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SANZAR appeal against Steyn’s ruling

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SANZAR has lodged an appeal against the outcome of a judicial hearing held on Monday 23 March that found Francois Steyn of the Sharks not guilty of contravening Law 10.4 (j).

A SANZAR Appeals Committee, chaired by Terry Willis, with Nigel Hampton QC and Robert Stelzner SC as members, will hear the appeal via videoconference on Friday 27 March 2015.

Many people was in disbelieve when Jannie Lubbe found Steyn not guilty and scraped the red card issued to him during the match. One can only wait and see what will happen from the SANZAR hearing…

Then the question needs to be raised why does SANZAR not come into play on other hearings as well, like a choke I saw in the same game which was just blown away as well?




  1. Howzit Lads

    What happened to the thread where questions were posed to Heyneke Meyer? I can’t seem to find it.
    Was the questions asked and answered?

  2. Fully agree with Sanza here. It is tackles like these that will lead to an terrible injury one of these days.
    If you lift a player in the tackle, it your responsibility to put him down safely. It reckless and other players getting involved in the tackle doen’t take that responsibility away. One only have to look at the video of Alex McKinnon’s getting paralysed in a group rugy league tackle to realise how serious an issue this is.
    Let’s forget about the nasionality of the player and focus at the issue at hand.

  3. @Christo (Vetgesmeerde Blits): I fear for the day when a player is going to have a serious head injury, broken neck or even die….

    What is even worst as that I see most SA supporters worry more about how SA players get picked on compare to the NZ and Aussie than the real worry and that of the safety of the player.

  4. I agree that Frans deserves a ban but surely they can’t find him guilty and ban him effective immediately. It would be hugely disruptive for the Sharks in terms of preparations for this weekends game. Looks like Frans will play flyhalf since Lambie is being rested.

    Can anybody clarify this for me?

  5. @Pokkel:

    “It would be hugely disruptive for the Sharks in terms of preparations for this weekends game”

    Kind of like when Francois walked out on the Boks in the week leading up to a test?

  6. I see De Wet Barry was part of the initial process to drop the red card.

    De Wet “I’ll tackle the crap out of you” Barry??

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