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SA Rugby wary of match-fixing


5107ae48e33941dfbb4af3b762a66a09SA Rugby has addressed the potential threat of match fixing in the sport by putting in place a monitoring service for Super Rugby and Springbok Tests in 2016 writes SARugbyMAG.co.za

For the first time, SA Rugby has partnered with Sportradar, a Swiss-based global leader in providing data services to media companies, bookmakers, sports federations and state authorities, to operate a match-fixing detection service.

‘We have recently seen allegations of match-fixing in other South African sports and it is a threat that SA Rugby is not complacent about,’ CEO Jurie Roux commented. ‘In the past few years, World Rugby has really stepped up its quest in ensuring the integrity of the game is upheld with its “Keep Rugby Onside” campaign and we fully support that.

‘All our teams and competitions count among the best in the world, so it’s imperative that we monitor global sport to spot the threats on the horizon. Sportradar can safeguard us from these threats. Its data-related expertise will ensure that its betting monitoring systems, which are employed worldwide, will give us the most powerful tool available to spot and root out concerns.’

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  1. Very interesting SARU comes up with this literally ONE WEEK after I pointed out that the dingo brained hooker on Brumbies should be investigated on match fixing because well, it just looked too convienient.
    Bunny or BC – what is SARU’s address?
    I am going to bill them.

  2. @Americano: I have been bellowing on this matter; alongside DavidS for months now. SARU finally awoke to reality on this matter.

  3. Thank you BC.
    I do recall now that you mentioned stuff with all the cricket shananigans – but I blocked it out – either because cricket is so utterly confusing to me or because I am so self – involved.

    But this hooker playing in his first rugby game comes on & within a minute gets tossed from the game fo OBVIOUS buffoonery?
    It was like a scene from a Peter Sellars Pink Panther movie it was so dopey.
    I want them to investigate THIS event. It was pulled off so ham handedly that if there was some fixing malfesance – God knows this nimrod wouldn’t have covered his financial tracks.
    Thanks for pointing this out BC.

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