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Ruggaworld chats to Filippo Ferrarini


Our new contributor Maphuti Hlako; who is also a Blue Bulls fan has managed to get us an interview which features Parma born Filippo Ferrarini.

The Italian has the potential to be an Italy great as he shows great strength and power. The Italian will look to become a full-fledged Italian international in the future and at the rate he is going will achieve that soon.


Here is Filippo…

FOTO LUIGI E MARCO VASINI (copyright)    -    Via San Bruno, 5 - 43123 Parma (Italia)   -   tel. 0521/493671 - cell. 333/3992149 e 339/4333787  -  e-mail: fotovasini@libero.it
FOTO LUIGI E MARCO VASINI (copyright) – Via San Bruno, 5 – 43123 Parma (Italia) – tel. 0521/493671 – cell. 333/3992149 e 339/4333787 – e-mail: fotovasini@libero.it

MH: Who is Filippo?  What is that one word that best describes you?

FF: A Hard-Worker, both in sport and in my personal life.

MH: When did you decide that you wanted to become a Professional Rugby player?

FF: I started playing at 5 years old. I come from Noceto, a little town near Parma. Everyone plays Rugby in Noceto. The first time I touched a rugby ball I thought to myself “This amazing, I want to continue with it and build a career in Rugby.”

MH: Growing up, who did you look up to? Why?

FF: A lot of people. When I started playing rugby, my father was a coach and he taught me the basic steps of becoming a player. I also have a lot of good coaches, my current coach at Zebre -Mr Gianluca Guidi; who also coached me in the main national academy when I was 17. He has played an important part in my career.

MH: You played for both the u20 National team and Italy A – What would you say has been your proudest moment in an Italy Jersey?

FF: Probably when we won the IRB U20 World Trophy in Russia, when we also won the European Cup in Portugal. But when I wore the Italian Jersey for the first time, we played our first U20 6 Nations game near my hometown, all my friends and family came to see me. I felt very proud for my family and everyone that helped me become a Rugby player see me represent my country.

MH: What would Zebre Rugby like to achieve this season?

FF: We want to change our losing streak and work on our confidence to win. When we play at home, we come very close to winning but we’re not completely focused on winning. We need to follow our instincts and we when we find occasions to score, we should take them and score every time.

MH: What are your personal goals for the season?

FF: Last season I had surgery and lost out on most of the season. I’m working hard to get back fitter, building momentum and get my place in the team and maybe get a call up for the Italian National team.

MH: If you’re not playing rugby, what else would you like to do?

FF: I started studying law, but unfortunately it slowed down so I stopped. So I would like to continue studying and maybe help my father with his business.

MH: The RWC kicks off in 59 days, how do you think Italy will do and how far do you think they’ll go?

FF: For me I think it’s very important for Italy to win their first game against France. If they start with a good match and go for the win, it will be easier to go play Ireland, Canada and Romania. If we start good then we will have the opportunity to proceed to the knock out stage for the first time.

MH: Lastly, if there is one thing that you could tell a 10 year old on how to succeed in whatever they do, what would it be?

FF: I would say that I you want to make it in life and in sport, every time just take one step more, if it seems hard you must work harder. Never give up. Maybe you might not succeed the first time, but just continue to work hard and eventually you will reach your goals.



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