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SANZAAR: Planning for the Future


An EXCO meeting and a 2016 Super Rugby season review took place in Sydney over the last two days with SANZAAR hosting over 80 stakeholder representatives.


The series of meetings were designed to fully review all tournament deliverables on and off the field, and involved national union CEOs, team CEOs and coaches, rights holder broadcasters and SANZAAR operational staff.

The review is consistent with those undertaken in previous years and an essential part of tournament management that is designed to ensure Super Ruby continues to be one of the top rugby tournaments in the world.

During the series of meetings SANZAAR and Accenture also took the opportunity to report to its partners and 28 stakeholders on the progress of the strategic review it is currently undertaking. Accenture presented a workshop on the outcomes of its various discussions with each set of stakeholders, feedback on potential tournament improvements raised by them and the next steps in the process that has a timeline to present a final report at the end of the year.

SANZAAR CEO Andy Marinos stated, “The aim of the meetings this week was to ensure we examine the first year of the new 18-team Super Rugby tournament and take onboard feedback from the coaches and CEO’s who are at the coal face of the competition. Discussions took place on many aspects of the tournament including, but not limited to, tournament structure and finals series, travel, broadcasting, tournament rules, match officiating, judicial and the 2017 match schedule.”

“This continuous review and feedback process is an essential part of our structure as we aim to ensure we deliver a compelling and action-packed tournament in 2017. It was also the perfect time to update everyone on the strategic plan that has the aim of mapping out the long-term future of SANZAAR by examining three core areas: the structure of competitions; the commercial structure; and the governance model.”

“A number of potential options were considered in line with the feedback that we have received through our series of consultations between May and July. We have requested further analysis and inputs from Accenture as an outcome of the workshop,” added Marinos.

SANZAAR will announce the 2017 Super Rugby match schedule for the regular 17-round season on Tuesday 20 September.

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  1. Dont know why they need a meeting though. Isnt it clear that their is too much rugby? Just do a freaken Super 14, with NZ, SA and Aus having 4 teams each and add Jap and Pumas team. Sounds simple to me. Bottom of SA team falls out every year to be replaced by winner of promotion/relegation match of two current teams left out.

    Or even better, keep the 18 teams, which will probably become 99, as all 14 unions in SA needs exposure of not so super rugby. Have a top ten competion and a bottom 8. Everyone in top ten place each other once and bottom 8 plays each other once. Top 2 from bottom 8 gets to play bottom 2 from top 10 for promotion relegation. That way you keep strentgh vs strentgh and give the bottom 8 something to play for. Even if it means the bottom 8 is a 6 team currie cup with two others!

    But I guess that makes to much sense. Who would want to make sense?

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