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Ruggaworld’s World Cup XV


All this talk of the iRB Rugby World Cup being launched today makes me slightly excited and jittery at the same time. Can you believe its upon us ?! To mark this day, Ruggaworld will over the next few weeks launch a campaign to find the best World Cup XV to have played at tournaments since 1995. We are not looking at necessarily the best player in every position in the world – but rather to celebrate those players who excelled during the tournaments themselves. Because its the most important position on the field – we will start by looking at the Fly-halve (or out halve for those in the north, or first five-eight, for those to our east). WC10 Who are the candidates? I will start by nominating Joel Stransky, Neil Jenkins, Andrew Mehrtens and Johnny Wilkenson. I say this because I cannot remember Carter dominating in a world Cup as he has in the periods inbetween. You have a Larkham lurking, that guy who sank South Africa with a wobbly drop kick in a semi-final. And what about Jannie de Beer? The floor is yours…


  1. Wilkenson I think.

    The others mentioned had brilliant moments during a World Cup, but Wilkenson owned the 2003 World Cup through consistent great performances.

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