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SARU & Kings media releases on issue of foreign players


SA Rugby have released a statement with regards to Kings selections of foreign players.


The South African Rugby Union (SARU) has established an investigation into a suspected breach of SARU’s Vodacom Super Rugby participation agreement by the Southern Kings.

Jurie Roux, CEO of SARU, contacted Cheeky Watson, the chairman of the Kings board, on Tuesday to advise him of the inquiry and also to caution him against any potential breaches.

The matter was discussed by an emergency teleconference of the Executive Council (Exco) of SARU on Tuesday. The Exco, in accordance with the SARU Disciplinary and Judicial Regulations, decided to appoint a judicial sub-committee to investigate the allegation.

In the event of a breach being proved there is a wide range of sanctions available, starting from a caution to a maximum fine of R1m or a recommendation to the General Council to suspend or expel the offending organisation.

Kings release in response to the issue

Eastern Province Rugby President, Cheeky Watson, can confirm that he was contacted telephonically by the leadership of the South African Rugby Union (SARU) in connection with the issue of foreign players that were fielded during the game against the Chiefs on 18 March 2013.

“I have received a call from SA Rugby, and while there is a difference of opinion relating to the definition of foreign players, it is my duty to submit to the guidance of the governing body of SARU,” he said.

Elaborating on the issue of the definition of foreign players, Watson said, “In the process leading up to the signing of foreign players last year, we were led to believe and even encouraged to sign Argentinean players – who currently participate in the Vodacom Cup as Pampas – with the understanding that they would not be considered as foreign players, in the same way as Daniel Adongo, who is from Kenya, is not considered a foreign player.”

“That being said, the sanctions which are being considered against the Southern Kings, as per the statement issued by SARU, have been clearly conveyed to me,” he said.

Watson said that in light of this, the decision has been made to submit to SARU’s guidance on the matter.

“I am on record as having clearly stated that our treatment and entrance into Super Rugby, and the entire process to date, has disadvantaged us tremendously,” said Watson.

“However, no-one can dispute the fact that we are the first of the Super Rugby franchises added to the competition to have won our first game. We have also had a record of over 100,000 spectators through the gates of Nelson Mandela Bay stadium in our first three home games,” he said.

“We have proven in the last three games that we have played, by the attendance and the support of the spectators that we will fight and we will show our true colours as our emblem emblazons, the spear and the shield,” he said.

“As Winston Churchill once said “We shall never surrender.””


  1. They were “warned” before the comp started so time for warning has past!

    Rules are rules! :Rule 9:

    It is so simple – if you have injury issues you call Saru and asked politely “listen we are short on players, can we this 1 time have an extra OS player on the team sheet so we can at least compete against a NZ side?”
    SARU can say yes (be the good guy) or no (be an a-hole) and it is settled but everyone wants to show each other up and some want to see the other fail bla bla bla – no wonder our rugby keeps getting stuck in holes we create oursleves :bangheadt:
    If SARU could work together and focus on SA rugby being as strong as it SHOULD/COULD be we will be #1 for longer than a fluke season.

  2. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 4:29 pm:

    One would think that court decisions and legal documents would be just that as well……

    Considering it’s not a SANZAR rule I guess a wrist slap is in order.

  3. Apparently there is some confusion as too what the Argentinians are counted as as they have some special dispensation in SA.

  4. The Kings should stick to the rules like all the other SA franchises. It is as simple as that.

    If it wasn’t for Cheeky, the Kings would be much more popular and respected. I just can’t get myself to like him.

  5. If it wasn’t for Cheeky, the Kings wouldn’t exist! A bit like Luyt in that respect. He does get things done which is more than one can say about SARU. Forget about liking or disliking him or his ANC connections for a moment. If he headed up SARU, do you think that SANZAR would walk all over us? Just another question, arguably Cheeky could have played for the Boks and he is/was a professional businessman. Just how many of the other union presidents fit that bill :pot:

  6. With the Kings currently preparing for this weekend’s game v Crusaders out in the Clearwater Golf Resort, Christchurch (a Bulls favourite), the SARU announcement has made news in NZ. Interesting that Greg Peters of SANZAR seems to regard the issue as an internal Saffer issue as it is an SA rule made for SA sides. He did however say that if SARU were to go for the unlikely severest penalty of suspension or expulsion of the Kings, SANZAR would intervene.

    Pretty impressive crowd figures Cheeky comes out with there. Over 100 000 in 3 games – that is impressive and somewhat more than some were predicting surely?

  7. This is easy…the rules is the rules for everybody…including the Twatsons…Just respect the rules…nobody else try to bend it – all teams Bulls, Cheetahs, Sharks and Stormers have injury issues but only the Pukesons want special treatment …Tida Ada Pak!! Fine should be maximum as the man was duly and repeatedly explained how it works…eish! :respek:

  8. Does not seem the rules are as clear as first thought – Argentinians not seen as foreign players due to the special relationship…

    @Morne anyone have the laws in writing? Are there any laws in writing or is this all just made up as they go along? :Dawie:

  9. I see in Beeld today Plumtree says Frans Steyn weighed an enormous 118kgs 2 months ago. They now have him down to 110 and are trying to get him to 105. I no he was injured but as a proffesional sportsman your conditioning should be a top priority. He had the same troubles before the 2011 World Cup. If he is not careful the no 12 Bok jersey won’t be his for long.

  10. Reply to JT_BOKBEFOK! @ 12:24 pm:

    SARU has a foreign player clause, Kings dispute the interpretation of this clause and also claim they were encouraged by SARU to select Argies and that African players are not foreigners – he said/she said

  11. FYI

    Been confirmed by SANZAR CEO, Greg Peters, to us that SARU cannot expel, suspend or dock points from the Kings as it will affect the competition as a whole. Kings did not breach SANZAR rules, only SA Rugby rules – worst case scenario therefore, is a fine.

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