first before he start moulding his own players

  3. @Jacques (Bunny):

    Iknow, I hoped for something new and different this year, but it seems with Rassie potetntially there, it will be business as usual going forward. At least Lions players won’t get injured while on Bok duty. blum

  4. It appears a dealk is being brokered whereby Rassie and AC will work together …..and a big break with the past will be made ….expect lots of changes, and not a moment too soon!

  5. @grant:

    I’ll translate then…

    Erasmus is offered kuk loads of money to run the show under the guise of AC being the baas whilst they have to coy-toy to racist quota’s… so pretty much like most big business in RSA neh?

  6. I’m sincerely hoping Rassie is no sell-out… for the record I would not have thought AC is neither…

    RSA rugby needs a shake-up on the quota front… there is no room for racism in sport whatsoever!

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