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SARU their own worst enemy


SARU has become their own worst enemy as SARugbyMag reported that another Springbok, Eben Etzebeth will sign a short-term deal in the English Premiership.

This means that Etzebeth will go from End of Year with the Springboks straight into Premiership, straight into Super Rugby and straight into Springbok duties with no rest.



Coetzee has on Monday told the press that the powerful forward is on his way to a Premiership side, as reported by sarugbymag.co.za.

“I can assure you it is definitely going to happen. I’m not sure which club he will join though,” said the Springbok head coach.

“Eben Etzebeth playing up here would be a great experience for him because he would be playing against top quality locks in the northern hemisphere game.

“He has played against the best in the southern hemisphere. The conditions would be different and he would learn from it.”

Coetzee added: “But on the other hand it wouldn’t be good for the Springboks because Eben would be missing out on a conditioning phase. He would go straight from English club rugby into Super Rugby and then June Tests next year and so on.”

With conditioning and fitness one of the major points coming out of the Rugby Indaba last month, it seems nothing has changed.

One of the major problems for me has been the fact that our players goes straight from Rugby Championship or Currie Cup into overseas clubs and if they do not get injured straight back into Super Rugby. This just put the South African teams straight on the backfoot. It has been proven with a few players that these end of year contracts with overseas clubs usually end up with players on the sideline for most of Super Rugby or poor form.


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  1. I have now just given up…We sit and bitch at Idaba’s and in newspapers that our players are not properly conditioned and not fit enough but yet we allow players to go and play at clubs in the time they need to do conditioning and rest the body…

    Just plain F****G stupid.

  2. Agree – SA rugby is in deep shit on 2 fronts. Coaching is conservative crap and the European rugby leagues are killing our rugby.

  3. Also very short sighted from Etzebeth and his agent.

    getting sufficient rest and an off season = staying at the top of your game = improving / gaining experience = pushing up your market value = eventually nailing the bigger contracts = Dan Carter

    Instant greedy gratification = over playing = poor form or injuries = being dropped eventually = pushing down market values = loosing in the long run because of a shortened career = plain STUPID

  4. @cab:

    Rubbish… the government has been destroying RSA sport… the entire world has been witnessing this for eons now across every single sector… what makes you think sport is any different…

  5. I have to say I am happy for Eben.

    WP is going into liquidation, the professional arm is the vehicle that pays the salaries to the likes of Eben. Why the hell should he stick around and hope he will get another paycheck a few months down the line. If I was him I would jump ship permanently or join another union in SA.

  6. I would love to see how the naysayers would turn down an opportunity to earn some proper money in short term in their work situation?

    Why do you expect professional athletes with an even more limited earning time span to turn down opportunities like this?

  7. I got no problem with these players leaving to play elsewhere but then they shouldn’t play for the Boks.

    If you stay in the country then you deserve to play for your country and that transcends money. Just as NZ do. It’s also the only way to keep players in SA.

  8. Most get homesick pretty quick and regret it. Lifestyle in SA can’t be beaten and they still make more than enough to feather their nests.

    The bigger issue, as Welsh and Jacques, point out is the risk of injury and underperformance for SA.

  9. @cab:

    When last did you go back? Living in fear of crime and in gated communities is no lifestyle to me. I agree on the test selection though… but perhaps with all things tallied in being South Africa they should adopt more along the lines of Australia’s policy. That is you’ve either played 50 tests for the country or you’re signing up for a 2 year Super Rugby contract before being selected…

    The player and coach drain has destroyed RSA rugby…

  10. Bryce – it’s simple those that stay are South Africans, the moment you leave you’re an expat. True South Africans deserve to play for their national side.

    My sister lives there, she’s worried about crime, but never heard her once complain. South Africans can go to the Kruger park, the beach, open bush belt, wat ookal / what the fk you going to do in Europe, visit Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower in the pissing rain.

  11. @cab: I’m not going to argue on eligibility I said from the day HM starting selecting OS players there was going to be strife at every level of rugby… that said… player’s taking a sabbatical are not ‘expats’ the moment they leave I see it as a working holiday only better pay..


    News flash you can braai, biltong anywhere in the world… and the surfing beach regions of Lacanau, Biarritz, Hossegor to name but a few rival everything RSA can throw at you… and don’t start me the food and wine regions…


    Trump is the good God almighty that might just save the Western world decay we are witnessing thanks to the Global Elite Establishment… had Killary got in then all over red rover… D.Y.O.R…

  12. But trumpy baby is like 75 of iets, i can’t see him lifting up his pecker let alone a Gatling gun or a fish eagle.

    Does anyone know what kinda furball animal is living on his pip?

    V strange dude.

  13. Jis, how the mighty have fallen.

    Was Hillary and Donald really the best the once great US of A could come up with out of millions of people? Just goes to show once again how flawed democracy really is.

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