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Rumors getting louder on Erasmus return to SA rugby


According to Hendrik Cronje from Rapport, Rassie Erasmus is busy making a u-turn back to South African rugby.


According to the Sunday Newspaper Erasmus may even be in his new position as Director of Rugby as early as June this year. They reported that negotiations between Erasmus, SARU and his current club Munster are at an advance stage and they claim that it is just a question of when rather than if.

Erasmus, if indeed returning to SA Rugby, will take up a position of Director of Rugby, a bit different from the position he held previously as General Manager of the Rugby Department.

Erasmus new position will include looked after Sevens, U20’sand SA Schools and all these teams coaches will reported to Erasmus. The Springboks were previously on a law onto themselves reporting directly to Hoskins. Hoskins never bought into it that the Springbok coach should fall under Erasmus because he would have lost power over the Springboks and Springbok coach. He wanted the Springbok coaches to report to him directly.

This was one of the biggest reasons why Erasmus left in the first place.

Erasmus resigned last year about this time to take up the position as Director of Rugby at Munster after a fallout with then SARU President Orengan Hoskins. It is widely reported that Erasmus wanted the Springboks to be coached by the then Mobi Unit so that Coetzee could have been phased into the roll as Springbok coach.

Hoskins did not buy into the the vision of Erasmus nor did he agree to Erasmus plan to assist Coetzee when he was appointed Springbok coach.

Erasmus will have full control over the Springboks, Junior Springboks, Sevens Springboks and South African School sides if he is to be returning to South Africa. Erasmus will add great value to South African Rugby getting things back on track like players contracts, appointment of the national coaches in the junior teams and getting the High Performance Unit back up and running which he started when he joined SA Rugby.

Erasmus return may also bring back the defense guru Jacques Nienaber and scrum guru Pieter De Villiers to add some more value to the Springboks and SA Rugby national teams.

So if all the stars align maybe SARU can not just get Brendon Venter services at the Springboks but may also have Erasmus, Nienaber and De Villiers back at Springbok rugby to help the struggling Coetzee.

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  1. Heard this for years about Metallica with Dave Mustaine coming back.
    Believe it when I see it.

  2. Rassie is def a step in the right direction.

    Only thing is has he not just started at munster? What have his results been like.

  3. Bryce – rassie best coach to come out of SA in modern times, but just joined Munster.

    Coetzee and venter – this ain’t going to end well.

  4. Best coaches in world in my opinion:
    1. Mitchell
    2. Rassie and Mallett
    3. White, Jones, Smith and other Kiwi coaches

  5. @cab:

    Let’s be fair nobody knows what Rassie can do at test level… even his Super rugby results were average at best with the Cheetahs… and in tandem with Nienaber were arguably better at the Stormers if he was pulling the strings…

    You’re correct about Venter with AC… Venter still remains with Italy until 2019 whilst he ‘consults’….


    Yeah well I stopped at your number one and scrolled on by…

  6. Aldo – thanks. Kids always make the most sense. They burp and fart alot too.

    Bryce – rassie be great Bok coach, but he can’t leave Munster after 1y. Venter I never known what all fuss about. And 32% Coetzee, nee, too conservative, its kak rugby 20y in the past and even the basics are hopeless

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