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SA Rugby president, Mr Mark Alexander express his disappointment



“The whole of South African rugby is extremely disappointed with this year’s Springbok results and deeply worrying aspects of the performances. It has not been good enough and no one is pretending otherwise.

“We have a minimum target of winning three out of four test matches each season – which is better than the historical record – but we have not come close this season.

“It would be easy to lay the blame for that at one door or another and look for scapegoats but it would also be an oversimplification.

“All of us within South African rugby need to look at ourselves and ask what we could have done differently in aid of the Springbok cause.

“Those questions will be asked at the end of the season when we will undertake a full review of the year and what new interventions may be needed to turn things around.

“We began that work recently with the coaching indaba. It set out to align national and Super Rugby coaches on the technical, tactical and conditioning requirements to succeed in 2017 and beyond.

“We also have to review such things as how we manage the fact that so many of our leading players are now based outside South Africa and more are being lured there.

“No group of individuals is more concerned or disappointed right now than the Springbok team and management. We know they are better than this.

“After that it is our job to take steps to do as much as we possibly can to make sure we are not in a similar position in 12 months’ time. Our focus is on solutions and finding answers to our current problems.

“We have a test against Wales on Saturday and then we will review the season and spend time determining a path for the future.”

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  1. Almost unbearable to watch.
    Like the burning of ancient Alexandria!
    KK Coetzee indisputably an ARSONIST.

  2. Who gives a toss what this spiv says… KPI’s mean nothing in RSA… nothing will change…

  3. Mr Alexander, we don’t care what you think. Koochie koo messed up the Boks and we have to watch, but that is what you want. If not, then performance would count for something.

  4. For next coach….
    Dallendy on wing? He’s so hard to get down how bout it?
    BC can use this hashtag:

  5. Habana try:
    Could it have been seen as obstruction by Frank Venter that allowed SunKing to ghost thru then offload to Habana?

  6. The Champions League soccer winner last year, Chicago Cubs winning World Series after 108 yrs & now Italy/SA unraveling + TRUMP election:
    I think it has to do with the Haedron Collider @ CERN.
    Obviously a stargate has been opened of some sort allowing all this to unfurl.
    No way can KK Coetzee endure this another year. SARU gotta blow it up & start anew.

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