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SARU GC approve Springbok coach candidate



The new Springbok coach will be named officially at a media conference on 12 April, Mr Oregan Hoskins, president of SA Rugby, confirmed on Friday.

He made the announcement following the ratification of the coach’s appointment by rugby’s General Council – made up of the 14 member unions of SA Rugby. Ratification by the Council is the final step in the constitutional process to appoint a Springbok coach.

Mr Hoskins said that now that the final governance hurdle had been cleared the formal completion of the new coach’s contract and of that of his management team could be completed.

“We are happy to have reached this point and are particularly excited with our final choice,” said Mr Hoskins.

“Today’s ratification triggers the final part of the process. We’re looking forward to being able to confirm our choice publicly.”

Mr Hoskins said that logistical planning was well advanced for the Springbok season and that those plans had already been shared with the preferred candidate.

SA Rugby will advise media of the arrangements for the media conference in due course.

SA Rugby also announced the appointment of Peter Jooste as a Springbok selector and of the completion of the Junior Springbok (Under-20) management team. It is:

Head Coach: Dawie Theron

Assistant coach backline: Nazeem Adams

Defence coach: Joey Mongalo

Analyst: Chris Ventre

Doctor: Dr. Jerome Mampane

Physiotherapist: Anuerin Robyn

Conditioning coach: Andre Smit

Media Liaison: Zeena Isaacs 

Issued by SA Rugby Corporate Affairs


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  1. I pray SA Rugby get their sshh together for this appointment, really can’t wait to see who the management team will consist of.

    The backline/attack coach will give an indication of what to look forward to after the Irish series

  2. Insane.
    You don’t have to be superstitious to NOT open up umbrellas indoors & to NOT seek out ladders to walk under.
    To have a meeting where the new coach is decided upon on April 1st blows my mind…..but I’ll give the buffoons @ SARU this credit.
    At least they are consistent.

  3. A visitor once asked the Nobel Prize–winning physicist Niels Bohr whether he really believed that the horseshoe he’d hung at his country home was lucky. “Of course not,” Bohr said. “But I understand it’s lucky whether you believe in it or not.”

  4. April first has nothing to dobwith luck or bad luck. The only reason why choosing april 1st is so ridiculous is because its already the 4th month of the year… Selecting a club coach from Japan (i dont even want to know what the payout will be even if he has a clause for intntl duty)… What is even more absurd about april first is that they delayed the announcement even further.

  5. And seriously Alistair is in pole position… What other club coach could they be speaking about? Jake?

  6. C’mon GrootBull.
    Yes of course the 4 month coaching vacancy with the national team is – banana-rama with a country like Portugal or Brazil.
    But SA & the place they have in the sport?
    Beyond bizarre & utterly incompetent.
    Not gonna talk about the luck or non-luck of April 1st.
    Let’s just talk Public Relations –
    The Zeros @ SARU had 364 days of the year they could hold a meeting to approve of the coach that will be with them for 4 years. Heck they already KNEW who they’d pick weeks ago – BUT EVEN THEN – they decided to have a meeting and approve of the dude on April 1st – the day known INTERNATIONALLY as ” April Fool’s Day”.
    You can’t make this stuff up LOL nor can you shake the FACT they CHOSE this day!
    The incompetence & tin-ear this infers on all other decisions these nimrods make is legion.
    I think the ALL should be drug-tested & perhaps….jailed.
    Because OBVIOUSLY – they’re saboteurs.

  7. Been following the Boks since 1955. Maybe it’s time to stop watching rugby altogether.

  8. No Boertje!
    Now’s not the time for that. The Lions are resurgent, Stormers are on a roll & the rugby union equivalent to the famed Pharos Lighthouse of ancient Alexanderia –
    The SunKing (Willie LeRoux) shines brightly in Durban guiding victory to its harbor.
    Even a swamp can contain glimmer.

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